Dissemination Of Democracy In Canada From Israel




   About so-called "Anti-Terrorist" Legislation


Right-wing extremism (fascism) and neo-feudalism have once created
the State of Israel, which was actually the successor of Stalin,
Hitler and Churchill: 3 most sinister political figures of the
Northern Hemisphere in the 20-est century.
(Mussolini, Franco and others were just their "small copies").

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Split at first by hostility and war, British, German and Russian neo-
feudalism (as Churchillism-Thatcherism, Hitlerism and Stalinism) were
consolidated in the State of Israel, which brutal regime became an
ideological reservation and political model for new feudalism.

Simultaneously the British Empire "secretly" made the very existence
of the State of Israel a new crusade doctrine, based of medieval
tradition, - claiming that by Jewish hands Christians have
liberated the Holy Land from Muslims.

In reality, Israel became one of most vicious anti-Christian countries,
whose goal is to destroy Christian (European) civilization.

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British-Jewish ("Jewish" anti-Jewish) extremists formed a political-
financial global oligarchy, which plan was to return to feudalism and
establish a global "world government" (read LaRouche, David Irving,
David Icke, Fagan, etc.).

Starting from
John F. Kennedy's assassination (who was killed after his declaration
about cancellation of US help to Israel, because of Israeli nuclear
program) till now they are successfully trying
to regain British colonial power in North America. Their most
notorious agents were Brzezinsky, Kissinger, Gor and Rubin (in US).

Created by British Intelligence B'nay B'rith (Jewish right-wing
extremist "GESTAPO" organization) through media (like controlled
by them New-York Times, Rotschilds', Bronfmans', Aspers' or Conrad
Blake's media empires), finances and politics began
controlling all spheres of life in North America.

30 years of right-wing economic reforms destroyed capitalism and led
to a deep and devastative economic crisis. Since 1999 Jewish right-wing
extremists were leading a campaign against freedom of expression.

(see on Internet:


In the same time, the Israel has started the most outraged atrocities
and genocide-style offense against Palestinian people since the creation
of the State of Israel.

However, they met such a strong world-vide disapproval and confusion
that it looked as a tremendous failure. Durban - and Gor's defeat -
were the most significant strikes to British-Jewish oligarchy plans.
In this situation, the attack against America was the best solution (for

Immediately after the attack - without waiting for official investigation -
Netagiahu, Barak, Peres, and other top Israeli politicians were
on all American TV channels, calling for military strikes against Syria,
Iraq, and their other "friends". Hectic satisfaction and gloomy
celebration-like style dominated in Israeli high-rank governmental circles,
and only people without eyes could not see it.

In the same time British Prime-Minister Tony Blair has overtaken the
initiative of the "war against terrorism" from United States, de-masking
his impatience to start a military campaign, which will stop any further
investigation of who was behind the terrorist attack on America, and will
halt the world-wide outcry accusing Israel in crimes against humanity.
The beginning of the military campaign should also stop all rumors about
Israeli connection behind the attack...

In reality, the present political development means fluctuation of United
State's independence - and the beginning of an era of greater dependence
from Britain and Israel; this is a crucial point of who will control US
in the near future.

In this situation, Canada became a lucrative probe stone for British-Israeli
imperialism. Northern neighbor of USA, Canada reserved "too much"
independence and freedom. "Too much" democracy for people: means "too much"
independence for the country as well. For UK and Israel, it was much easier
to control the Canadian government then Canadian people. This is how the
present so-called "anti-terrorist" legislation came to life!

Using Canada's vulnerability in Canadian-USA trade as a tool, these forces
were blocking Canadian goods on USA border to put more pressure on
Canada in term of bringing a new "anti-terrorist" legislation into life. 

Is there is any danger to Canada or inside Canada from "terrorists"?
None of political experts sincerely thinks so. Of course, the right-wing
politicians   w i l l   spread hysteria,  w i l l 
 do any possible provocation to terror the people. Yes, Canada is
a NATO member, but in the same time - is a neutral state, and if the
status quo will be maintained, nobody will
ever attack Canada.

Does a worldwide "Muslim" terrorism really exist? Let's not call it
"Muslim". A tendency of hatred and racism against European culture,
Christian values exist in Israel, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka,
Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, South and North Korea, Thailand,
Sudan, Zimbabwe, and other countries. Europeans / Christians are killed,
persecuted, discriminated all over the world, from Israel to Japan.

Some governments were producing false money to destabilize Western
and Russia's economies, situated behind sabotage (economic sabotage:
against the Western world), corruption of Western politicians, threats and
support of terrorism. Narco-business cartels have operated for many years
in South America, Israel, South-East Asia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan with
a relatively high freedom and easiness: enslaving people, carrying their
world-wide operations, which never excluded terrorism. A number of
Europeans were enslaved in Afghanistan, Chechnya, and former Soviet south
republics, Israel, Asia, etc.

Unfortunately, the present "anti-terrorist"
military and ideological campaign has nothing to do with the defense of
Europeans, fight against the principles of terrorism or "retaliation" for
WTC and Pentagon bombardment.

It is not aimed against terrorism as
ideological and practical platform. Just the opposite!
Actually, it was launched to defend terrorist methods, which Israel
uses against innocent people, implement these methods (as extra-judicial
killings, other violations of the basic moral and ethical principles) into
official Western countries' policy. New tenth or hundreds of thousands, or
millions of innocent people will die - and the terrorists will fight each
other on cost of our lives and freedom.

This is why the problem of terrorism was never raised on such a big scale
(as it looks now) through UN, diplomacy, governmental propaganda and media:
because in too many cases Israel and (sometimes) UK-US were behind terrorist
movements, narco-Mafia military cartels, or repressive regimes (read V.
Ostrovsky and LaRouche).

The problem of terrorism can not be separated from the
problem of feudalism, slavery, human rights' violations, exploitation and
tyranny. Well-organized and strong terrorist movements exist in places
and countries, where the same terrorist methods were used by their
opponents - such as governments, - and also in regions with no respect to
human life, dignity and freedom. By supporting brutal regimes, using
slavish labor and exploiting national natural resources in poor countries,
the Western financial oligarchy always generated terrorism. (Or supported:
by arming and training terrorists against the former USSR).

It is true, that Canada's participation in this "mug" was much smaller then
ex-USSR's, UK's, and most of the other countries of the Western world. This
is how Canada has already contributed more then maybe any other country to
eliminate the very sources of terrorism. Canada has also contributed to the
world by creating a society, where hatred, racism and discrimination were
almost completely excluded, and by mediating in International conflicts. The
present crisis is not Canada's guilt and not Canada's problem. Why then
Canadians should pay for other countries' brutality and mistakes by
giving away their freedom and their style of life? Why should we
eliminate Canadian democracy to defend the brutal Israeli regime?

New "anti-terrorist" legislation is a tool for Israel, USA and UK to
take away Canadian independence together with the most important
Canadian values.

The offered legislation exactly in exactly repeats all items
offered by the Jewish press, on behalf of such extremist
Jewish organizations, as B'nay B'rith, Anti-Defamation League,
and others, demanding to enter stricter laws and begin more
rigid and "non-compromise" struggle against any criticism of
Israel, calling her critics "ideological terrorists".

Bill C-36 absolutely quotes all the items of that definition of
"terrorism", which gave Jewish organizations and their ideologists.
Thus, it becomes completely clear, that this bill is an exact
projection of the Jewish demands to change the political
system in Canada, shifting it from democracy to anti-democracy.

This completely precise line is traced:

1) Campaign of the Jewish extremist organizations, which name
"measures", which, in their opinion, is necessary to undertake,
and also give a "new" definition of "terrorism", under which
anyone dissent falls;

2) Any criticism of Israel refers by them as pro-Arabic,
pro-Muslim, and - "hence" - is "terrorism";

3) After this campaign (as soon as it was loudly noticed (denounced) by
lot of people (as the author of this article) explosions (9-11) in USA

4) Immediate statements of Israeli politicians (at the nearest
hours) on all American V channels, calling for "struggle
against terrorism" and military strikes on the Arabian

5) An "anti-terrorist" legislation appears in Canada, which
is completely appropriate to the spirit and measures of the
point "one".

There is no doubt that the state Israel, right-wing Jewish
organizations and Jewish financial oligarchy right now
have organized if not a global fascist revolution, than,
such a revolution in the English-speaking countries.

Newspaper "ICI" (October 18, 2001; in French language; Montreal)
called "anti-terrorist" C-36 law a "totalitarian tendency", and
pointed that it was aimed not against particular offenses, but
against any dissident (thinking). Newspaper
says that the definition of terrorism in that law is so dispersed
and broad (too common) - that now any "anti-something" (or "pro":
anti-poverty, pro-democratic) could be defined as "terrorism".
Some articles of this law completely eliminate the very basics of
civil liberties
(such rules as a "preventive" detention).

Newspaper "Hour" (10.18 - 10.24.2001; English; Montreal) in two
articles ("End of Dissent" and "Prepared and Paranoid") qualify
the current events (those around the "anti-terrorist legislation")
as the end of pluralism and an artificial and
organized paranoia.

"Globe and Mail" informs: (Monday, October 15: Ottawa introduces
anti-terror bill, by STEPHEN WICARY and ALLISON DUNFIELD)
"Tabled by Justice Minister Anne McLellan, the new bill amends
parts of the Criminal Code as well as a number of federal statutes
including the Proceeds of Crime Act, the Official Secrets Act and the
Charities Act. (...)

Proposed legislation would also give unprecedented powers to police,
allowing carrying out preventive arrests and detaining people
suspected of planning a terrorist act for up to 72 hours without
laying any charges." (Newspaper's journalists have definitely knew
that other ("state") acts about secret services - have been already
approved, allowing the latter to detain "suspects" practically forever,
without laying any charges).

However, new legislation is so widely interpreting
  w h a t   is
a terrorist act - that eventually a "preventive arrest" can be
carried out against any local dissident, whose disagreement with
administration on his / her working place, protest against
housing, poverty, social policy (or anything else) would attract
somebody's attention. 

According to Prime Minister's remarks, Mr. Chrtien does not
want to retire as a "father of Canadian tyranny". He would like
(probably) to reconsider some of the most offensive articles of
the bill C-36. Unfortunately, he's under an unimaginable pressure
from his own party's right-wing and Zionist agenda, as well as
from abroad and from the right-wing opposition. 

It is very possible that he will be soon removed from the office
by his own pragmatic comrades, whose aspirations do not lie in an
accord with Israel, but their mercantilism is.

His political opponents, now in opposition, were playing a card of
brainless defenders of Israel, supported by all Jewish power
and money on Planet Earth.

"Alliance MP Vic Toews, - "says the Globe and Mail", - said that
while the bill was an "important step forward," it reflects issues
that the Alliance had already been raising in the House."

Such odious and known as amoral political figures as Stockwell Day
with his open Zionist agenda go even further in demolishing civil
freedoms and democracy.

"Alliance Leader Stockwell Day said outside the House of
Commons that the bill does not go far enough. "We're going to
be pushing in some areas for a tougher bill."

Zionist self-proclaimed "defenders of human rights" (like 
Liberal MP Irvin Cotler) keep silence about this anti-human-rights
bill. Even Zionist deputies and officials (like Lucienne Robillard,
La Salle, Rosenberg and many others) are a "bit less Zionists" then
Mr. Stockwell Day with his open Zionist agenda.

"Concern was raised at a noon press conference in Ottawa about
the bill's detention provisions and about possible abuses of a
"preventive arrest" portion."

"New Democratic Party MP Bill Blaikie said (...) the NDP will
be looking more closely at the bill to ensure that the
"legitimate rights of dissidents" are not harmed."

"NDP leader Alexa McDonough has been a consistent critic of the
U.S.-led campaign against terrorism, saying it should be led by
the United Nations instead."

"Monday, October 15

Proposed definition of terrorism

Canadian Press

Definition of terrorist activity provided in proposed legislation:

Terrorist activity means:

An act or omission, in or outside Canada, that is committed


(a) in whole or in part for a political, religious or ideological
purpose, objective or cause, and

 (b) in whole or in part with the intention of intimidating the public,
or a segment of the public, with regard to its security, including its
economic security, or compelling a person, a government or a
domestic or an international organization to do or refrain from doing
any act, whether the person, government or organization is inside or
outside Canada,

and that is intended


 (a) to cause death or serious bodily harm to a person by the use
of violence,

 (b) to endanger a person's life,

 (c) to cause a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or
any segment of the public

 (d) to cause substantial property damage, whether to public or
private property, if causing such damage is likely to result in the
in the conduct or harm referred to in any of clauses (a) to (c)
and (e)


 (e) to cause serious interference with or serious disruption of
an essential service, facility or system, whether public or private,
other than as a result of lawful advocacy, protest, dissent or
stoppage of work that does not involve an activity that is intended
to result in the conduct or harm referred in any of clauses (a) to


and includes a conspiracy, attempt or threat to commit any such
act or omission, or being an accessory after the fact or counselling
in relation to any such act or omission, but, for greater certainty,
does not include an act or omission that is committed during an
armed conflict and that, at the time and in the place of its
commission, is in accordance with customary international law
or conventional international law applicable to the conflict, or the
activities undertaken by military forces of a state in the exercise
of their official duties, to the extent that those activities are
governed by other rules of international law."


As we can see, this definition of terrorism is attacking some essential
freedoms and rights, which were guaranteed by the universal "Charter
of Rights", calling them "terrorism". The bill is also written in a very
provocative and double-meaning style, to enable arresting and punishing
people for just anything. So, if this bill will be made a law, people
might be arrested theoretically for just "the intention of intimidating
the public" or "compelling a person", or just anything else.

Especially terrified is that in the law (alongside with action)
"omission" is mentioned, that expands the sphere of eventual
injustice and the state terror even further, and also means an
active stimulation of total informantcy and paranoia - as in
Stalin era.

This bill also enable to punish people for what the most oppressive
and brutal regimes (as the Israeli regime) will call "terrorism".
Indeed, the new legislation enables to arrest, imprison or extradite
Canadians on basis of the foreign accusations. In reality even in USA
the judicial principles and the law (capital punishment, etc.) are
different from Canadians. In Israel nationalism, racism, corruption
and social injustice are part of all laws, and terrorist methods
(as extra-judicial killings and tortures) are officially accepted.

Thousands of innocent Canadians might be imprisoned, killed, tortured,
deported and / or socially devastated only because of their criticism of
Israeli cruelty, slavery, tendency to control the world, or because
of their nationality, or just because of a personal conflict with an
Israeli official (s).

On the day when the bill was announced, an expert on CTV television
said that some articles of the proposed legislation mean that a secret
statement of a foreign government might be submitted to the court
in accusation of the suspect, without giving him or his lawyer any right
to see and fight this statement. When he was asked, what countries,
he answered: "United States or Israel".

Toronto's "Globe and Mail" also wrote (By SHAWN MCCARTHY -
PARLIAMENTARY BUREAU CHIEF: Monday, October 15, 2001 - Page A1):
"Today, Justice Minister Anne McLellan is scheduled to table
legislation that will, among other things, make it a crime to raise
funds for terrorist groups, with a maximum sentence of up to 10

Because of the bill's too broad and unclear definition of terrorism
just any association of people (like newspaper, literary club, church,
mosque, or business) may be defined as a "terrorist group", and -
consequently - any person, whom the authorities don't like, may
be imprisoned as easy as "1, 2, 3".

In the same time it will be not forbidden to raise money for the
State of Israel, for Israeli murders of thousands of innocent people,
for the state, which uses terrorist methods against ideological
opponents! It is absolutely clear, that this bill and all its anti-
democratic articles are a pure pro-Israeli agenda, brought to life
for the purposes of the State of Israel - and for her only sake, and
aimed against Canadian nation. 

"It will also give police and other authorities more power to tap
phones and conduct surveillance on suspected terrorist groups, and
it will provide stiffer sentences for hate crimes."

Now we have another "anti-terrorist" legislation within the main one.

It means that the power to "tap phones and conduct surveillance"
is linked not only to "terrorism" in general, but to another
unclear definition that was presented as "hate crimes". However,
if we'll check all most famous cases around Jewish extremist
propaganda and organizations like B'nay B'rith, "Anti-Defamation
Ligue", and others, we'll understand, what does it mean. Zundel's,
Mallins', Irving's - and many other similar cases were called by
the Jewish extremists
"hate crimes". 

There is an undeniable connection of the Zionist State of Israel
to all recent terrorist acts and to all "anti-terrorist" legislations
in the modern world.

"The Justice Minister also indicated that she would consider
extraditing people accused of terrorist crimes, even if they
face torture or the death penalty in other countries."

"She acknowledged yesterday that some Canadians will feel the
government has gone too far in infringing on civil liberties (...)"

"Some Canadians....."

No comments needed.

In Montreal "The Gazette" wrote (Monday, October 15, 2001,
Feds introduce tough anti-terrorism bill, critics worry about civil
rights, by NAHLAH AYED (Canadian Press):

"(...) some critics slammed it as a strong-handed attack on civil
liberties. The bill - the latest in a series of government measures
aimed at fighting terrorism - proposes a series of firsts in Canadian
law, ranging from providing a definition of terrorist activity to tilting
the balance in favour of the public interest over individual rights."

"(...) wiretaps could be used for up to a year, instead of 60 days, after
an initial request."

"More significantly, critics say, the Defense Department's
Communications Security Establishment would, for the first time, be
allowed to monitor communication between Canadians and foreign
groups or individuals."


"... to monitor" means also any communications over the Internet.


"That proposal sent shivers up the spines of civil libertarians, who say
it flies in the face of the protections offered by the Charter of Rights
and Freedoms."

"McLellan defended the legislation and the provisions (...) : ""People
who live in daily fear for their personal security and safety cannot live
in a free and democratic society (...) That fear starts to eat away and
erode at the very underpinnings of democracy."

"Critics say the legislation itself is ominous proof that what McLellan
says [about fading of democracy] is true."

"There are lots of things in there that in Canada, we have for a long
time . . . taken for granted we would never see," Simon Potter,
vice-president of the Canadian Bar Association, said Monday."

"The bill also: 

    - Allows for the freezing and seizure of assets of terrorists and
their supporters.

  - Allows for the establishment of a list of terrorist organizations
and individuals.

   - Targets hate crimes by creating an offence with a maximum
10-year prison sentence for mischief in relation to religious

   - Allows for consecutive sentencing for terrorist offences.

   - Amends the Official Secrets Act and creates new offences to
counter espionage."

From now on any governmental bureaucrat's or Jewish official's,
rabbi's, or businessmen' s mischief or crime becomes a State Secret. 

The sad truth is that the government is probably considering the
whole Canadian nation as terrorists...

In other words - this is how the "democracy" in Canada is
disseminated from Israel.

This is how fascism is coming into Canada.

P.S. Let's not to forget that the whole doctrine of new Canadian
"anti-terrorist" legislation (non-existed by then), its aims, means
and goals, and all its features were presented since 1999 in a series
of leading Jewish Zionist ideologist - Jil Troy's - essays (like "Why
I am an Anti-Anti-Zionist"). Global extremist Jewish organizations like
Anti-Defamation League and the International Policy Institute for Counter
Terrorism (ICT), Jewish Defense League, Bnei Brith, JIAS, Beitar, and
others, intimidate us since 1999, "predicting" anti-terrorist legislations
in some countries, and slamming any criticism of Israel and Jewish
organizations' agenda and activity as "pro-terrorist", "ideological
terrorism" and "hate crimes". 

   October 17 2001


 This version is a combination of English, and German-Polish
(translated) originals.

For "clarifying" Polish and German versions, some consultations with my
relatives, brothers Leszczynski and Henri von Rosen, took place. I also
appreciate great ideas and help of my relative, Mikhail Gunin. 

My Friends' Observations:


To take away rights from Canadian citizens (electorate)
means to take away the power from their deputies. It
means that the forcible structures-institutions like
police, Ministry of Immigration, intelligence and army
will dictate the Parliament, what to do


The new bill (c-36) will shift power and security issues
from the bottom and middle of society to the top. A
question if we are ready to exchange freedom for
security is a nonsense. Depriving dissent and other
circles of the freedom of expression, and by that
erasing any control from down to top this bill will
make our security dependent on few people, who
would become completely uncontrollable. Then
the terrorist organization could corrupt, intimidate
or blackmail one of these high officials and he
(she) will uncontrollably act on behalf of terrorists,
destroying our country. Till now, when the security
depended on many people' work and attention - and
somehow was controlled by wide public - we were
much more secure.


From an informal discussion at Concordia University I
know that the present "anti-terrorist" legislation was
literary derived from Israeli laws and programm essays
of US and Canadian Jewish press. A "provisional detention"
exists in Israel for decades, and called "administrative
detention". Israeli Landau law allows to torture prisoners.
Mair Gafni 2000 law impose Jewish religious censorship to
assure pressure on Christian religion. The same law
(Amendment - Prohibition of Enticement to Change Religion
by Mail), 5760-2000 Addition 1. In Penal Law, 5733-1977 (1),
 after Section 174B will come: Section 174C 
"Prohibition of 174C. The distributor of a document
Enticement To Change Religion By Mail by means of the mail,
the fax, the electronic mail or by any other means (...)
designed to secure Judaism by police measures. Israeli
extra-territorial law, designed "to protect" Jews all over
the world, imposes Israeli jurisdiction over citizens of
any country, dismissing legitimacy of local laws and courts
when dealt with conflicts between Jews and non-Jews, "Jewish
interests", and "interests of the Jewish State". New
"anti-terrorist" legislation id nothing else, but a coup d'etat,
which imposed Israeli laws on us, and put right-wing Liberals
and Conservatives in power.


Minorities like Russians; Arabs; Indians; and
others will suffer more then the rest of Canadians
if bill C-36 will be adopted. This bill aimed by
the Jewish oligarchy against other minorities.


Bill C-36 has nothing to do with terrorism. It is
a tool for Israelis to stop charity collection for
other countries and needs except of the needs of the
State of Israel. Then huger sums of money
will be collected for Jewish needs.


This bill creates a situation when the Federal
government will receive a war-time undemocratic
control over the provinces. As a result -
Quebec cultural identity will be washed away.
We can predict that the autonomy of Quebec will
be then diminished, and wide persecutions of
Quebecois will follow.   

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