Leon Gunin


a sinister crime of Canadian regime
translation from Polish original [1]

Let me confess right away: by writing this essay I'm not seeking any journalistic success or popularity. I believe that the fame is a comfort of those, who strictly stick to a known postulate: one topic - one essay. Most of the ordinary citizens, whom the authorities would like to turn away from ambivalent, complicated ideas, are programmed this way. So, this text is for those, whose head is not empty.

1-st of all, let us establish some essential questions, inevitable if we wish to find out, how, and in which circumstances Robert Dziekański has died.

1. What is RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)? RCMP - that brutally murdered an innocent Polish man at Vancouver International Airport. A conventional police force, or, to the contrary, something that could be called "Canadian KGB"?

2. What is Canada ? Would it be correct to define the official status of Canada as British Dominion (colony), and what impact it might have on RCMP's brutality?
3. Canadian political establishment's hatred towards people of East-European descent.

4. Total replacement of political-ideological orientation and moral values in Canada in last 5 years, and a wide humanitarian disaster. Among other elements of that disaster:

a) tortures of sick patients in Canadian hospitals;
b) license to kill bicyclists and pedestrians, given to Canadian drivers;
c) video cameras and police tyranny at airports, metro, other public transport, etc.

5. What has to do all this with the state of Israel?


RCMP is not an ordinary police, but British Queen's gendarmerie for Canada [2], which function is to fight "anti-state" acts, and, among them, political and ideological opposition to the British rule. I don't want to insult feelings of ordinary RCMP officers, who believe in work (case) they do, but the reputation of this gendarme institution in Canada and internationally has been drooped from not very good to really bad. This institution is seen as British imperialism's gadget for demolition of human rights in Canada. In Robert Pickton's (killings of more then 30 women) case in the same Vancouver, where Dziekański was murdered by its members, RCMP played a very sinister role [3]. There are even those, who claim that human life is nothing of importance for that "criminal organization". Natürlich (naturally), I don't believe in any of RCMP's words about how and why Robert Dziekański was murdered.


Administratively, Canada is subordinating to the British Empire , having a status of its dominion [4]. British Queen is its head of state. RCMP is her (British Royal) police for Canada. Brutal RCMP's actions reflect official London's attitude towards ordinary people (especially immigrants, and. especially, outside of Great Britain, who are interpreted as slaves, stripped of all rights, and 1-st of all the right to be alive.

Hatred of Canadian political circles towards East-European origins is so well known that does not require a special commentary [5]. No secret that according to dominating on British Isles doctrine (so called Atlantism) the white "ruling race" from Albion is higher then the "continental race" of Western Europe, while the white population of Germany and East Europe is even more "degenerative". These views (to which they will never confess) were spread within the RCMP as well. According to police protocol, one of the crimes, incriminated to Dziekanski, was that he was shouting something in one the wild East-European languages, Russian or Polish.

In his interview to CTV („Good Morning, Canada", 09-12-2007 ex-prime-minister of Canada, Jean Chrétien, spoke about dehumanization of Canada by Harper's regime, or even earlier (so it must be understood). This country was a state with „human face", while at the present time Canadian provinces are dominating by totalitarian brutality, and brutal totalitarism. 70 percent of population sank into poverty; there are millions of hungry children; social programs are abolished; de facto there are no universal („free") medical services any more; political prisoners are hidden and tortured in Canadian „Guatanamo Bays".

However, I don't like to demonize Harper. This guy is not what causing social and humanitarian degradation, total corruption, and strengthening of totalitarian structures. He's not even a powerful leader. He's not very competent, and not very influential. He even attempted to do something for low-income families, reducing taxation. Chrétien himself was unable to stop the dehumanization. He once suffocated a protestor, and developed some authoritarian tendencies. By nature, Harper, Martin, and Chrétien, all 3 of them, are not heads of state, but simply agents. Political and ideological forces that put them there need agents and servants (not servants for the nation, but servants for themselves). With no connection to his personal characteristics, good or bad, Harper's regime is and will be considered the most brutal and anti-national after vulturous and corrupted Mulroney's rule. Very low, canning, mean, and bloodthirsty people have gathered around Harper, poisoning the whole country. And, of course, Harper's government is openly Israel-oriented, and Christian moral values under his rule were destroyed even further. No compassion, no mercy, no responsibility or accountability.

When the ambulances taken sick people to hospitals (strokes, heart attacks, fractures - no exclusion), patients are not accommodated in hospital's treatment unit rooms, and not even held in Emergency Room, but in corridors or couloirs, waiting rooms, or even outside, and every 5-10 min. are pushed, regardless of pain, from 1 corner to another. A bed serves as a toilet (patients that can not move are in a pool of ….). No painkillers, even Tylenol. If they noticed that you take Tylenol on your own, they threat you by police. I witnessed a crazy scene, when police arrived, and brutally beaten, and arrested desperate angry family members right in ER, only for speaking about the medical staff "murderers and criminals". In such inhuman conditions many of the patients die before receiving any adequate medical help. If you don't have money for ambulance, you are condemned to death right away, in your own home or in the street [6].

Car owners (drivers) are free to murder pedestrians and enjoy impunity, as courts and Canadian laws always take driver's (not pedestrian) side, who will face no criminal charges even if killing a pedestrian [7].

The issue of total spying, video surveillance cameras at every step, and the presence of inadequate number of various police forces (including private police: isn't it feudalism?) has created an ocean of researches [8]. Police's presence at literary every corner is a manifestation of the political terror, as it can be seen in Lenin-Stalin's regime. It must be stressed that the total surveillance and its scary tools - police and surveillance cameras - not just fail to provide security, but, to the contrary, are taken it away. When it is a matter of unjust charges based on nothing, police and courts are referring to "secret materials" (video, etc.), which can not be published. When, however, it is a matter of proving one's innocence, or prosecuting the government and police, you're not allowed to obtain surveillance cameras images. A scandal involving the disappearance of CIA video materials with tortures of political prisoners in CIA prisons is widely known. Dziekański himself was brutally murdered under a video camera's eye, and so, has it changed anything?

8-10 years ago Canada was a very secure country, with almost „0" criminal rate. Today's fast criminalization of Canada is a 1) society's reaction to total surveillance and espionage against Canadian citizens and abolition of their rights, police brutality, social and general injustice; 2) result of sudden and rapid worsening of the social situation; 3) criminal activity of police, as well as all others (private, governmental, corporate, communal (we mean Jewish and Israeli organizations) security agencies, which expropriated such domains as racket, illegal trade, contraband, and so on. Abnormal expansion of „security agents'" number has resulted in self-creation of parasites' Robert Dziekański's death.

Robert Dziekański (40 y.o.), a construction worker from Poland - Gliwic (Pieszyce), - left his native country for Canada to stay with his mother. Zofia Cisowska is living near Vancouver, B.C., for a number of years, and Robert, her son, arrived at Vancouver International Airport (14/11/2007, where she was waiting for him.

Many years, madame Cisowska waited with impatience for her only son's arrival, attending an English course, and working 2 jobs - just to make her son's reunion with her possible. She's now in a deep shock, living on medications, completely broken and desperate.

Zofia's lawer, Maitre Walter Kostecki, says that no alcohol or drugs were found in Robert by an autopsy. Mr. Kostecki points that Robert Dziekański was held in so called "security area" for near 10 hours, with no access to drinking water, eating, and toilet. If we add another 14 or more hours of traveling Polish roads, and flight, and waiting time at airport in Frankfurt, he might not sleep, eat and drink for more then a day! He was held in "security zone" for no reason, when his mother and stepfather were contacting all possible airport services, one time after another, and turned to different bureaucrats, responsible for Robert Dziekański's death. If even he wasn't brutally murdered, even then Canadian authorities have committed a terrible crime just by keeping a human being in such iniquitous and disgracing conditions for 10 hours.

"If some believe that Robert could stay all 10 hours at luggage tables, waiting there for mum (just there they have agreed to meet, not knowing that the access is unilateral), the author of this essay is not in their camp. A fan of geography and a builder well understanding plans of the premises, Dziekanski had to understand instantly that his mother will not be able to pass through a glass wall, protected by electronics and live wachmans. If he was allowed to leave with other passengers, he should not have a need to break through, blocking a glass door with a chair. If he wasn't confined, and had an easy access to "public" zone, he could learn all exits quite well in 10 hours, but it is clear from the amateur video film, that he sees this exit for the first time. How could he spend all 10 hours just beside?

Ironically, these airport zones, divided from each other and remarkably guarded, symbolize every Canadian city, divided and remarkably guarded: as a big prison. It's just a clone or replica of a Matrix that is Israel (with occupied territories) - years before divided and split by monstrous walls and remarkably guarded borders. The well-known Berlin wall was just a weak reminiscence.

I don't know if Mrs. Cisowska was still in the airport, but it is very possible that 20 or 50 meters have divided the son from his mother, when he was brutally killed by the cannibals and vandals from RCMP. For me this fact means a lot. Murdering a son in an indirect presence of his mother is even a bigger crime then a simple manslaughter.

According to "Toronto Star", it is known from an amateur video that Robert Dziekański has died in unspeakable and torturous pain and anguish, sending out wild, almost impossible for human mouth to extort, cries and groans. No one could watch this video to the end, and without tears and anger.

He wasn't moving, when the police used Taser paralyzer not just the 2nd, - but 3rd and 4th time! We must add that the policemen fired their murderous electrical bullets into their victim's body from 2 sides simultaneously (2 policemen firing from 2 Tasers synchronically), with no mercy or responsibility for their actions (Sima Ashrafinia, an eye-witness). Imagine, 50.000 volt + 50.000 volt, 3 times (in the beginning, they fired from only 1 paralyzer)!

From official chronology:

1:31 - Security guards help restrain the man, who is now described as a suspect.

It means that these underhumans (untermentschen) handcuffed a dying person, instead of calling an ambulance. Handcuffing a dying man in last terrible minutes of his life is an unspeakable and exceptional cruelty that can not even been called "a crime". It is more then a crime. It is a rare and cannibalistic type of cruelty that nothing can be compared with. Whoever is capable for such a bloodcurdling and gruesome thing is a monster.

  Concerning so called Tazer (an electric gun: TASER X26C or TASER M18), when it was introduced to be used by police, special rules have restricted its usage ONLY against obvious and armed criminals, and even then ONLY under a direct threat to policemen lives. In other words, it was a merciless, cruel, brutal, and criminal murder, nothing else.

  When police arrived, Dziekanski, who was thinking that the police will eventually save him from Immigration bandito and sadists, was cheerful and non-aggressive, met the policemen by a smile, and even produced a happy cry: "Policija! Policija!" ("Police!", "Police"). He put his arms up, greeting the policemen, wasn't aggressive at all, rather friendly, and they murdered him cold blooded, 7 strong guys against one weak, tired, almost 40 years old, unarmed man.

In their reports and analyses Canadian media sources love to stress that this tragedy erupted just because Robert Dziekański didn't know foreign languages, and could not communicate with airport's employers, and so on.


It's as if the Canadian bureaucrats didn't understand that tortures by holding someone in the „security zone", with denial of access to drinking water, eating, and bathroom, may be justified by „lack of understanding", or if Dziekański's mother wasn't just near, or if there no translators, lawyers, or someone, who speaks Polish, and could translate.

I would like to ask the Canadian media moguls one thing: if Dziekański was fluent in English, and told airport bureaucrats „please, let me go", would they listen to him?

After Dziekański lost consciousness and stopped breathing, a call to ambulance was made not instantly, but 5 minutes later, and it took an ambulance another 13 or 20 minutes to arrive! It happened because the police did not ask an airport medical team to appear immediately (it could take 2 minutes), but intentionally called Vancouver central area ambulance, to delay medics' arrival.

The video that was presented to us by the authorities through Canadian media sources is obviously a fake. It was fabricated to muzzle international repercussions. I think that the Pole was killed just because he left the „security zone" without authorization. This was seen as a „mutiny", and a „mutiny" is punished in the present-day Canada by death.

Dziekański was killed by pro-American, pro-Zionist vandals, for which control and repressions are inevitable hosts of the „new order", and established to punish for actions like a non-authorize escape from a space, where Dziekański was tortured.

In my huge work "GULAG of Palestine" style='font-size:12.0pt;font-family:"Times New Roman"'> [9] I used to write about humiliations that new immigrants and their children faced in Ben-Gurion airport, Tel-Aviv. None of those that by then did Israeli authorities with „goim" (non-Jews) and Palestinians, was impossible in civilized countries. However, completely controlling the government of United States, and later Canada, Jewish circles managed to impose their amoral standards [10]. Everything - the atmosphere itself, attitude to social values, ideology, dictatorship of the "police state", authoritarian style - was imported from Israel. Israeli spying-intelligence structures founded their branches on Canadian soil, having such an operational freedom as they had exclusively in Israel herself [11]. In my book „Israeli Global Terrorism" [12], I de-camouflaged methods and means that the global Jewish mafia employed for imposing anti-humanitarian standards.

Harsh „security" laws and regulations, police dictatorship, totalitarian system: this all was approved by the Canadian government according to (and „under") „recommendations" and desires of Jewish activists-partisans, Jewish community, Jewish press, Israeli government, and Jewish Zionist organizations in Canada [13].

Jewish lobby received everything it asked for [14]. Presently, a conservative pro-Israeli Harper government is ruling Canada. This government is completely indifferent to Canadian interests, but operating strictly in the interests of world Jewry and Israel [15].

All police organs are indirectly, but totally controlled by the Jews. The decision to use the Tazer could not be taken without a very short, brief, but important consultation (in one or another form) with the „bosses", which mean: with someone, who has inevitable links with the curators-Jews. I am confident that a white French or German citizen would not be treated in Canada as a Pole.

I noticed very striking parallels between a brutal murder by Israeli government of Christian activist of French descent and USA citizen Rachel Corie [16], and brutal murder of Robert Dziekanski by Canadian pro-Israeli government.

Leon Gunin, 15 of December, 2007. Montreal.

p.s. Official chronology:

1:21 a.m. - Vancouver International Airport calls the RCMP, reporting a 40-year-old male is throwing suitcases and appears to be intoxicated.

My comment: Dziekanski was held by the airport immigration authorities (Canada Border Services Agency - that, to my knowledge, is a part of Immigration), which are as cruel and brutal as RCMP, and have even more power, immunity, and authority, then police. They have a status of police, and - being police themselves - had no need "to call" police, as the police is subordinating to them. A lie about Robert Dziekanski's intoxication could be the same nature as a lie that he's throwing things. Maybe he WAS throwing thing, but not in a way they presented it (he might drop things because of disorientation, or used them as tools to get through glass walls, but not in a wave of aggressiveness). Eye-witnesses report that he wasn't aggressive at all, but rather very sick, tired, and disoriented. It looks like immigration airport bureaucrats, who were holding Dziekanski in inhuman conditions for 10 hours, intentionally ordered someone else to make a call and speak to police, instead of taking the whole responsibility.

Describing my own immigration drama more then 10 years ago I characterized Canadian Immigration as a criminal organization, completely controlled by the Jewish interests, and so inhuman that actions of Canadian immigration authorities can be equalized to war crimes. I warned by then that, if not reformed and restricted, Canadian Immigration could become even more brutal and murderous [17].

The head of Canada Border Services Agency, Alain Jolicoeur (ironically, such a cruel man is carrying such a sweet family name), has no remorse, and publicly justifies Agency's actions even after the death of Robert Dziekanski. "The staff working that night did their jobs properly, - he told a news conference. - "There is no action that in my view requires discipline". Mr. "Jolicoeur"'s explanations about why, for 6 hours before his death, Dziekansky has disappeared from the security cameras' sight, and was unaccounted, do not stand any critical approach probe. This and other men of the Agency are just not humans.

However, the facts are telling us that Robert Dziekanski was not accounted even before, practically starting from his arrival to airport's Immigration premises. So many people are lying, covering up the truth, including all airport employees and Canadian media workers that we all can see: Canadian society is very sick.

However, Canadian Immigration is always leading in the "marathon of evilness" (I would give the 2-nd place to social and medical workers, and only the 3-rd - to police). No wonder that in May, on request of Immigration, police officers fired Tasers at peaceful protesters during a demonstration outside the Immigration Ministry in Ottawa. Algerian nationals who occupied the office of the Immigration Minister to protest against the deportation of several Algerian families from Canada also alleged that they were beaten by police officers and struck with Tasers despite presenting no threat.

Stories that Dziekanski was left unattended in a wider luggage area are not for people familiar with Immigration's tactics. There is no single element of truth there. All areas in any of Canadian airport are exceptionally well guarded, especially the borders between different zones and areas, with no chances to penetrate that heavy security barriers. But even more strictly are guarded Immigration areas. I spent many hours in such an area or unit myself, and, as a human rights activist, accompanied people that were facing deportation or met them in airport innumerous times, and I know that Dziekanski could not be allowed to move from 1-st or secondary Immigration's "security area" (not every one could understand, what I mean, sorry) to the luggage tables. With the present-day schizophrenic suspiciousness and Stalin-style "security concerns" anywhere in Canada, but especially in the airports, Dziekanski could not spent (as claiming the authorities) 10 hours near the luggage tables, without being approached, questioned, and taken back to a stricter Immigration area. With all this watchingmania, can you sit near the luggage arrival tables hours after hours? You don't have to do anything wrong, but, stripped of their human rights, Canadian are taken to police just for hanging around at shopping malls, not even in an airport.

It sounds, again, more fantastic that he emerged in a free public area, omitting heavy security guards' presence, police patrols, "security" cameras, and so on. His "simple" appearance in the public area is a deceptive fabrication: as are all "home made" special effects' videos and other "proof" that today police is using to accuse political dissidents. Saturnalia of Stalinist paranoiac "security concerns" is so intensive now, and very strict and clear rules about spying on people and about airports, Immigration, police, and governmental buildings are so authoritarian that the security cameras are functioning during any renovation, big or small. Whoever told you that in a prison, Immigration premises, local municipality, or airport security cameras were removed because of a moderate renovation, is a liar. We need another 5 or more years for people see every security camera's eye as a part of an alien Matrix that collects and keeps the data not for security, but for own reasons and goals. Real security cameras video data on Dziekanski is unavailable not because he was out of innumerous (hundreds of them in any small square) surveillance cameras sight for 10 hours (!), but because this video data was taken away or destroyed.

1:26 - The passenger has now thrown a chair through a window.

I don't believe that 5 minutes was enough for "upgrading" an aggravation from "suitcases" to a "chair". All this is a big lie, a fake.

1:27 - Two security guards show up. One minute later, the RCMP arrives.

It is highly suspicious that RCMP was asked to intervene before local security guards examined the situation. It is obvious not only by logic and some experience that I have, but also according my consultants and advisers. It is even more suspicious that RCMP showed up practically together with the security men. And, again, it's just alarming that all of them came just a minute after a passenger "has thrown a chair through a window" (because throwing a suitcase not necessary must be a reason for an alarming police's intervention).

1:30 - A male has been tasered and is unconscious but breathing.

I found other sources that claim that he was not breathing by then (at 1:30 - 1:32). We have no reason to believe that he was still breathing, and some medical sources also gave the same opinion. It is outraged that the RCMP used Taser 24 seconds (!) after arriving to the scene. It could obviously mean that they came with an "unbreakable" intention to use it whatever they'll find at the scene. If Robert was calmly sitting when they arrived (not even standing on his feet) - they would use it anyway. I believe that their intention WAS to kill, on behalf (request) of their immigration buddies, to cover up something (an injury or irreparable psychological trauma) that the airport immigration did to Dziekanski. Despite the fact that all the police officers were trained in CPR, no attempt was made to prevent Robert Dziekanski from heart and breathing failure, and to revive him after his heart stopped. Rather than asking for an immediate airport ambulance which would have taken 2 minutes to reach the scene they asked for an ambulance in central Vancouver which took 12 minutes to arrive.

1:31 - Security guards help restrain the man, who is now described as a suspect.

In other words, these underhumans (untermentschen) handcuffed a dying person, instead of calling an ambulance. Handcuffing a dying man in last minutes of his life is an unspeakable and exceptional cruelty that can not even been called "a crime". It is more then a crime. It is a rare and cannibalistic type of cruelty that can be compared to serial killers' or human flesh-eating batchers' behavior. It escapes simple human judgment. Whoever is capable for such a bloodcurdling and gruesome thing is a monster.

24 deaths have been reported all across Canada, resulting from the use of Tasers. We must add that only a small part (1/8) of such tragic events becomes known to public.

If not an accidental amateur video, we would never know how Robert Dziekanski died. This video may be an only reliable part of information we know. However, even this amateur video could be modified, as I heard about contradictive versions, available on Internet. And the video author's eye-witness' account could be not what she actually saw. Guards and RCMP officers that brutally murdered a Polish citizen, were not dismissed (even for the period of investigation), but are still executing their murderous "duties".

I heard rumors that the police is killing authorities' or big corporations' political or commercial opponents in B. C. (British Columbia, Manitoba, and Alberta, and monitor dissidents 24 hours per day in other Canadian provinces (like Quebec).

I see clear parallels between tragic death of Rachel Corie [18], a USA Christian activist of French descent, who was brutally murdered by the Israeli regime, and Robert Dziekanski brutal murder by pro-Israeli anti-Christian Canadian regime.


       Lev Gunin


update – beginning of January, 2008


As I'm realizing now, the amateur video that was available at u-tube was essential for reconstruction of true events. Unfortunately, there is no access for me to u-tube, as one can see in my essay "Who controls Internet?" (www.balandin.net/Gunin/Internet_Control/Internet_Control.htm).

Meanwhile I must describe events according to comments of those who watched the film.

At the same time, I should add that some fragments from 2 (as I suggest) different amateur films were demonstrated at available for me TV channels, so, it is not true that I "didn't see anything". Unfortunately, fragments are "just fragments", and, on the other hand, when you have a video file that you can manipulate: this changes everything. But even these "castrated" extracts have provoked a shocking, unforgettable impression, and my emotional conclusions appeared not on an empty place.  

It is clear from above-mentioned video that Sima Ashrafinia, main eyewitness (newspapers love to present citation of her interview), wasn't the only one, who recorded the tragedy on her cellular phone. The amateur video that was available at u-tube was allegedly made by an unknown Chinese, who used a digital photo camera with an option for short videos (not a cell phone).

This video shows Sima Ashrafinia from a considerable distance, which excludes a possibility that she was its author. O.K., she could theoretically ask any bystander to hold her cell phone while not interrupting the recording. In the meantime, she left for speaking to Dziekanski. However, experts that compared both films have another opinion. The videos were produced not by the same device, and differ by quality, style, and foreshortening.

Some of the moments of this, "second", video are in contradiction with some of Ashrafinia's statements, while others are - on contrary - supported. We can have certain suggestions about contradictions: she was filming the terrible scene by short trails, with considerable gaps between them; her memory, not supported by video, deformed, what happened in these "gaps".

Let suggest that she's not a good expert, and was not adequate in explaining of what she saw in real or video "formats".

However, there are such contradictions that we could not explain by logic (we'll leave them alone for a while).

Let's give our summery on viewers' of the video statements.

1. The Pole is hanging around, near the glass wall, as a hunted animal (an expression of one of the bloggists). He's demanding police (alleging that police will help him). The word "police" is understandable in all European languages, but no one reacts. He takes a chair, evidently willing to block the glass door and get out.

2. A women approaches him. This is Sima Ashrafinia. She speaks to him long enough, having no fear. He's making no aggressive moves towards her. It is very clear that this man poses no danger, and is not capable to do any harm to anyone. The same is known from an interview with Sima Ashrafinia. The crowd of passengers and those accompanying them whisper "Russian…." "Russian…." "Russian…." … "or… a…. Pole"… "he does not understand a single word in English".

3. 3 guards appear. 2 of them (as minimum) speak with a slight Hebrew accent. They instantly make a conclusion: "Russian", with a mocking, insulting connotation-intonation. One of them adds, even more insulting: "…an Israeli, speaks only Russian"… Later we'll make clear what he means by this. The 3-rd, probably not an Israeli, says that a translator is needed. All 3 avoid to stay close, probably because of the instruction.

4. Let's remind that all this take place BEHIND the glass wall, and Robert Dziekanski is always imprisoned in so called "security zone". 6 from many of the commentators that personally watched the video stress: Dziekanski continues to stay behind the glass, out of the public zone.

5. Policemen approach. They are 4. This fully matches Sima Ashrafinia's statements (who also claimed that all together policemen and the security guards formed a group of 7 well-trained, strong guys). Policemen are wearing bullet-proof jackets. They see very well that Dziekansky is not armed, tired, and poses no danger. Policemen are informed: he doesn't understand English.

4. This fully matches Sima Ashrafinia's statements (who also claimed that all together policemen and the security guards formed a group of 7 well-trained, strong guys). Policemen are wearing bullet-proof jackets. They see very well that Dziekansky is not armed, tired, and poses no danger. Policemen are informed: he doesn't understand English.   

6. Policemen place themselves at 3 sides from the man behind glass (Dziekansky). He makes 2-3 steps to the right, towards a wag-car with his things, passing 1 of the policemen, and in this very moment they open fire at him from electrical paralyzers (we can distinguish an abominable crunching).  

7. Electrical bullets strikes at him with such a wild power (it is possible that they were shooting from 2, or even 3 sides simultaneously) that Dziekansky was thrown through the glass door, to another side, and he, extorting a terrible cry, flies OUT of the glass wall's perimeter, and, braking to half, falls forward.   

8. According to another opinion, they already shoot him 1-st time when just surrounded him, and 2-3 steps he made under electrical shock's influence. Without waiting for the effect of the 1-st shoot, policemen shoot him again, 1 or 2 times, from 2 or 3 electrical paralyzers simultaneously.

9. Already on the floor, Dziekansky is writhing, convulsing and twisting in anguish, and the policemen are standing around, sadistically enjoying awesome sight. Then 2 of them sit down simply on their victim's body, and start to screw his arms.  The man on the floor is dying in eerie palsies and cramps, and those paroxysms Canadian newspapers later interpreted in the next way: "he was still struggling with the police, while on the floor".

10. To ensure themselves more comfort in putting on the handcuffs policemen move over, and finish (kill to death) the victim by the 4-th, last, shot from paralizer. The same abominable snap can be heard distinctly. Victim's groans gradually disappear. Dziekanski is dead.   

11. 1 of the policemen approaches him from the head, and 3 times strikes the victim with all his forces. He beats Dziekanski's body with a long vertical truncheon, and, as people claim, judging by the position, all blows are aimed into victim's head. Considering how he aims the blows (whole-length arm up), they must be terrible. Each such a blow, if gets into the target, brakes bones. This fragment I saw myself. That's why I must instantly reject a claim that the policemen is just folding back his telescopic truncheon. Every one, who will see this fragment, will understand, why the replacement (in interpretation) of the obvious blows by another action is an irresponsible and insincere statement. 

12. It is very important that the opinions of those, who watched the film, are similar of Sima Ashrafinia's statement (about how many times policemen fired into Dziekanski from paralizers):

"p.p.s. I watched again: they fire at him 4 times as minimum. 1st is very clearly heard; then, when he was thrown to the floor, 2 more are distinctive, and the last, the 4-th, on the end, after which there are no cries, but weakening half-groans-moans, shortly after silenced".

I repeat: I read not 1 or 2, but many opinions of those who watched the video. And not just read them, but compared. My short resume is based on such conclusions that are identical everywhere, and therefore should be objective.  

Now, let's concentrate on contradictions with the story that Sima Ashrafinia tells. Dziekanski NEVER got outside of the glass wall. He NEVER appeared in the public zone, and posed NO DANGER TO ANYONE. He NEVER approached any desk, and never turned over any computer, and the chair that he was holding in his arms for blocking the glass door was NOT IN HIS HANDS ANY MORE, when the police showed up.  

No taxi driver - as Sima claims - helped Dziekanski to free himself out and brake away from the "security zone", because the bestial murder of Dziekanski by policemen and guards have started behind the glass wall, within the security zone, and just ended outside of its perimeter. It is possible that such a scenario was planned (to distort real facts, to manipulate public opinion…), and it was a premeditated murder.  

In one Polish blog I read that the police never called in the airport medical staff, but contacted an emergency in downtown Vancouver instead, because they called "their" ambulance, i.e. such a medical team that they were acquainted with, and could be sure that their buddies will keep their mouth close.  

Chronologically, the 1-st witness's statement of Sima Ashrafinia I met in a web site that probably belongs to Vancouver's Polish community. There was no single word about Dziekanski's escape from the security zone (outside of the glass wall), BEFORE they fired from "Teasers" into him, or that he came to a contact with a computer, and turned it over, or that an unknown taxi driver unlocked the glass door by his smart card for Dziekanski.     

All these "complementary", "additional" details appeared in the all-Canada Polish magazine a week later. Isn't it obvious that the later Sima Ashrafinia's testimonies were born "in request" of the authorities?

No newspaper, web site, TV channel, or radio in Canada touch now this topic, as all of them were suddenly muted. There is an official or unofficial ban of such publications. The authorities want to "erase" this tragedy from people's minds. However, from the ethical point of view, even before final results of investigation, airport administration, newspapers and TV should come out with their own version of the tragedy. This would happen, if Canada was a democratic state at least to a degree of modern Russia, or Poland, or Ukraine. 10 years ago, it was a norm, but not today.

An ironical side in that Canadian media's tongue (self-) mutilation is that there is no investigation, and there will be no trial.

RCMP runs an "internal investigation", within its disciplinary committee. It mean that gendarmes' crime is not investigated by public prosecutor (attorney, solicitor-general), judge, court organ, or even "ordinary" police's investigator, but by the RCMP itself. It's like the gendarmes would judge (investigate)… themselves. Moreover, this "investigation" is not given to RCMP's investigative department, but to its deontological committee.   

An inevitable conclusion from all above mentioned is that Robert Dziekanski's killers will be never punished, and we will never discover the truth, how and why they were murdering him, and that nor Canadian, nor International community will never know the real results of the post-mortal medical examination (why, following what injuries…. etc.).   

Maybe his mother will be given compensation (like a bribe to stop insisting on murderers' punishment). And that's all….

Outrage injustice, impunity, cynicism, vulturous barbaric savage.

Exactly because of this, a stranger at a bus stop, an old Pole, said literally the next: "Monsters that killed Dziekanski must die the same way he was murdered. If some people still have a bit of consciousness, soul, and responsibility, we must pray all together every day, asking the heaven to send the policemen, security guards, Vacouver's airport administration, Immigration, and all other bureaucrats that were not touched by victim's mother's begging, who adjured them to find out, what happened to her son, and British Columbia government: to send all them to hell".   


(inhuman, ultra-fascist ideology of the present-day Canadian regime)

Electrical guns ("Ta-zers") by their utilization must serve as a defense of policemen' and ordinary citizens' lives from aggressive and ARMED criminals. In reality, USA and Canada's police is using these hell-hound kill-and-torture devices as a gadget for momentary torture to force their victim to obey their orders.

This indicate that the prison and concentration camps' rules, and prison and concentration camps' mentality went out of prisons and camps to our civil life in a greater degree then it used to happen under Hitler and Stalin. We must add that it concerns not every prison rule. Even in a Nazi concentration camp, the way Dziekanski was murdered hardly was considered an "ordinary" cruelty. 90 percent of Gestapo staff would not shake hands with such butchers.

According to Canadian "new order" ("new order", "Third Reich") laws, RCMP may arrest any dissident, and lock behind bars without any explanation, and after 6 months release without any comments (www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/).  

I call the present-day Canada a "New Canada", an imposter that disconnected us from humanitarian heritage of "Old Canada" (a country that existed in 1949 - 1999), imposing "new values". The most shocking among such new Canadian "values" (an indicator of disappearance of any morality, any human approach) is a wave of killings and beatings of poor patients and their friends / family members in hospitals' Emergency Rooms (see previous chapters of this work). Vulgar, mocking, insulting, inhuman, irresponsible, imprudent, arrogant and sometimes sadistic medical personnel's attitude towards patients became a norm in Canada, and no normal psychics can stand such mockery without reacting. But just try to call things by their true names, try to flare up: police will show up instantly, and will beat you to half-death, dooming you to a wheelchair, or will gun you down. For policemen, it is easier and less dangerous then to respond to real and well-grounded 9-11 calls, and face dangerous criminals.            

We have already mentioned (in preceded chapters) about inhuman, and even sadistic approach towards patients in Canadian hospitals. People die in waiting areas of Emergency Rooms BEFORE getting any help because nurses and doctors have no desire to work; they drink coffee or tie, talk on the phone, play computer games…. Patients in the most serious conditions arrive to ERs: with strokes, heart attacks, life-threatening blooding, fractures, high fever (temperature) up to 39, 40 and 41, and nobody examine them, they getting no help, they are forced to wait in a common line, on general ground -up to 10, 12 and more hours.

No one is responsible. They all have a total impunity. No criminal charges can be laid against a medical doctor or a nurse in Canada. Doctors and nurses, and the whole medical personnel (from "small" to "big" ones) are free to commit any crime, to be as insulting and mocking as they want, abuse patients, be rude and cruel; they are untouchable, they are allowed to do whatever they want.  

A criminal prosecution of a medical worker is "science-fiction" in Canada, like a criminal prosecution of a police officer.  

Policemen and doctors in Canada are "the same office". They have the same status. They became equal executioners, topping coves, butchers, to serve new repressive government's needs. They developed the same killers' mentality. Only among immigrants, some medical doctors with "humanity atavisms" can be found. But even they lose their human values with time.   

The most of the representatives of sadistic approach among medical personnel in Canada are females.

There is no statistical information on how many people are dying in waiting areas of Emergency Rooms before getting any medical help. Statistical information on police brutality in ER and murders committed by police in Emergency Rooms is inaccessible. However, information about such tragedies appears here or there on Internet, in newspapers and magazines. According to some calculations, there are hundreds of such events every year. Not even their number is astonishing. Any lucid person understands that such occurrences: they are surrealistic, Kafkian delirium.      

5 years ago a Toronto newspaper wrote that one black (African) man came to Emergency with a very sick child. It was near New Year eve, and, if even in ordinary days we must wait 6-12 hours in Canadian ER, nothing surprising that the whole (terrible for this father) night have passed, and the child wasn't even examined by a medical doctor. It looked like the boy (as I remember, it was a boy) is dying. Then the father could not stand it any more, and told those fiends something that they deserve. The personnel called the police, and the police officers with no delays, shooting from the very entrance, killed boy's father.  

Is not it true that the medical doctors and the nurses bear responsibility for all such bloody crimes? Are they medics at all?  

You can say no word of disapproval to a bureaucrat in Canada. You are a louse before him (her), and this situation is a typical way of things in eastern (oriental) despotizes (monarchies), were a satrap in untouchable because he represents a pasha, khan or shah.

Everywhere in Canada, from welfare and unemployment departments, to Emergency Rooms, you can see tableaus and placards with a warning: "we bear no verbal (!!!) violence". Actually, this is one-sided policy towards violence, because in reality all Canadian institutions practice violence against ordinary people, the visitors, treating the later with violence. An employee of governmental and medical institutions and big corporations is free to use violence against clients, and the visitors have no rights to respond to this even verbally!  

Another sinister event, this time - in USA. A women, not young, comes to Emergency Room, in a serious condition. She's waiting to be examined for many hours, and understands that she will die before getting any medical help. She can not seat in a chair any more, and slides down to the floor, feeling that the last moments of her life are coming, and writes on pieces of paper, right on the floor, a deathletter, about how doctors and nurses, these criminals, are murdering her. The medical personnel call the police. In the police car that takes her to a police station these bastards put handcuffs on her, and beat her, and she dies inside this very car.  

By facing such a "war-crimes behavior" normal people are stripped of normal human perceiving, of normal stereotypes, like the one that hospitals, and, especially, hospitals' Emergency Rooms are designed for providing medical help in emergency cases, and a common assuredness that rational and customary reality is over, giving its way to a nightmare delirium, has been strengthen in Americans' and Canadians' minds.    

Another tragedy, this time in Vancouver, Canada. 7 y.o girl with a cervical vertebrae trauma (fell down while skating, stroke herself against the ice), arrives to Emergency Room. 7 hours of waiting. No one in is concerned. They all stay indifferent. Parents begin to be nervous, exactly as Robert Dziekanski. A medical doctor approaches and purposefully-roughly grabs child's head nape. She looses consciousness. He buzzes off whistling. Parents are screaming. Police arrive, and open fire with no warning. Both the mother and the father are killed, one sick child gets a bullet, and dies later, and the girl with the cervical trauma dies. No one is punished. No one is accountable. No one is responsible.

It is important to stress that in few big cities in Canada the percentage of Jews among the medical personnel is higher then in any other country (even higher then in the States).  

Since (approximately) 2004 the presence of armed security guards (as well as duty police teams, social workers that do absolutely nothing, but play the same role of head-cutters and police informers as all others) in the hospitals is constantly growing. The number of surveillance "security" cameras placed in every corner, on every step that sometimes overpass by number the lights, is also disproportionably growing. Canadian hospitals turn into very real prisons.

There is another side. In Emergency Room of Montreal General hospital I counted 12 people of medical personnel, and 15 bullyboys-guards (5 men each shift x 3 shifts = 15). There are also 5 female-bums - "social workers". Plus, other 5 females that do no one knows what. Plus, the team for "security" cameras and computers maintenance that the police state needs for terrorizing its citizens. In addition, this "security" equipment is not cheap but rather expensive, even very expensive.   

How many new doctors could work instead of all these loafs and executioners-murderers, how many pieces of medical equipment could be purchased instead of the spying prison video cameras and police computers!   

A huge book could be wrote on what is going on with medical nurses attestation, what corruption is there, and how clever, caring, honest men and women, who were exemplary representatives of their profession in their native countries, are dumped, discriminated, not allowed to pass exams, and not given the licenses.

When I hear arguments like "we have no money for hospitals", or "we can not find nurses and doctors", my fists are clenching.

Canada wasn't like this always. After the WWII this country became a civilized, democratic, and to a certain degree just state with "human face". Demolition of the values that Canadians stood for has begun approximately in 1999, when the Jewish Zionist ideologist have started their offence, demanding to sacrifice humanitarian values to "better security", "war on terror", more assistance and help for Israel, and support for Jewish occupation of Palestine.     

The replacement of Christian man-loving (please, don't mention "examples" of Christian inquisition, crusaders' crimes, and genocide of American aboriginals: this all was in contradiction of main Christian ideas, and this is, again, a separate topic concerning who stood behind this all) moral by the Jewish anti-moral went faster and faster since 2001. In 5-6 years, (literally) Canada became a real copy of Israeli "Jewish" state.

As it happened since 1948 in Israel, the whole system of moral values in today's Canada is turned upside down. According to "former", humanitarian, Christian morality, police is just our (nation's) servant, not the nation is police's servant, and we should not be treated like a crowd of slaves. According to "archaic" ideas, the police is placed not to kill people, but to defend them, if needed - sometimes even from themselves, if a person lost control in a "psychiatric" or drug-alcohol-related condition, and could inflict damage to himself (or those around). In "good" "old" times both police and an ambulance a psychiatric hospital were called, if people were facing a mentally ill, a drug addict, drunk, etc.

By then, according to the rules of today "forgotten morality", a person that lost control should not be killed, but taken to a hospital for treatment.  

From commentaries of Canadian newspapers on Robert Dziekanski's brutal murder we discovered a terrible truth about police instructions, which were imposed without national referendums or consultations with Canadian public, and which ordinary Canadian citizens even not aware about. If someone don't speak English, murmuring something in an unknown language: fire at him; he's sweating: use paralizer and truncheon; he's demanding something: kill him.

However, as military orders (in accordance with International laws) are not justifying military criminals, no orders or instructions can serve for justifying policemen-murderers. Even if it was not your own initiative to burn down a village with all its population, but your commander ordered you to do it, you're anyway a military criminal and monster.    


Arriving (in the end of 1980-s and beginning of 1990-s) to the "Jewish state", more then half a million immigrants from USSR were exposed to wild, crazy discrimination, mockery, insults, abuses, beatings, rapes, attacks, robbery, tortures, outraged and unlimited exploitation on slavery level, fraud, elimination or expropriation if their property…. Immigrants' children were beaten and killed at schools. Israeli bureaucrats mocked at newcomers with a sadistic satisfaction. Absolute lawlessness, injustice and impunity of aggressors, bandits, killers, rapists, sadists and maniacs have been totally dominated. Police have beaten and killed Russian-speaking immigrants. In medical clinics and hospitals, Israelis denied Russians any medical aid. Neighbors used to splash new immigrants with pigwash slope, urine or other smelly staff, set immigrants' doors to fire, throwing down garbage to Russian immigrants' balconies, insulted or beat immigrants' children.

Immigrants were forced to work without payments, beaten at working places, faced illegal and unlawful claims "lawsuits". Israelis were free to use criminal and bandit methods for extorting money from Russian immigrants.  

With special cruelty, Israelis attacked such immigrant families' members that were not Jews, and even more viciously - those, in whom they saw Christians. They lynched Christians in a way, they pretended, Nazis lynched their grandparents.  

Me and others called this phenomenon "a "small" Russian genocide".

Work on slavery in Israel can be found here:

History of persecution of Russian-speaking immigrants in Israel is described in my very huge work "GULAG of Palestine" (www.balandin.net/Gunin/GulagPalestiny.htm).

When Russians were continuously discriminated and persecuted, native Israelis enjoyed their right to robber, kill, exploit, discriminate and rape Russian-speaking immigrants without expecting any punishment, and simultaneously receiving (while Russians were denied it) 1-class service in hospitals and clinics, defense (and not brutality) of the police, loyal and friendly attitude of the Israeli bureaucrats, subsidized privilege private condos for ¼ of it real market value, or social housing, parasite existence for the cost of robbery and exploitation of new immigrants.

When in Canada whites and blacks, rich and poor, influential, and not quite influential may become victims of the police terror, in Israel, if police would kill, for instance, a son of a popular army commander (say, a colonel), or even the colonel son's friend, the entire regiment would surround and destroy the police station, with the policemen inside. The same would happen if police would kill son of an influential rabbi. Such events never (or ALMOST never) happen just because in Israel the police never kill "no matter whom", knowing very well, what will follow.     

There is a completely different story with Russian immigrants. An Israeli policemen approached a soldier, Yan Shapshovich, and stabbed the later to death just because the victim was speaking Russian with his friends (isn't it a "replica" of the motive behind Robert Dziekanski murder?). Israeli court… absolved (cleared) the policemen!  

In Canada, there will be no trial. Deontological committee of RCMP will speak about disapproval of some of the policemen "mistakes", but not about dismissing them from the police, and, definitely, not about transferring the case to a criminal court. Police officers will be sent to kill people to a different area (this is already done, instead of dismissing them, at least, temporary, for the period of RCMP's internal investigation (RCMP and the Canadian government have no shame at all). The fact that the names of the guards and police officers, Dziekanski's murderers, were not made known to the public is outrageous in itself.  

However, even in Canada (as well as in Israel: see above) police don't kill "no matter whom". If, instead of Dziekanski, policemen would confront a Jew, killing him, they would be punished immediately, by the most severe sentence, and would be made dead in the prison, in spite of the absence of the capital punishment in Canada. Like in the "Jewish state" of Israel, in Canada, life of a "goy" (non-Jew) is valued less then dog's life, and worth not even a coin, and that's why Johns, Feodors, Jacques, Janeks, Pedros, and Hans are smashed and killed like cockroaches. But try to touch a Jew! You'll be punished as in Israel for a rabbi.    

No Jew, an active member of Jewish community of Outremont, Hampstead, or other Jewish self-created ghettos, police had ever touched, and will ever touch. In Canadian hospitals, Jews are treated completely differently from Christians, Buddhists-Chinese, or atheists. There is not even a single incident of police brutality aimed to a "non-disputable" Jew, or a death of a Jew, murdered by policemen. No such incident was registered in any Canadian city.   

As well as in Israel, rights and privileges are only for Jews, and for nobody else.

In Canada, a percentage of Jews among medical personnel is higher then in any other country of the world (we mean big Canadian cities), and Jews, and also Israelis, are among advisers of Canadian intelligence, army and police, among guards and innumerous "security agencies". Israeli firms that maintaining "security" of objects, values or property, is given a full freedom of operations in Canada, regardless of the composition of their work force, which consists of Israeli army and spy agencies' officers. Some of such Israeli agencies are given functions of the police, like arresting, searching, interrogate, put handcuffs, etc. They were also allowed to use fighting dogs.

In my work "Israguard, or an Israeli intervention in Quebec"


I use to write many years ago about aggressive behavior, ruddiness, imprudence, arrogance, and impunity of Israeli policemen in Canada, which can do just anything, and use it.

There are policemen-Israelis in conventional Canadian police, as well as in RCMP, and especially many security guards-Israelis among Canadian airport security staff.  

Arriving to Canada, almost each of them has a huge "service record" of bloody crimes that any representative of Italian Mafia is not able to compete. This individuals tortured innocent Palestinians, killed Palestinian children, fired rockets into Palestinian cities and villages, raped local women at army posts and barrages, demolished by special monstrous bulldozers houses together with their inhabitants (Christian activist of French descent, an USA citizen, Rachel Curie, was smashed and killed by Israeli army bulldozer in a similar way: zhurnal.lib.ru/editors/g/gunin_l_m/rachelc.shtml). Practically each of them, with very rare exclusions, is guilty in military crimes (genocide) against "non-collaborative" part of the Russian-speaking minority in Israel.  

Every Hebrew-speaking Israeli, Canadian police officer or guardian, arrives from Israel to Canada with solid contempt and hatred towards all Eastern-European origins, but especially towards Russians, who they were given free hands to robber, injure and kill in Israel, and this has a direct connection to Robert Dziekanski murder. A special rage causes in Israelis the facts that in Israel Russian-speaking immigrants continue to communicate in Russian. This is why the phrase that one of the Hebrew-speaking guards of Vancouver airport said about Dziekanski ("an Israeli, speaks exclusively Russian") is a key to the motive of Dziekanski murder, and could be a signal for the killing. Israeli policemen (back in Israel) killed Russian-speaking soldier, Yan Shapshovich, just because of that.

Nor airport administration or prostitute Canadian media, or a parliamentary committee will never reveal names of 3 guards-murderers that participated in the bloody murder together with the policemen. Even if a state organ would oblige them to do so, we would be given false names, and they would never confirm that 1, 2, or all 3 of the guards have been linked to Israel, Zionism and (or) Judaism.

My work on Israguard was written many years ago (1996-1997, see above), but see, what statements make today's newspapers about the same problem:

Poles are fed up about Israeli guards:

City council of Krakow is looking into behavior of Israeli guards that accompanying groups of Jewish youths in Poland. Polish media sources write about Poles' complains on Israeli guards' actions.

Israeli guards are accused in aggressiveness towards local citizens, and even in non-justified utilization of violent force, including handcuffs, if they pretend that youngsters-Israelis are "under a threat". 

According to one Polish newspaper, "representatives of Israeli security forced do with Poles "whatever they want", and treat local citizens and tourists as potential terrorists".

More then 20.000 Israeli kids visit Poland each year in the content of their Ministry of education program, to know better about concentration camps and Nazi death camps.

There is an opinion in Poland that such visits are biased and partial, and left no place for the 800-years Jewish history in Poland. "They try to convince children that the Poles were not less responsible for killing Jews then the Nazis," - the newspaper must admit.   

 (translation from Russian original, from MIGnews.com)

Isn't it clear now, how close I was to the truth, even without knowing yet all these additional facts, when I wrote that Dziekanski was a victim of pro-Zionist, pro-Israeli tendencies, rules and methods. Anything you touch: everything points that the global Jewish empire is responsible for this unspeakable crime.

Many and many of Christian martyrs-saints have fallen in 2000 years as victims of the Jews and their puppets….

     January, 2007. Montreal.

Versions in other languages (Polish original and translations made by author):

1. Polish original (versja polska).
2. French (Francais).
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5. German (Deutsch)  

[1] Author's native languages are Polish, German and Russian. Unfortunately, born in Belarus, I never attended a Polish school or Polish studies. It's my personal tragedy that the main language of my youth, Polish, in which I'm thinking clearer then in other 2 native tongues, was overshadowed by Russian. But it is my personal victory and glory that with years my Russian literary style became quite sophisticated and perfect. Please, judge about my essays, and express your counter-arguments based on exclusively Russian version.

[2] See:

[3] "Vancouver Sun" and CBC are sources just well informed, while other sources that dig deeper, to the bottom of this affair, are now removed from Internet, and everything that has any connection with Pickton trial, is harshly filtered by Canadian censorship. The fact is that during a number of years the police denied families of murdered women a criminal investigation. Even when everything pointed at Pickton, policemen still were rejecting all suspicions and clear leads, and covered up. In a documentary (which now it's difficult to obtain), made for CBC, it was shown clearly that for Vancouver rulers and police the women from poor families mean nothing, and their lives mean nothing. Meanwhile, murders became a routine, and police still ignored them. I read an essay of one journalist from Vancouver about suspicions that not all the women were killed by Robert Pickton, but that at his farm the police created an "entertainment club": hunting the women. "Hunters" in police uniform used to kill prostitutes within the frames of an ugly "game". I refuse to comment if I believe in this, but, on one hand, this journalist is not living any more, and, secondly, many people still believe in this, and this is signaling a message about police's reputation in Canada.


[4] Canada - a British Dominion:

[5] http://www.notcanada.com/

Jewish zionist humiliation over Lubomir Prytulak's web site -


inhuman conditions and treatment
in USA and Canadian medical

If you'll hear that the waiting time in Emergency Room in Canada (before a doctor will see you) is from 5 to 12 hours, and waiting time to be transferred from the corridors, cafe's areas, car parkings, waiting spaces with sitting people, or from outdoor passes beside ER (at least, in Montreal General Hospitals they keep people with hearts attacks, hip fractures, etc. in such inhuman conditions) is not more then 1 day, this also true, but in such hospitals you'll not receive any adequate and qualified medical help. In hospitals that actually can help the waiting time is 4-6 times longer. You must wait for an appointment with your family doctor or a specialist from 6 months to 1 year. If you will be told that it's 2 or 3 weeks, this is not true, at least, for big cities. This situation is not up to „socialist medicare", but a result of corruption, hidden privatization, and illegal use of public hospitals by the private medical sector.


[7] Licence to kill:



police and cameras terror:

[9] http://www.balandin.net/Gunin/GulagPalestiny.htm

[10] North America: Israeli Occupation and Anti-Christian Trend:


Israeli „model":




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