Lev Gunin

The ceiling is wobbling, whirling, spinning round; dusty shadows are bunched in the middle of the room. She must support herself by touching the surface: not to fall down. “Vus arbeistu nit, vus shlofstu? - Why are you not working, why are you sleeping? - This exclamation in Yiddish overtakes her as a lash. They know that she speaks Yiddish but they treat her as others: without mercy. Another cloud of blackish smoke rises to the ceiling. Some of the women are coughing. “Did you sleep this night, - addresses Luba, a fat Ukrainian, to Natasha’s neighbor, - on or under your husband?” She’s the most strong among them. She was a champion in discomycetes. Her face is like a piece of a fresh meat, and she looks like a mountain. But even her hands look terrible; she suffers from pain - and tries to hide it in the jokes.

An invisible, frozen column of time grows slowly, too slowly for all of them. From the other hand, time is a sword in their bodies. Each minute it plunges deeper and deeper into their flesh. They feel the taste of blood into their mouths even if they don’t lick the drops off their bleeding palms. Two bare lamps hang down from the high ceiling. Their yellow, tiny light just irritates but not illuminates the dwelling. Natasha bends more down to veil her condition. She’s closer and closer to a swoon. She’s thirsty; her lips are dry as a desert. Everything inside her burns. But the oversees don’t let the women drink. “Don’t fall, - she whispers to herself, - just don’t fall”.

A scratching voice which orders something saves her. According to religious rules, they must wash their hands now. She moves with the others as in a dream. Sounds - around her - are like stones. They break some delicate, tender membrane inside her - and strike, and strike!.. She’s remembering her native city somewhere in Belarus. Her grand-grandfather was a rabbi; her neighbors were keeping Yiddish and some religious traditions despite the pressure from the evil communist regime, which forbid Jewish culture and traditions just in all spheres of life.

When her mother was sixteen - the communists closed all Yiddish schools in her city. They arrested and killed Yiddish teachers, actors, poets, writers. But even then they loathed that city, which some of them called "Small Jerusalem". On the other hand, they didn't care to suppress all customs and peculiarities from the former epoch. They just didn't let them to be developed and kept them as an anachronism. When everywhere in the former Soviet Union just any private enterprises were forbidden - in her native city small, tiny private stores, shoes repairing “points” existed. Private “balagolas” - carters - looked strange and ridiculous in the 1970-s with their skinny horses, but were allowed. The Old City - the former Jewish town - was treated the same way. They didn't destroy it completely as they destroyed other big cities in Belarus, but they didn't repair it either: turning the Old Town into ruins. They also leveled the architectural appearance of many of its buildings changing them consciously into ugly "boxes".

Later she casually found out that most of the arrests in her city were carried out by the Jewish members of NKVD (predecessor of KGB), and unlawful trials in 1930-s - supervised by “Jewish” tribunals. It also turned out that many of the “Jewish” landmarks were built not by rabbis or yeshiva teachers, but by local Russian or Polish merchants, or even by the Tsarist government. However, the touch of the epoch attained them an exotic, pseudo-“Jewish” look. No wonder that narrow-minded local authorities developed hatred towards “Petite Jerusalem”: too stupid to understand that any cultural genocide - whoever it aimed at - is first of all a weapon against its providers and their own people.

Natasha could walk in the Old City for hours. She usually took the direction to the marketplace, passing pre-Revolution huge complexes in Ugendstyle, "modernism" and eclectics. She remembers a special light of these streets, their black-and-white colors similar to Ostroumova-Lebedeva's drawings. This world was the world of Dostoyevsky and Nabokov, and the time was the turn of the last century. When a rare sun colored these streets from the top of the roofs they looked as if they were really alive - but they weren't… They were more dead then a dead man, or Egyptian pyramids, or a piece of an extra-terrestrial meteorite. They were strangers and enemies here. And she felt herself a stranger. She used to pass old synagogues, turned into ruins, huge beautiful areas little by little evolving into slams.

Circle by circle she went closer and closed to the market. There was a square near the market: an old square with haughty old buildings. She saw nothing in her life so beautiful, so unique. The market square led to the market gates: a huge iron constructivist’s structure. That enter was a door to a different world; it gave something that was taken away from two last generations: the sense of Time. She loved wandering here - to feel a special mood of the crowds in this place, to see gestures, eyes, clothes - different from everything from outside, to be plunged deeply into “another life”. She loved wandering in passwalks, in myriads of old streets, in backyards which were connected and chained. She inhaled the breath of this frozen city, its odor. It was a smell of death, smell of devastation.

Noisy cluster sounds brings her back to reality. She sees the source of that noise: round pieces of wood in women’s hands. The very same rolling-pin is in her hands. The women are standing around a long, enormously long table. She has an impression that they execute a strange and archaic rite. The wooden cylinders are like weird tools in members’ of a mysterious sect hands. A sudden thought shocks her. Yes, they really commit a horrible barbarian ritual. They give away their lives here as in a satanic act - because the slavish exhorted labor slowly kills them.

The same repulsive voice reminds them that they have 15 minutes to eat. They go no-where - because there is no other place, no second span. They must eat standing on their feet in the dirty from smoke and soot stair landing. Every woman takes out her snack. They do it in a hurry because it is a single break during the day. Only when they eat they realize where they are. She realizes now that she's no longer in Belarus, neither Israel. Her consciousness returns - and that worrying her. Because when she goes back to reality she feels pain in her palms, in her wrists: an unbearable pain, wild and burning. Her palms are bleeding, her hands are dangerously swollen.

Should be - guessing Natasha - according to Jewish rules - the matzos production stopped in a situation like that? Isn’t a direct fall of blood drop in matzos, or even a contact with a surface which contained stains of "wet" blood makes matzoth not an "unleavened bread"? "How ridiculous then is ordering us to rinse our mouths after this dinner-break, to wash hands every 15 minutes, - thoughts Natasha, - to pray in the beginning of each circle, if they probably violate the very basics?"

Everything that happens in that room looks as a horror movie. The only difference is that it is real. Too real to believe. And that's why Natasha had an impression (since she began to work here) that she's still in Bnei-Brak.

They were taken to Israel from Moldova. She was visiting her cousin in Tarnuspol, a small Moldavian town, and then went to a village in search for rear manuscripts, when fighting between Moldavians and Russians erupted. It was a “full-formate” war. How many people were killed… only God knows... She and her friend escaped in panic. Everything was lost behind. Even the papers. They ran without property, without identity. They lost their personalities and became just Human Beings - different from stones and grass just biologically. At least they didn't know where to go, completely lost, and dangerous sounds of a distant battle have reached their ears.

There were about 30 more people with them. In that moment three man in clean and fashionable suits appeared. They were fresh shaved; their white shirts were new and expensive. A deputy and a chairman of a local Jewish council were among them. "We came to save you, - they said. - We must evacuate you from here - because that place is dangerous". (Like if they had no chance to find it out themselves).  

- Let's go to the buses! (There were
"Ykaruses" behind them in a little forest).
- Let's go out of here! 

The only person who became suspicious was an old invalid, a war veteran. "Where are you taking us to? - He cried.

His words were completely ignored. Nobody listened to him. Less then 12 hours separated them from knowledge that he was the smartest person among them.

Because after 12 hours they landed in Tel-Aviv.

She remembers her first impression from an enormous and crowdie room. Surrounded by their numerous belongings, hundreds of newcomers looked exhausted like tired out animals. Many of them did not eat nor sleep 24 hours or more. Departure from their native republics, separation with friends and relatives, transit transfers with children and dozens of things and the voyage itself demanded extreme mental and physical efforts. Each one looked as bad as a long-distance stayer at finish, with enormously enlarged and full of fear eyes on white as a paper face. Airport provided not enough seats for them, but “Russians” had their own perception of pride, taking an old-fashioned refusal to land on dirty, sandy floor. Some held children on their hands, and were very close to a faint. Every one was half dead from thirst, but no water was distributed here, and a line to a single toilet whirled as a motley snake. Children cried, but some of them had no force and voice to cry any more. Some looked dangerously sick and motionless, and their poor parents tried to get attention and medical help in vein.  

Just few, as Natasha herself, were brought here by force. The majority arrived in Ben-Gurion airport at Lod with immigrants’ visas. Can we say: by their own choice?  

Israel sent thousands of Zionist emissaries to every Soviet republic. They bribed, terrorized, or even killed local Jewish activists and heads of Jewish cultural revival movement, turning local leaders into an obedient tool in their hands. They arranged major “pogroms” at Jewish cemeteries: to enforce a postulate or a slogan “Must Leave”. They formed gangs of aggressive youngsters, ready to discredit, ostracize, beat, or expel anyone, who would just think to oppose to immigration to Israel. “Hebrew” course, preparation for “repatriation”, and requesting an immigration visa became every one’s (considered a “Jew”) duty. Trying to escape uncertainty, horrified by Israeli emissaries’ prediction regarding an approaching collapse of their country, and inevitable “pogroms” after, dreaming about life without suppression and terror, ordinary people did anything possible to emigrate to Canada, United States, Australia, or Western Europe. However, as three years later Anatoly Scharanski confessed, Israeli government convinced Western powers to shut down an immigration door for Soviet Jewry: otherwise people would escape their obligation to become “olims” (“repatriates” to Israel), endangering “bright” and “great” Zionist projects. Trap was sealed.

On the last phase, people with Israeli immigrant visas attempted to escape to West Germany, Austria, France, or Scandinavia, but without much success. As Alexander Orlowski and thousands of other witnesses recalled in their essays and memoirs: under pretext of “security” in Warsaw, Wien, Prague, or Bucharest, Israeli commandos in whole ammunition, with automatic guns “Uzi” in their hands and dogs by their thighs, were accompanying potential slaves, blocking road to freedom. Those, who, in spite of intimidation, did an attempt to escape by appealing to local Austrian or Rumanian (or whatever) authorities, were smashed down by Israelis, or bitten by dogs[1].  

If some managed to escape before being convoyed, they were hunted down by Israeli Mossad in all European countries.    

Now every day brought thousands of them to this final stage of humiliation before being allowed to enter into a big ghetto called “Israel”. If “human meat” will be delivered here in those figures for couple more years, calculated Natasha, total number of “repatriates” from USSR will probably reach 700 or 800 thousands.  

As Natasha later understood, there was no specific purpose to keep them for so many hours in such a mocking, merciless condition. The only purpose was to break them, to deliver a sign that they are treated like cattle (an idea about their place within Israeli society). On the other hand, this was a high-rank performance for native Israelis, who were offered a source of sadistic entertainment, and equally a “twisted mirror” through which (raised on cheap effects) Israeli mind could see “an image of Russians”. After Hitler’s Nazi Germany, now the Israeli establishment aimed to present Russian-speakers to internal “ghetto-state” and outside world as “under-humans”.

It was unreasonable to expect another treatment from victors. We were, thinking Natasha, their loot, “contribution”, captured slaves.  



Unbearable pain in her wrists and palms; abominable fatigue in her knees turns her back to reality. In addition, her neighbor incidentally strikes her by the battledore (rolling pin). She’s thinking that the most effort-demanding work would be not that horrible without this obscure entourage. The most tormenting mentally, however, were sounds of “shofar”. Wild, pagan, coming from darkness of millenniums, they bring taste of shamanism and witchcraft. Hired by Riva’s Mazza Bakery rabbi and his two “mashgiahs” rape shofar in advance of each “zames”. Aramaic- (“Hebrew”) and German- (“Yiddish”) -speaking people: they all adopted Russian word “zames”, which means batch-dough-making. Matzos preparation technology is as savage and primeval as shofar of ram’s horn. Grain - mostly wheat (also biblical spelt (emmer wheat) or rye, or oats[2], or two-rowed barley[3]) - milled into flour (meal) is batched with cold water (“zames”) 3:1; mixed into dough; knead quickly to soften and rolled out into a “sausage”. This “sausage” is divided into few pieces to form balls of 1-2 inches. The balls are rolled out as thin as possible with wooden rolling pins - until there are round flat “serviettes” (sheets), and then holes are poked into them. A docker to make holes in Riva’s bakery is so heavy that only a strongest man can handle it. Timing (the whole process must be not longer then 17 minutes, otherwise “matzeh” is not a “matzeh”) and holes help matzos not to rise before or during baking, leaving a hard, flat bread, identical in preparation to Indian chapatti and Southwest Asian lavash.

            Women are used just for roll out matzos’ “servettes” (for the hardest part of the job); the rest is left for the men.  


Right now two of them are gathering matzos’ “serviettes” by two long metal steaks to put them into the oven. Standing closer to the oven is just another sort of torture. To make matzeh you need a very hot temperature, about 246°C. Standing too far is a biggest chance to catch cold, as a smashed window is always open after four into gloomy winter darkness. Big snow-flakes are flouncing in a lunatic, turnskinish-hectic dance above heads of last standing women. Before darkness they ventilate through a hole with a fan, which is just worse.

Russians call their work in matzos bakeries “katorga”: word that depicts punishment public works for worst criminals in Tsarist’s time.



A very first sound of “shofar” is always taking her by a frightening surprise in its barbaric abruptness. These Stone Age sounds carve into her mind multi-branched allusions to a medieval execution rite. She feels like if she was looking from aside at her own “capital punishment”, accompanied by a voodoo music. Horror sends fornication to her body, and her brain escapes into an endless memory-film.

As abruptly as now by “shofar” cattily intimidation she was horrified by her own name, spoken out through a verbal device of a complete stranger. Nothing could pervert the sonority of her name more then that human animal. After one year spent in captivity she realized that no phoneme in this artificially primitive dialect could be insonified without a vulgar, offensive intonation. A senior scientific employer of famous Soviet Institute of Oriental Languages, she wrote a book on Aramaic jargons, presenting among other witty and sophisticatedly proven theories her view of so called “Hebrew” as a criminal Phoenician slang. She suspects that even by then whatever gave later the birth of first grains of “Hebrew” related to ancient criminal Lang.  

That’s why her very first confrontation with “Hebrew” momentarily recalled in her mind “native “fenya”: the most obscene and vulgar jargon of Russian criminals, more then one third of which composed by “Hebrew” words. Later she found out that “Hebrew” vocabulary has included itself into criminal jargon of dozens of cultures, from Moroccan to Spanish, or from German to Russian. It looked like - independent from enormous Jewish-born criminals’ contribution into prison culture of all continents - “Hebrew” contained something attractive to criminal minds in itself. Almost two years took Natasha to gather and systematize data for a scientifically proved but still astonishing conclusion that the “father of “modern Israeli “Hebrew”, this non-educated Russian peasant, made his non-natural language (“revived Jewish biblical dialect”) based of preserved and developed inside various criminal jargons’ Aramaic words.

The idea that she wasn’t occasionally taken by acquaints (who strangely “melted” before she was “evacuated” by Israelis) to a battlefield zone in Moldova stroke her later, when she started to guess that the whole case had something to do with her work on Phoenician and Hebrew dialects.

She remembers an unfriendly guttural voice that invited her for an interview with a “security officer”. Till this very moment she had no doubt that the mistake will be disclosed, and she’ll be sent home soon. Cool, big and absolutely empty room shocked her because of its contrast to enormously overcrowd improvised waiting hall (cut off from common airport facilities for “normal” passengers), with all its chaos and suffering. It was hard to believe that the noise of fatigue and despair, children weeping: all was left just behind her. Here, in absolute silence and chilly motionless, a strange creature was sitting behind a desk: precise portrait of Arakcheev from Saltykov-Schedrin’s immortal novel, or a flying bureaucrat from American movie, which name she forgot. His narrow forehead, his lips (as if designed for anything but human speech) and his cold snaky eyes - were features of a reptile, not human. Unbelievably, but this creature began talking to Natasha in broken Russian, increasing an impression that an animal or a mechanism is speaking.  

- You’re welcomed in our Jewish State, in the State of Israel as a new repatriate, an “ole”. Your absorption will start soon. You’ll receive all necessary papers and course of Hebrew. Did you ever cooperate with KGB, GRU, or industrial espionage team in USSR? Were you involved in secret military operations? Any attempt to conceal correct information, not telling us the truth will result in the most serious consequences. To become a part of the Promised Land’s Nation is a great honor, but also a responsibility.

Her tongue becomes as heavy as bell’s clapper, unmovable, and she needs extreme forces to bring her speech back.

- You have to send me back to my country immediately. I was taken here against my will; I am a citizen of USSR, and have rights to contact Soviet consulate. Let me call the ambassador.   
            - Not so quickly. No one will let you go. If you want troubles for yourself, go on. We’ll use all necessary means to calm you down.

- I refuse to leave the airport area, and I declare a hunger strike, until you send me home. I never applied for Israeli visa; I never gave away my Soviet citizenship; I am not an immigrant, not a repatriate, I am a citizen of foreign country. You must respect the international law.

In this very moment, a hidden backdoor slashed open - and second person appeared. “Listen! You’re not in a position to demand anything; - said he as if he was listening before. This man in mid 60-s had a deep scar through his whole left cheek, and gave an impression of someone, who was on verge of death few times, and could kill with cold blood anyone in any numbers for the sake of his Zionist State. Natasha instantly aspired bitter hopelessness - yet decided to try harder.

- Tell me, why do you need me here? I am not even a Jew, and…

- Was the mother of your mother’s mother a Jew?

- Why does it mean?

- Was or not?

- Yes, but…

- You see? By the Jewish law you’re a Jew.      

- I left a husband and a child in Minsk. You separated us!..  
- We render sufficient help in cases of reunification of families. We’ll allow you to contact your husband, and he will receive Israeli visa right away.
- My husband will never agree to live here, and I want to return back to Belarus as soon as possible.
- Listen, you’re an educated person. You know, what you deserve for sneaking into our Jewish State illegally, without identity, without a visa?
- I was taken…
- Are you not thankful to us for saving your life, for bringing you from under the shells of sub-humans?  

Some notes, some intonations in his voice have revealed such an anger, and danger, and  threat, and Natasha was so sleepy and so tired, that she lost her voice, unable to respond, and the man with the scar pretended to have her muteness as a sign of an agreement, and left without a gesture.

But even then she was taken to registration “slot” (“cashier”) by two armed military policemen, whose attitude towards her, and their sticky fingers on her arms and shoulders - that left bruises: silently prevented any of her disobedience steps.

She planned to give a false name and address, as her last defense in refusal to admit Israeli citizenship, but an arrogant, snaky-looking cold bitch behind the window prevented (as if she had no doubt in what her opponent was hatching) any further confrontation by asking as soon as they approached: “Natalya Lezhynskaya?”. And, before Natasha could regain her voice, shocked from surprise: “Marriage name - Hartschtein?”

Evidently, this military bitch without uniform didn’t dare to wait for Natasha’s response. She had no emotions at all, just a rank, as the whole “state” was not a true country - simply an extended military camp. They all - men and women, permanently serving in Tsahal (Israeli Army) - are tamed under single universal rule: commands are not discussed! With the same emotion-deserted indifference they “unroot” a Palestine-Christian village, killing all its inhabitants (men, women, and children), or doom an old Russian to death by refusing welfare.  

She was forced to sign dozens of papers, which content she did not understand, and so every Russian, who ever came to Israel with an immigrant visa. 



By a single glance she admits that there are still long three hours of “katorga”, 180 minutes of refined tortures. She’s thinking of how simply women’s labor could be eased. They could not literary seat, but use high “bar” tabourettes, and then crashing back pain, fire and fatigue in her legs could go away. “Stone” tables could be wider, leaving more space for each woman, easing tension, preventing bruises that she gets from neighbors’ pins. Longer breaks could be left between this and next “zames”, and thousands of other improvements could be provisioned. Much could be done, if not this incredible greed. Natasha is an only person that works here for pure survival. All other women and men work for extra money; being so stingy, so income-obsessed that each of them would rather die making more and more matzos, if not limits of the market that dictates reasonable production. When Riva asks them to stay, they stay and work as long as she asks, no matter how they feel. Cowardice net of red-bluish capillaries, as a patina at a painting’s surface, imprints on the back of each woman’s legs after 3-4 seasons. Most of them are getting permanent back pain to the rest of their lives, and still they are happy because of the opportunity. When they’re all staying, and Natasha is going home, dozens of replete with angst-anger eyes follow her to the door.

            Riva and her husband are so stingy, that everything in the room stays the same for decades. Old scratched tables, ragged walls: everything is smashed, overused, and hollow. Once the oven gave black clouds of smoke, and they left the bakery coughing, half-suffocated, and soon firefighters arrived. No fines, no inspections, no punishment followed: inspectors and whoever could send them would be accused in “anti-Semitism”, and fired. The most terrible libel in the modern world is to be biased as an “anti-Semite”. This implies unemployment, persecution, poverty, and even death. Certainly, Jewish religious institutions, traditions, schools, and more, are non-touchable, and factually removed from courts’ and governments’ jurisdiction. They can bring others to court, but you… Once Christians in Outremont complained about Jewish ritual “eruv” - buried underground around whole neighborhood. They felt like enchanted by strangers’ mystical rite. As any jurist could predict the Court decided in favor of the Jewish, not Christian community. Another time Jews in Outremont demanded that all windows of non-Jewish enterprises and institutions close to a synagogue (or yeshiva) should be painted over or curtained, and court’s decision supported them.  

            15 years ago the vast majority in Outremont were French-speaking humanitarians, proud to live there. They were enjoying and appreciating the cozy and peaceful atmosphere of the Old City of Outremont, and never intended to move out. Natasha will never believe that they voluntarily left en masse, leaving the 19-century neighborhood for ultra-religious Jews from the States, who - as an organized army - moved there. It had to be a company of perverted court’s decisions and total intimidation to force Quebecers out. Jews won this small battle, one of their innumerous battles in their global war on Christianity: as they won the battle for Holy Land. Christians in Outremont were defeated just because Christians gave Palestine to Jews, and now they can steal any land claiming that if they have the Holy Land (and God on their side) they are chosen to have just any city.      

Natasha thinks that if Riva and her husband would be not stingy at all, it doesn’t matter, because matzos must be produced in pain and bleeding. It’s a rite. There is no another explanation why they keep her working here. Others produce three times more; and there are 10 or 15 women on the waiting list: best “rollers”. They prepare up to 18 matzos in 15 minutes, when Natasha is hardly making 5-6. Paid around 30 cents per “piece” they can earn 900 dollars weekly. Plus, they cheat when pressing the pedal, attached to a computerized system of control. Sometimes they make 20 matzos, pressing the pedal 22 times, even if the video camera is registering the cheating. Natasha’s income is hardly 90-120 per week, because - in addition to her inability to work faster - owners are dishonest, paying less. Others are carefully counting and writing down their production numbers, and if they think that their salary is not fair, they initiate noisy and wild squirrels with the owners. Among 20 female employees in the bakery (most of them - Russian-speaking) 16 work under the table, paying no taxes and sitting on welfare. They know that a Jewish institution is a “black box” for Taxation, Social, and other agencies.  

            As she has no work permit at all, and no welfare; her only chance is the Matzeh Bakery.

Closer to the end of the shift women start working as possessed, and Natasha is dreaming, or indeed seeing an emanation of gluttony over their heads. Was it a trick of her imagination or a third eye that opens inside her scull letting her to see dollars under “rollers’” hands? She’s smelling aspiration of obsession everywhere around, and she knows that others don’t see dough on table’s surface; they’re grabbing dollars!

Just now she’s reading inside herself that the first and the last impression from the “Jewish State of Israel” was same unique smell of greed that she can inhale here.

Her first rented “apartment” in Israel was a ground kennel in a house without a basement. She had only a toilet but no bathroom, no kitchen, paying 500 dollars. Social help, salaries, everything was in shekels, but rents were calculated in dollars. Robbery of new immigrants became such a profitable busyness for native Israelis, for enterprises and the government that the traditional ban on foreign currency in Israel stopped working in “gray” areas. Crooks-lawyers in black skullcaps, swindlers-proprietors and criminal “housing committees”: they all sucked blood from “Russians”.

An access to her kennel was right from the street, with no corridor or a second door. All kind of African insects were freely marching under her “carton” door, turning her existence into a nightmare. With no space in her microscopic room for anything but a bed, she put her clothes on few strings under the ceiling. The infernal Israeli heat that can be compared with just few other places was killing her without mercy as a heartless executioner. Facing new waves of immigrants, each counted in tenth or hundreds of thousands, Israeli government banned imported air-conditioners, and artificially lifted prices for local-made ugly aggregates up to the sky. She attempted to fight insects by putting poisonous staff under her door, by spraying it all over before leaving, but discovered one day that in her absence she has visitors, who sabotaged her efforts. Before she decided to turn to police, she caught the intruders. They were members of the organization “Yad le Achim”, which means “Hand of Brothers” - ultra-religious hysterical obscurants that received the governmental permission to inspect any dwelling in Israel, searching for “anti-Jewish” literature (a “coded name” for Christian Bible), “non-kosher” staff, and “signs” of the “purposeful insult of the Jewish tradition”.  

Later she found out that in Israel a landlord, a member of a House Committee, and dozens of others are legally allowed to penetrate private dwellings in tenant’s or owner’s absence.

Changing her apartment was unreal. No single “olim” (“repatriate”) was able to rent something alone. No “olim” salary or “packet” of “absorption” could cover rental expenses. Besides, she was bound by lease, and knew that her landlord would never let her go.

Finally, “Brothers” broke the crane in the toilet, leaving her without running water. She wept all night long, thinking exclusively about a plan to escape. Sneaking into Egypt, trying to reach Cyprus on board of a ship, or stealing someone’s identity - were the “options”. However, it was no more then a childish game inside her mind. It was impossible to escape from the most fiscal and controlled by totalitarian means state in the world. At least: without knowing some rules of the game.

Death was approaching quietly and inevitably.

One evening, after spending 6 hours at work, and 3 in “ulpan” (“Hebrew” and “Israeli Life” course), she was going back home, and fell, loosing consciousness. As thousands of “Russians”, who were denied an ambulance, she would die in Israeli scorching heat as a dog, if it happened not in front of a tourist bus, full of “The Protestant Appeal” delegates. Those funny people believed that “all Jews” must go to Israel, without realizing that the definition between Jew and non-Jew is so fragile. They naively assisted Israel to “collect” “Jews” from all over the world, having no brain or carriage to understand that the “collector” will never stop: extending virtual concentration camp globally. Their fundraisers sent billions of dollars to the “Jewish State”, and they should not be allowed to see that the “Jewish State” is letting poor or homeless Russian-speaking Jews to die on Israeli street.  

This was an only reason of her survival, and also an only reason why they did not kick her out from hospital right away. 



While she refused to catch an opportunity to call home on compte of Israeli government (a silver-haired goose-like lady insincerely agitated her to come to an office at Allemby, and “contact” her husband “absolutely free”) she tried to call Minsk from home and public phones. She was intelligent enough to figure out that she was traced by phone number (which they knew), and her individual manner to compose its digits. Having no pocket-notes she hardly calculated a number that they might not dare to load into their spying devices. Each Wednesday her husband was taking Marina, their daughter, to a dance-class, and Natasha decided to try. Minutes of waiting while someone whom she asked to find Gennady was hanging around became an eternity. Finally, she could hear his voice. She was paralyzed by just a thought about what’s awaiting her child here, and spent 20 minutes to pretend that she’s OK, and her kidnappers will probably let her go soon. But she described the general situation here for new immigrants as a hell, and he promised under no conditions to go here.

            In the end of the month she received an enormous Bezek’s phone bill, with all her attempts to call homeland from public phones listed. By this the Israeli officials prompted that they accuse her of playing secretly behind theirs backs. Luckily, they probably did not discover about her real conversation with her husband. “If it was today: they would know”, she’s thinking. Further shrinking of citizens’ rights, and advanced technology is on their side.

            In two weeks she was officially invited to a governmental office, and forced to call home, and speak to her husband. In happy voice she pictured sunny life in Israel, mentioned about preparedness of Israeli government to send him an immigrant visa, and to shorten all formal procedures up to eight (!) days. Gennady said in response, loudly, like he wanted to be sure that the recording system of Mossad registers his words clearly, that he will never accept his wife’s kidnapping, and will turn to UN, Interpol, and “everywhere else” to free her. In Minsk, he was involved into anti-emigration activism, trying to stop Israelis from hijacking hundreds of thousands of Belorus’ Jews to Israel. Surprisingly, they understood quickly enough that she made a call home before speaking to Gennady under their “supervision”. This can explain bastards’ from “Yad le Achim” involvement.

            Very soon he was beaten by three “looking like Arabs” guys, and hospitalized with broken nose, and other serious traumas.

            And then employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs back in Minsk told him - hiding their eyes - that as his wife “left in advance from Moscow to Tel-Aviv with an Israeli visa”, and all formalities for him and Marina for “permanent residence” in Israel “have been proceeded”, they have no intentions “to hold them” in Belarus any further. While he was saying that his wife was kidnapped (by Israelis) in Moldova, and that he never applied for Israeli visa and to Avir for emigration, and signed no application forms for that, they were trying to pretend that they taking him for a lunatic. Finally, they have shown signs of an overdue compassion, but said that “can not help”.

            Meanwhile, in Israel, in the hospital, Natasha beseeched a nurse, who happened to live just two streets from her place, to open her “apartment” and bring her some things. The nurse saw her “room”: and understood everything. When the vast majority of Romanian and Hungarian Jews, who came to Israel before mid-1980-s, were the most vicious exploiters, insulters and Russophobes, Ester was an exclusion, preventing our sin of generalization. She convinced her tenant, a single girl from Ukraine, to except Natasha as a roommate, and did what was needed to include her in the lease. However, her former landlord insisted that she has to stay, or pay… 50 thousand dollars… Ester asked her friend, a lawyer, to intervene, and the landlord, threatened by prosecution for illegally modifying the rental agreement, and for renting to Natasha a commercial space that the municipality marked as “non-fitted” for residing, gave up.

            A new Russian-speaking immigrant, like Natasha, would never find “justice” in Israel in a similar situation, without assistance.         

While her troubles eased, her husband in Minsk was in danger. He and his 11-old daughter were arrested, deported to Bucharest, and taken to Israel.

It is hard to imagine their feelings, when Natasha, just five days ago savagely beaten by her three “Hebrew”-speaking co-workers for being “non-Jewish Russian bitch”, met her beaten within an inch of his life Gennady and their daughter at Lod…  

They still had everything in the future: assaults and more beatings, insults and mockeries, and more hospitalizations, after Natasha was raped at her working place by her employer and his close friend, or when Gennady was assaulted by their neighbors for having a “Russian Whore” as wife, and a kid that, according to Jewish rules, is a bastard; they were just going to discover that the police is demonstratively not protecting them, and later were beaten by police; and Marina was systematically beaten, insulted, and ostracized at school, made a target of bulling by teachers and direction.    


They managed to receive an audience at every foreign consulate, including consulates of Russia and new “independent” Belarus, and no consul helped them to regain freedom. Their story that could be verified by almighty states, the fact that they were refused passports and may not possess Israeli citizenship, based on “Jewish identity”, and dozens of documents on discrimination, beatings, restrictions, or administrative terror touched no diplomat or secretary. They went to Jerusalem, and spoke to Russian Church’s authorities: with the same “success”. Whatever they told and presented met an only response: “Israel is a democratic state”.

             Impossible to believe that two adults and a child could escape from “shmura shmirot”: strictly guarded, caustically controlled, socially coded, police-ruled, military structured, and inquisition-like “temple-state”. “Children of Jehovah” love to declare that God is always with them, but this time He was with Natasha, Marina and Gennady. Even harder to accept that Canada (a prostitute state that willingly sells herself to Mossad) refused to send them back immediately. Something really unusual had to occur: like a crazy supposition that a senior clerk sacrificed his carrier for saving them.  

            Here, in Quebec, they claimed a refugee status.

            With direct involvement of Israeli embassy, their claim was rejected: under a ridiculous clause that they are “property of the state of Israel” (ostensibly, the “Jewish Government” paid for transportation, primary accommodation, etc., which can be interpreted as a kind of a “purchase”). Welcome back to Uncle Tom, guys!  

            By the way, working one and a half years non-stop, Gennady and Natasha paid back the whole sum of Natasha’s “absorption basket”, and left not even a single official loan behind…

             “What else do we need?” - thinks Natasha at the end of “zames”. “Marina admires her school. We’re able to subsist… What else?” What do they need? Actually, they need… as everyone… freedom. Of course, Marina’s future is not hopeless here. She’s like everyone else. In her Catholic school she’s one of the best. To be precise: she’s the best. Otherwise she would not be able to attend classes after was denied Minister’s of Immigration “permit to study”. Involvement of archbishop and public protests brought Marina back to school.

            Freedom is more important then bread, because bread of freedom will sate us millions times more effectively. To be captives in human hands is one thing. To be prisoners of Desert is worse. She escaped to Canada, but what she escaped from: came here. They change Canadian laws, habits, Prime Ministers to suite them. Cameras that are spying on our citizens in Montreal Metro and in the streets belong to Mossad’s offspring Verint. Desert is looking through them directly into our souls. Her strongest desire is to be free from them: from Israel, from Israelis as Ministers of Canadian Immigration, from Israeli spying devices, and from Matzos.   

            Strangely, she likes the taste of this baked bread that smells of ash and oven. She thinks that tales about its origin are not true. It came out not of volcanic heat, and not of the heat of the desert, but of the heat of human heart that is a greater wonder then volcanoes and melting sand. This bread must be stolen from another tradition, and unfairly appropriated by wearing all black sects.

            The beginning of “Matze-season” is the most terrible time. Skin, soften between seasons, ligaments and muscles, grew out of the harsh habit, and cartilage, traumatized by all previous tasks: everything is just one burning wound, filled by overheated lead of pain. But the end of the season is just abating the pain, just a bit. Shpressa (she’s calling herself Rozhanka as well), a tall skinny Bosnian from Kosovo, is looking like a ghost, with her palms, all in bleeding corns. Some of the “rollers” are wearing special gauntlets, which protect their skim from the destructive impact. Natacha, Rozhanka, and some others can not work in gauntlets, just can’t.

            Noticing Natasha’s attention, Shpressa grizzles in French: “Look at your own hands! Why should you look in the mirror?” Every one here is incisive to a limit and has a ready tongue. 74-years old (!) Adrianna Maximovna (an ex-fashion-designer) is quickly to insert her own clinch: “Mirror in mirror as a rose in rose”. “Do you mean a female genital? - responds Vesla, a Romanian whore from Norway, who’s good in understanding Russian.

            Matzos ought to be made exclusively by - Jewish by birth - religious married women, but who cares? Can one imagine how much Riva would have to pay to 20 “kharedim” women? Plus, they would never work under the table, which means more taxation, deductions, social payments, and more. Naturally, Rivka pretends to believe that all her workers are “pure Jews”, which is quite easy. If someone speaks Yiddish, or “Hebrew”, or both, and has knowledge about some Judaic traditions, that person is “supposed to be Jewish”. Take Natasha. Being Russian, she grew up in a Yiddish neighborhood, where adults spoke Yiddish, and children understood. In University she paid interest to ancient German dialects and made an astonishing discovery: Yiddish seemed to be one of pra-Germanic dialects - before it splat into Slavic, Baltic and Germanic languages. Some Gothic tribes between Oder and Wisla had to be converted into Jewish faith long time ago, and their dialect was conserved for millenniums. In early Middle Ages they mixed with Khazars, who escaped from Kiev Rus’ heavy sword, and formed an Ashkenazy type. From time to time Natasha is regretting that led them know about her fluency in Yiddish. She could secretly listen to their private conversations.

            Once Adrianna Maximovna called her on the eve of Russian Orthodox Christmas. On Natasha’s “Marry Christmas”, Adrianna said that she’s “not very much” in the Russian tradition. “I am Muslim”, she said, leaving Natasha stunned. The ex-fashion-star, former director of “Dom Modelei” looked and behaved absolutely Russian and very secular. When Adrianna’s father was Russian, her mother, as she claims, was Muslim. Followers of Mohammed, in her opinion, uniquely bring peace, and their color is green. And Christians, she stressed, intuitively desire wars and blood; that’s why Christian emblems bear so much red strips. “Inquisition, KGB and Gestapo, death camps: this is a Christian autograph”. Sitting with Natasha in a park and taking her unwillingness to argue for a silent support, Adrianna has narrowed the distance between their faces to a minimum: “Do you think, Israel participates in America’s “war on terror”? Israel is secretly with us, Muslims. Our freedom-fighters are trained by Mossad. You, Jews, you have discipline, organization, and cunning intelligence; and we have human resources, and readiness to die for Allah. Christian society is very sick. We hate them as much as you are.”

            Natasha knew too well how much Israelis hate us. How many of her friends were savagely beaten in Israel or lost their job for wearing a cross, for visiting a church, or just because they are “non-Jewish bastards”? How many were arrested, fined, or “deported” for possessing a Christian Bible? Actually, “deportation” doesn’t necessary means to be physically removed from the “Jewish State”. They just take away your identity card, all your already ghostly rights, turning you into a complete prisoner-slave.

            As Muslims radicals in Chechnya, who used to kidnap Russians from Russian families within “Chechen Republic” or more often from neighboring Russia’s regions, turning them into slaves, Israelis have no other perception for Christians in Israel. With what sadistic pleasure an Israeli solder, according to his confession to friends, overrode [by his bulldozer] a Christian girl Rachel Courier, citizen of United States, provoking a global Christian outcry. Mashaka is right: Christian memory is a memory of a rabbit. They remember every small insult for millenniums, and were developed a deep historic amnesia. Story of Rachel Courier was forgotten within a blinking of an eye: as Mammilla Pool, or Khazarian crimes: forgotten forever.

            “We’re thankful to Jewish lobbyists, who alone, acting on our behalf, won the battle in European and North-American Parliaments for changing the Immigration Law and demographic situation, and injected millions and millions of Muslim immigrants into snobbish Christian states”.  

Adrianna Maximovna’s obsession is to lend money. She’s a liberal moneylender, and sometimes can not get her money back. But usury is in her blood. She has a real gift for finding desperate for money people, who will admit a credit under good percents. Nobody knows if she has a surplus, or she’s loosing money, but for her - usury is a rite. She’s having an unspeakable pleasure from the procedure, and her cheeks are covered by burning spots, and her hands are trembling during each of this rite’s session. She’s never absent from even a single “zames”, despite her age. Two or three times Natasha saw her in a really dreadful condition. Once Adrianna cached a flu, and came with 40 degree fever. She looked as a walking dead, and still continued working.  


Natasha is always wondering, how this work that able to kill a horse, did not kill Rozhanka-Shpressa and Adrianna Maximovna, both “rolling” up to 19 matzos for “zames”. She’s also puzzled, why and for what reason Rivka never sent them home. It happened once that Rozhanka came as shaken as an autumn leave, and after 10 minutes of “katorga” fell unconscious to the floor. Following her revival with mediation of cold water and 100 grams of “schnapps”, she stood up and stayed to the end.

            Natasha doesn’t want even to guess, what could happen if some from the “rollers” would die right here, in this room.  Would Riva and her husband be held responsible? Rather, not. But medical people have eyes and tongues. And such a death could raise a public outcry. And 60 years later it will give Rivka’s “tribal comrades” a good chance to speak in deep-felt voices about “dense and obscure “anti-Semitism” and “guilt of Christians”.

            Rozhanka’s husband, a Muslim fundamentalist, was so grateful to Israel for helping the “Kosovars” to kill or expel Serbian Christian population, robber and destroy oldest in Slavic World Christian churches, and wipe out roots of Serbian culture (as Metohija (“Kosovo”) was the beginning and heart of Balkan Slavic civilization) that sent his wife to a Hebrew course. Yes, Natasha is aware that there were two sides of the story, and that the Serbian Army’s disproportional response could change the situation to a contrary. But she also knows why so called “UN help” was postponed, enflaming “Kosovars’” rage and allowing to spite more and more blood. Then it was NATO’s disproportional response to Serbian’s “operation”, but behind it were Israel and her creepy Mossad.  

            Finally, after killing enough Christians, and robbing enough churches to be worried for his life, Srboldjub took Rozhanka and came to Canada, receiving a refugee status.

            His obsession is Casino. He’s 26 years older then Rozhanka, but looks 10 years younger then his wife. In her 30-s she’s a 70-years old granny with jammed parchment skin and swollen blackish blood vessels right upon her face. A wave of horror passes through Natasha’s body, as from a spine-chilling horror movie when Natasha sees her. Working seasonally at matzos bakery, Rozhanka is also making her bread by playing a guinea pig at myriads of Montreal’s pharmaceutical “research centers”. Rozhanka’s hands are all in black and blue, and her veins are in numerous nodules. Srboldjub beats his wife mercilessly, instead of deifying her for her emprise for his own survival. Once a month, Rozhanks comes as a black cloud, telling Natasha by whisper that her husband gambled away everything that they had. Twice she used to appear at work in big sunglasses, and in the toilet room Natasha saw such terrible bruises at her co-worker’s face, neck and shoulders that could not regain her breath.

            And again, Rivka never sent Shpressa-Rozhanka home, and never asked her about anything.

            Marusia and Lyudmila are frequently beaten by their Jewish husbands, and when in result of a beating Lyudmila was hospitalized, her husband ran to Jewish Canadian Council “for protection”.


A sad, puffy, gloomy evening in this part of Montreal brings her to nowhere of deserted streets. Strange disorientation of early March always penetrates her self by its invisible wings. There no people at a bus stop, just she alone; and moving cars throw an unreal light at road’s surface. A police vehicle mills around as a kite, and Natasha aspires symptoms of suspicion towards her, a person without citizenship.

            In the bus, she’s taking a place near left window, seeing through bead of small water drops orphaned pedestrians in Outremont.

            She’s feeling unexplained affiliation with every shadow and lamppost, with every library and church: she, a person without patria, apatrid. As Efa - a fat Armenian - puts it: “ni rodiny, ni flaga” (“no homeland, no flag”).  

            In real life, they have no homeland, and no flag, nothing.

            Hava from Bukhara, Efa from Erevan, Vesla from “who knows where”, Marusia and Lyudmila, Mashaka, Luba, Valya: they - all fresh immigrants - appropriated foreign for their mother-tongue words right away, speaking an exotic mix of inter-lingual vinaigrette. “Apporteh tebe drinkats?”, or “Samdi teikayu dochu magazinagic” are products of their twisted identity. No professional translator, being a polyglot, could crack these “jungle”-words, and still - they understand each other, as if this gibberish was their mother tongue.     

            They were born for matza and for each other, - thinking Natasha, while looking into wet and dark bus window.

            Hava knows ladino, Bukharish, and ten other crypto-languages, being not able to speak any “normal” dialect without inarticulacy and heavy accent. She’s a fat, big and brown matron with a mustache, a real butch. Among Bukhara community she’s carrying a nickname “Lion-  
Emperor”. Efa is not really Efa, but a Christian Armenian, who broke with her compatriots long ago. A former student of history in Erevan University, she never graduated, took herself another identity, and did everything she could to go far from home. Her father was an Armenian Orthodox fanatic, and forced his daughter to cram every church apostle’s biography, every big event in Armenia’s religion history. After his wife’s death this became his only light. If his daughter was too slow in twitching his homework, he punished her, and she used to spend long hours standing on her knees in the corner.

            After her 18-th birthday, she became one of well-known “anti-clericalists”, acclaiming a theory of Armenian degradation following its forcible Christianization. As the global center of Zoroastrianism, she assumed, Armenia was more important and more influential. Her baptizing was achieved through such violence and bloodshed that more then half of her population was destroyed. Unique and priceless temples, traditions, artifacts, books and historical layers were lost forever. Armenians, who gave birth to Sumerian civilization, who “delegated” few pharaohs to Egyptian throne, became an ordinary nation, striped of the pacifism of the ancient religion, and lost their uniqueness.

            When independent Armenian state replaced former Soviet Republic of Armenia, Efa was beaten, insulted, and her wellbeing was under a permanent threat. To this time her father became one of “new Armenia” leaders’ spiritual counselor, and promised “to correct” his daughter. That’s how an Armenian girl died, and another personality was born. This newborn is rolling matze with passion, trying to imprint her whole hatred towards Christians into each piece.         

            And again, Adrianna Maximovna speaks pure Russian, not “linguistic vinaigrette”, and acts as a Russian. And her ideological “Islamism” is a big mystery for Natasha. It’s like a puzzle why in Montreal Chabad’s main office is situated near Sherbrook on Peel - door in door with Pakistani embassy. Actually, Natasha heard on her own as one important Chanatnik told another one in Yiddish: “Believe you or not, a Saudi diplomat said that “we have just a very tiny toe-out with Israelis, very small; it’s Palestine; but we, Saudis, hate these Palestinians trouble-makers”.

            And Pakistan is believed to be Israel’s single partner in conspiring and launching 9-11.  

            Approaching home Natasha feels pity to her husband. Gennady works also under the table, washing floor at a Jewish jewelry factory. It is almost impossible: to maintain his duty, keeping in the same time production areas clean. His superior, a bony Philippine woman, told him: “Your predecessor never washed industrial shops, just the administrative pavilion. Our chiefs don’t like when workers’ places are cleaner then the offices. They’ll fire you.”

            It was true. The factory was owned and ruled by two Jewish ultra-orthodox brothers in black scalp caps, black hats, black side curls, black suits, and black shoes. The bosses. They took Gennady’s self-sacrifice as defy - and triggered a silent duel. Equal attention to both pavilions was physically impossible. It was designed and provisioned in advance. Administration and the factory itself situated in two different buildings, connected by two corridors: underground and over ground. Offices; demonstration saloons; designers’ trunk with dozens of rooms; recreation part with its own corridors and halls; two bosses’ main office with its premises; five toilets and a bathroom; a big kitchen and lockers: here was job for full-time working day. To wash administration and the factory two different people were needed; better: four.

Apparently, this problem was solved spontaneously: one from the workers in each department was on improvised duty: taking care of sweeping once a week. Gennady’s predecessor used to show up once a day at a narrow space between one and second halves of the factory, driving a mop behind him for 5 minutes. This ritual was required for the imitation of cleaner’s formal appearance. Yet, in violation of Canadian rules and standards, working areas accumulated dust and smoke, and dirt, becoming filthy, unhealthy, and full of gems and all Mendeleev’s table elements.


To clean BOTH buildings Gennady worked as crazy for 11 hours, staying 4 extra hours without being paid. Dust and mug, dig by his efforts, forced him to wear a respirator during first week and a half. Despite a potential “call for disobedience”, the bosses didn’t intervene, and didn’t order Gennady to stop wearing the mask. They just told local chiefs to oblige him clean their miniscule offices with predilection.

Gennady’s activity caused a chain cable pulling effect. Administration pulled his services in one side, workers in the opposite direction, and the peace between them became very fragile. Exclusively people of the Jewish descent were working at the administration pavilion. At the factory itself just Gennady (if a non-circumcised and “from top to bottom secular” person can be called a Jew) and two security guards with Israeli citizenship worked among non-Jews. The conflict, triggered by Gennady’s silent disagreement with bosses’ practices, had a potential of inter-ethnic disturbance. Strangely, the bosses did not fire him, leaving Natasha and her husband completely perplexed. It was similar to Riva’s unwillingness to send home Adrianna Maximovna or Shpressa-Rozhanka, who used to be “5 minutes to death”. They left to Gennady his choice to die in the battle: because he could not win. Due to his extreme efforts, Natasha’s husband became as skinny as a walking skeleton, fitted by muscles, and some time ago, washing one of innumerous toilets, he lost consciousness. Natasha begged him to give up or leave his job, but he was too stubborn.

It was obvious that half of the factory with its smelter shops was not anything else but a big camouflage, hiding the main purpose of its existence. Directors (two orthodox brothers) received each day bijou and jewelry from Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and ten other countries, and repacked them into new boxes and small plastic bags, in the process removing exotic labels, and replacing them by labels of famous Canadian and foreign brands. Fresh immigrants from Haiti, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and so, or people without Canadian citizenship were working in repacking areas. Everyone knew that what they are doing is illegal, but the definition of “legal and illegal” didn’t belong to them. What’s allowed to the “chosen” is not allowed to non-chosen, it’s a rule.

Having an access to every corner and every room, Gennady quickly compared what he saw, and came to a conclusion that brothers receive secret orders from very rich clients, making jewels for them privately, paid by cash. He also noticed cheap egg containers in the bosses’ room, surrounded by decent valuable things. Something had to be wrong about them, as they did not match the integrity of milieu. When he once occasionally touched such an egg box, Sheila, bosses’ secretary, threw an odd look at him as if he used to touch a diamond. Later it turned out that small containers were arriving semimonthly “from Israel”. He didn’t have to be very clever to notice that in the middle there were “plastic eggs” while from the sides they were surrounded by “natural” eggs. For many years, Israel used to obtain diamonds from her closest ally - racist South Africa - under the most exclusive conditions. Greedy Israelis didn’t sell them right away, waiting for favorite market conditions. Even after globally condemned South African regime crashed, the “Jewish State” still was flooded by unsold stones. What else if not an involvement in diamond smuggling could be hidden under these “eggs”?

This way of doing thing, from matze bakery to contraband, was entirely based on their absolute believe in “chosen’s” total impunity.

Having loosing the battle, one day Gennady came with a smart aggregate that he could order through WWW. This relatively cheap and effective cleaner’s help made his work 3 times faster at the “square miles” of factory, and even at “long streets” of administrations’ hallways (or corridors). Two days brothers waited, and then ordered to ban the aggregate from their small empire forever. This happened just before last weekend.  

Without Gennady’s job they rather can not survive, having no welfare and no work permits. Thoughts about approaching disaster silently dominate their supper-time, when Natasha arrives home. None of them speaks on this subject, and still, it overwhelms them. “Papa”, -Marina is saying, while wiping her lips with a napkin, - Marcus called, and asked you to call him back”. Marcus, a Greek by origin, was one of these Christian lawyers that gave up their time, and occasionally money to render their help. If not Marcus and his friend, a blue-eyed young Quebecoise woman, they could be deported, or rather put into Immigration’s prison for long years.

- So, what did Marcus also said?
- He said, papa, that he has a translation for you.
- What kind of translation?
- He didn’t tell yet.


            Lawyers not only provided help with immigration, but were including Gennady into their work for other clients, paying generously. Gennady became fluent in both English and French, translating from Russian. Natasha, in her turn, only once received a small command in her domain, and helped to crack the meaning of an unusual Aramaic stele. Both Gennady and Natasha were rare, refined specialists, and could raise a shield of fame and glory over any Canadian university. Using them as manual laborers is the same as hammering nails by a calculator.  

Marcus told on the phone that Julie, Janek and two other lawyers have for Gennady “some work”. This was a salvation.  


Two years ago, on a verge of real threat of imprisonment, they were hiding in a small Catholic church, and the priest organized meals and accommodation for them. Volunteer teachers used to come with lessons prepared for their daughter. It doesn’t mean that a good-hearted Hassidic “rabbi without a synagogue” wouldn’t do the same for his people. But no synagogue would do the same, at least without mercantile motives. And, of course, no synagogue would ever been stormed, but Immigration assaulted churches as an enemy’s territory, sending commandos, causing damage, wounding and arresting Christian priests…   

            When Natasha comes to work next day - Luba, Vasily, and Marusia are doing “vmazl tov”. “Vmazats” is a word in Russian slang, which means to drink. Combined with Hebraic “mazl tov”, it becomes a kind of justification for their action. Naturally, no one could roll 21 matzos per “zames” without a doping.

            Interestingly, Haim, an ultra-orthodox Jew with side curls, and “everything that is necessary”, who brings special water from a creek source, often participates in the “vmazl tov” action.       

            Starting the work, all three don’t keep standing. “Girls, damn this fucken matza”, - laughs Marusia unnaturally. After first short break Hava, Vesla, Lyudmila, and Valia: all are shaken and staggering. Rivka is seeing all this, but keeps her mouth closed.

            There is nothing they can be attached to. Living here, in Quebec, they speak bad French or bad English, or none. For the most intellectual - Shpressa, Efa, or Adrianna Maximovna - Quebec is just Celine Dion and Leonhard Cohen; old cities of Montreal and Ville du Quebec; waterfall Montmorency, highest in the world; Gabrielle Roy with her novel “Bonheur d'occasion” repeatedly awarded by many prizes; the Quebec French literature of XVI and XVII centuries, with the activity of such authors, as Jacques Cartier, Marc Lescarbot, Samuel de Champlain, Gabriel Sagard, Marguerite Bourgeois; a rich literary heritage of XVIII, and especially XIX and XX-th centuries; Circus “Du Soleil”; world-famous musicale “Notre-Dame” (after Victor Hugo); Louis Minier, with his first public cinema movie in North America in 1896; Denys Arcand with his “Barbarian Invasion”; Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal and Julius Turowski’s “Musici”;  Musée des Beaux Arts; Jean Riopel, compared with Picasso and Salvador Dali; Montreal International Jazz Festival, one of the most important globally, and Montreal Film Festivals; beer Moslon and 5 other famous brands; 12 universities, with McGill and Universite de Montreal in the front; and 2 dozens of other landmarks and names, but nothing personal, no sentiments, no love. “Ni rodiny, ni flaga”.

            “Nomadic type” is just a nomadic type. It has no nationality, as there is no such a nationality or cultural identity as “Jewish”. All Jewish holidays and customs are those of nomads, and the main among them is the “Feast of Matzos”. Just any of based on Tora, Talmud, and rabbinic teaching is a “black mess”: malice, vengeance, and death. Natasha studied and compared hundreds of examples of Aramaic clauses with the word “pasah”, and came to a conclusion that when it comes not to a literary physical action (movement) it means “died”. Same meaning is engraved in ancient European dialects that gave birth to Germanic, Slavic and Baltic groups. It survived to the present day in such unambiguous expressions as “to pass away” in English, îòîéòè â ìèð èíîé (to pass into another world) or óñîïíóòü, óñîïøèé - “usopshyj” (same “p”-“s” combination) in Russian. Actually, Natasha assumes that the root “ps” in Aramaic was indeed derived from Indo-European dialects, as the Phoenicians probably were a “mix” of European and North-African types.

            The word "pesach" (pasah (פסח) in pure Aramaic) is formed of three letters: Peh, Samech, and Chet. The kabalistic tradition gives two words: Peh Sach - "mouth sounds" (groans). There are four letters for them: Peh, Heh, Samech, and Chet (in “pasah” (פסח) the letter Heh is lost (omitted). The letter is omitted for confirmation of the sense “groaning”.

European languages - with the term Pascha, Pâques, Pascuas, Ïàñõà - further enforce this meaning with connotation of Passion. Furthermore, in Aramaic’s twin language of Arabic, Pesach is called Eid al-Feseh (عيد الفصح): in Semitic scripts consonants form a word. Comparing Pesach (with 3 Hebrew-Aramaic letters P (פ), S (ס), and Ch (ח) - this last is a guttural sound’s letter that can also appear as Kh (a phonetic equivalent) - to Feseh (F (ف), S (ص) and H (ح), we discover that the middle letter (S ص) is the same, which is a stress on “sach”, “paSSion” (groaning). “P” and “F” in Semitic languages are “inter-replaceable”, but the Arabic does not have a “P” (Kippur (כיפור, "Atonement") versus Kfara (كفارة). Last Arab letter “H” (ح) in Feseh sounds as a moan.

Sub-meanings of “pasach” are “passion”, “compassion” (לחוס), “protect” (suggestion given by Onkelos, an unnamed source in the Mechilta (אין פסיחה אלא חייס), Rabbi Yonatan in the Mechilta (פסחתי עליכם – עליכם אני חס), and Rashi (פסחתי – חמלתי). Sarna considered it the oldest and most reliable. Dov Rappel claims that Onkelos proposed פסח as חוס to avoid characterizing God as “jumping”.


“To protect” (להציל, להגן): This explanation appears in Tosefta Sota (Chapter 4), Targum Yonatan, the Mechilta, and is supported by Yishayahu (Isaiah) 31:5:

כְּצִפֳּרִים עָפוֹת--כֵּן יָגֵן ה' צְבָאוֹת, עַל-יְרוּשָׁלִָם; גָּנוֹן וְהִצִּיל, פָּסֹחַ וְהִמְלִיט.

“Like the birds that fly, even so will the Lord of Hosts shield Jerusalem, shielding and saving, protecting (פסח) and rescuing.”  

Here to protect and to have compassion might have been developed from each other.


A word from the same root is piseach פיסח - meaning lame. This accurately corresponds to mutilation, torture and passion. Loewenstamm mentions an Arabic root connected to pasach which means to expand (a palpating connotation of an action of shedding blood). He states that the same verb also has the meaning “to save” (or “to protect”: in other words - to make a magic “substotution offer”.) That’s enough to spell the real name of Pesach: Feast of Torture.



Whatever wrote sly interpreters, Talmudic Pascha is a fest of Death. It is a triumphal, vicious and carnivore celebration of the murder of Egyptian children (firstings). Analogs of similar cannibal rites may be easily found in “voodoo” cultures and rites dispensed by ferocious pagan shamans. In a similar way, Jewish Purim manifests joy apropos the murder of Aman and 75 thousands of Persians, killed in favor of Jewish nomadic minority. Both Pesach and Purim present an aggressive militant demonstration stressing domination and superiority of a non-native minority. Cannibalism is openly stretching from every element of Purim tradition, like cookies called “oznei Aman” (Aman’s ears), “dikur-Aman” (Aman’s tongue), and so on. Traditional toys, which exist for centuries, if not millenniums, like “Aman’s head” (Jewish children have to put out eyes), dummy of Aman (which must be chopped, tortured, and burned), “Aman’s heart” (to step on it and squelch), or “Aman’s eyes” (to do the same) also represent a very disturbing part of Purim. In modern Israel such kind of toys became more than ever popular. Visiting Efa (whose real name is Eva) Natasha was astonished seeing an enormous collection of these particular toys. Iranian dialect is the closest to Armenian, and, besides, Aman was probably a follower of Zoroaster, but there is no logical explanation of Eva’s preferences, as there is no explanation of nomadic aspiration to kill.

Traditional Jewish Toys:
Brooklyn (New-York) - hanged "goy"

            However, there are some more troubling implications in the fest of Pesach then just a sadistic satisfaction. The most disgusting is the tradition of human sacrifice. We often forget that in Tora’s legend it was not Moses who demanded from Pharaoh to free “his nation”, but the Jewish God Himself, Who said to free them, because they are God’s servants (slaves). It is not a secondary nuance, because Moses and Aaron are telling Pharaoh that the Jews must be released for executing a rite of “sacrifice in the desert”. It wasn’t either a trick (a pretext), but a real motive. On the 10-th day of lunar month Nisan, they have received an order to sacrifice Egyptian first-borns, including Pharaoh’s own single son, through sacrificing animal-victims. As the lamb was a holy animal in Egypt, and slaughtering it was seen as a fearful and menacing act, each of prepared in advance and bound to bed pinches in Jewish homes lambs became an eidolon of a first-born, which sacrifice triggered death of a real human being.



            Someone with a hypertonic disease dies from a stroke in result of a stress not because was attacked physically. And a voodoo master, who (using a well-known hypnotic technique) simply commands the sufferer “don’t breathe”, causing asphyxia, is not attacking the victim physically. Humans have definite types of psychotic mechanisms, which affectation affects vital organs. So far, it is acceptable to call Jewish Pesach a feast of human sacrifice. Secondary, marginal (“incorrect”) interpretation of Pesach’s symbolism is the “pass over”, meaning that a curse, aimed at others, is omitting Jews. That can explain (noticed by Alexander Lvov and others) obsessional Jewish tendency to ply non-Jews with matza. And again, there is a presence of “bloody rite”, as - to keep Angel of Death out of their homes - Jewish families lubricated doors’ side iambs by lambs’ blood.  

Deals Tora with human sacrifice when speaks of lamb-kids: always? often? some times? Ariel Toaff points to an episode in Exodus as evidence that this bloody rite was first performed on son of Moses, identically to an episode with Isaac whom Abraham had been prepared to sacrifice. The lamb that has “coincidently” appeared in the desert “to replace” Isaac wasn’t actually an animal scapegoat, but a non-Jewish human (a “goy” (“beast”).

Exodus 13:1 The LORD said to Moses,

Exodus 13:2 “Consecrate to me every firstborn male. The first offspring of every womb among the Israelites belongs to me, whether man or animal.”  


Unlike Hellenistic or even Roman tradition of animal offering, the Jewish custom was always preserving and maintaining the link between animal and human sacrifice.

Lubavich Rebe described main types of animal sacrifice practices in Jerusalem Temple: “oilo”, “zevakh”, “minkha”, “khatos”, “oshom”, “shlomim”. After “shkhita” (slaughter) priests sprayed victim’s blood on the altar. Next morning a Cohen that served in the Temple or Mishkan, elevated the ashes left from the sacrifice. Significant that the rabbi held this lecture in relation to Pesach. Everything in Pesach’s tradition relates to bloody rites, even time of the prayer Mincha (which corresponds to afternoon sacrifice in Jerusalem Temple, called tamid). Pesach IS actually a sacrifice, called “Pesach”, and accompanied by sacrifice called “hagiga”. There is in fact an expression “hulk (carcass) of Pesach” (Mishna). This is a synonym to “corban” (human or animal sacrifice). Rabbi Akiva speaks about restored Jewish Jerusalem and its Temple: “And we’ll eat there meat of affairs, sacrificed to You and meat of sacrificed Pesach”. Here, the Pesach sacrifice is separated from animal sacrifice: as if Pesach is human sacrifice. According to Rambam, afficoman is a replacement of “hagiga”, when the 3-rd piece of matza is a symbol of “Pesach” sacrifice[4].


Gemara explains words of Rabbi Akiva, giving details about “Pesach” and “hagiga”: in the first case, Cohen must stand on the basement of altar, and slowly pour out blood from the bowl; and in the second case, Cohen must to splash blood fiercely. 

Book Leviticus (16: 4-25) gives the most detailed description of the existed during the epoch of the 2nd Temple “purifying rituals”[5]. The high priest, after washing his body, and, thus, having purified it, put on linseed clothing and made a sacrifice - one bull for purifying himself and the Temple; and also two male goats whose fate was decided by toss. One goat was designed to God, and another one to Azazel [ha-azazel] - Devil. Mishna[6] gives the same description.


“And I shall give this people favor in the eyes of Egyptians, and it will be, when you’ll leave, you will not go empty-handed. And [each] woman will elicit silver things and gold things from her neighbor and neighbor’s tenant, and clothings, and you will lay them on your sons and on your daughters …” [7].

This kind of Gipsy-like (in a vulgar sense) behavior, this primitive or even shameful way of acting is incomparable with the high spiritual tuning of the New Testament. This particular quotation helps to understand that from very distant times till the present day (in spite of the fact that nationally and ethnically modern Jews have nothing in common with Roman-time Jews) riches, gold for Jews is just an extension of the ritual sacrifice. Like obtaining blood from a sacrificial animal, or a human, like massacring Canaanites in the mythical times or Palestinians today the extortion of gold is understood as extortion of “neshama” (soul) - an equivalent of blood.

            The Jewish tradition contaminated the whole world, until it was transformed to a completely perverted place, with money and greed, and cruelty as the most important values. And this state was derived from Jewish human sacrifice, even if the “chosen” have stopped their bloody practices.  

            But how can something change if every “holy” Jewish rituals and “saints” spread uncontrolled rage and blood thirst: “And went he [Elisha] from [Jericho] to Bethlehem. And while he was on his way, small children went out from a town and mocked on him, saying:  Go, bald! Go, bald! He has looked back and has seen them and has damned them in the name of God. And appeared two she-bears from a wood and have torn to pieces forty two children among them.” [8]

King of Judea, Akhaz, son of king David[9], "has conducted even his own son through fire" (burned alive on Moloch’s altar[10]). Viziers and nationals of this king were incinerating their kids: totally 15 years, till Akhaz’s death.

Another king of Judea, Manassia, worshiped to the whole pantheon of gods, forcing everyone to do the same. On both sides of the Jerusalem (Solomon’s) Temple he erected altars to different deities, and within the Temple: "idol of Astarta", and sacrificed humans to this goddess. He erected an altar of Moloch, and burned his own son sacrificing him to Moloch[11]. This lasted 50 years, till Manassia’s death.

King of Judea, Amon, son of Manassia, ruled 20 years, "And did the objectionable in God’s eyes things, as his father did"[12].

Thus, throughout 86 years Jews sacrificed (by slaying and burning) their children not only for Jehovah, but also for Moloch (this one, however, is simply one more form of Jehovah (for them).


  As a rule, they offered to god not all or any children, but namely firstborns ("I let them become defiled through their gifts — the sacrifice of every firstborn — making every firstborn pass through the fire — that I might fill them with horror so that they would know that I am the LORD." [13]

From multiple sources we learn that even during lifetime of the prophet Micheas and in the period of "Milej" (Second Temple) Levites still obliged people to sacrifice not only animals, but also children: all firstborns.

Through lips of the prophet Micah the Jewish God (Jehovah) appears as a blood thirsty deity: "Will the LORD been pleased with thousands of rams, with ten thousand rivers of oil? Shall I offer my firstborn for my transgression, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?"[14].  

It becomes obvious that here the Jewish god expresses his grievance about no more stubbing and burning of Jewish children-firstborns. Balm flows, rams and goats do not excite Jehovah at all. Give him human flesh.

When a small local king Balak attempted to beg the well-known sorcerer Balaam to curse nomadic Jews - the Jewish god has hindered it, and "has inserted the words [about Jews] into his mouth"[15]: "Here are the people that rise like a lioness; they rouse themselves like a lion that does not rest till he devours his prey and drinks the blood of his victims."[16]

Nothing more exact can be said about them. They do not rest till drink the blood of their victims.


Rabbi’s voice interrupts Natasha’s thoughts. Before each “zames”, rabbi, his two students, and Rivka with her husband control the rite of handwashing (6 times from a mug on each hand), and then the rabbi breaths out: “Lemeim Matsois Mitsvo”. Natasha observed that closer to Pesach all ultra-orthodox “kharedim” become more and more nervous, irritated, and disturbed. Even the rabbi, a man of the best virtues, is throwing monster’s looks: as if he became squeezed in his own flash. And Rivka (normally not a monster at all) breaths like deprived of air. The “rollers” must wear modest cloth, and cover their heads. Yesterday Lyudmila came in a skirt that Rivka considered not modest enough, shouted “go and change!”, and pushed her so burly that Lyudmila hit her forehead.

After dinner-time two “rollers” started a fight over a rolling pin, so fiercely that Riva’s husband has threatened to call the police.

Two days there is an over going squabble over “matze papir” (“matzos paper”). The sheets of “unleavened bread” are made not on bare table’s surface, but on special paper, and much depends on its quality. Because of unknown reasons, “good paper’s” shortage forced the owners to bring a “temporarily” replacement, and now most of the workers argue, who’s more important to receive the best. Luba, who was denied what she has demanded, unable to roll a tabloid of “matze”, threw the crumpled piece of useless now dough directly into Marusia’s face. Work was stopped, all rollers sent to the stair-box (“smoke-break”), and nothing could now stop Natasha from thinking.

Why number “4”, significant for Jewish tradition in general, on Pesach becomes dominant? During the “seder” 4 sons are mentioned, 4 cups of vine, 4 kinds of redemption, and 4 questions. 4 days was required to store the lamb-kids intended for sacrifice in Egypt. 3 sheets of matzos - covered in a napkin - become 4 when the middle (Afikoman) is broken (mandatory rite). 4 parts of the world, 4 seasons, 4 walls: 4 is the most solid after triangle figure that symbolizes human corps. Evidently, breaking the “middle matze” is a Jewish “voodoo” spell-act. Mishnah in "Pesachim" confirms that afikoman is a substitute for the Korban Pesach (bloody offer). Refreshing her memory, Natasha once went across the pages of Last Supper, and stunned - astonished, terrified:


Luke 22:17 kai dexamenov pothrion eucaristhsav eipen labete touto kai diamerisate eautoiv
(Holding the cup, He gave thanks and said, “Take this and divide among you.)

Luke 22:18 legw gar umin oti ou mh piw apo tou gennhmatov thv ampelou ewv otou h basileia tou yeou elyh
(For I am telling you I will not drink again of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes.”)

Luke 22:19 kai labwn arton eucaristhsav eklasen kai edwken autoiv legwn touto estin to swma mou to uper umwn didomenon touto poieite eiv thn emhn anamnhsin
(And he took unleavened bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.”)

Luke 22:20 wsautwv kai to pothrion meta to deipnhsai legwn touto to pothrion h kainh diayhkh en tw aimati mou to uper umwn ekcunomenon
(In the same way, after the supper he took the cup, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you.”)

She was right in her suggestion. When Jews break the “middle matze (bread)” they follow their old damnation directed against Jesus. When Jews break the “middle bread (matze)” they follow their old rite of human sacrifice. When Jesus broke the bread, he did it to replace sacrifice - with self-sacrifice, hatred - with compassion, pain inflicted - with pain obtained.  

When on the night of the 14-th of Nisan Jesus met His disciples to observe the Last Supper, He said to them, "This do in remembrance of me."[17] Later the same day, at the third hour in the morning (Biblical 9 a.m.), the high priest took the lamb and ascended the altar to tie the animal in place. At the same time Jesus was crucified[18]. When the high priest ascended the altar for the evening sacrifice (3 p.m.) for Pesach, he cut the throat of the lamb with a knife, and said, "It is finished." At this same time, Jesus died[19], saying "It is finished."[20]

The Matzo is broken signifying His death on the Cross. Jesus said[21]: “I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is My flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world.” St. Paul said, “Christ [is] our Pascha, sacrificed for us[22].”


Trinity of sacrifice in the mentality of people of archaic past can not be divided between human sacrifice, animal sacrifice, and harvest sacrifice, and the eating of matze as a symbol of grain gift to God doesn’t really deny esoteric human or animals slaughter (“Give flesh to burn to the priest”[23].

Sacrifices were burned (“zli”), not roasted. Aramaic “zalei”, or “Hebrew” “zli” is “sacrificial burning”. Isaiah refers to this tradition as a heritage of pagan worship[24], adding term “izle zali” - burn by burning (versus soft roasting). We must read verse of Exodus 12:9, as “you shall not eat the meat or boiled in water, but burn it by fire, its head [standing] on its legs and on its inner parts”. The sacrificial being had to be a male, a lamb or human child, one year old, and without blemish.


The ritual murder took place in the court of the Temple in Jerusalem. During the ritual gates of Temple were necessarily latched. Each reading of Gallel was accompanied by triple blaring in shofar, similar to such in matze baking ritual. Cohens stood in several rows with gold and silver cups in their arms; each row - with only gold, or only silver. Sometimes the fatal cut was made by a layman, but a priest always collected the blood, and “rows of priests with gold or silver cups in their hands stood in line from the Temple court to the altar, where the blood was sprinkled”. To prevent them from putting the cups down (then blood might coagulate) the cups were rounded on the bottom. The priest “who first caught the blood as it purred out from the victim then handed the cup to the priest next to him, receiving an empty one, and the full cup was passed along the line until it reached the last priest, who sprinkled blood on the altar”. Poor animal (or human child) was still alive, wobbled in convulsions, going through inhuman torments.  


The sacrificial being (still alive!) was then “hung upon special hooks or sticks and skinned”. If the eve of the Pesach used to “fell on a Sabbath, the skin was removed down to the breast only”. The abdomen “was then cut open, and the fatty portions intended for the altar were taken out, placed in a vessel, salted, and offered by the priest on the altar, while the remaining entrails likewise were taken out and cleansed”.

A quorum of 30 was requiring for Korban Pesach (versus 10 for daily sacrifices), and women that normally not counted in the minyan-quorum were counted for offering of the Korban Pesach.

Our imagination is always drawing a picture of Jesus Christ in the hands of bloodthirsty vampires-priests.

For Christians, the Jewish Pesach is the majestic, mysterious, fearsome, and unspeakable TRAGEDY of Jesus’ passions and His horrible death. Fascination in adoration of Jewish Pesach is simply enjoying Jesus’ death in adoration of it, and approval of His mundane crucifixion. Paul is clear about this in Colossians 2:16-17: “Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ.” The Jewish Pesach is merely the tenth plague on Egypt, and, in the same time, the murder of Jesus Christ: which is not coincidental. We can schematically represent it as thus: 1) ritually murdered first-borns year-old lamb-kids = 2) ritually murdered Egyptian firstborns = 3) ritually murdered Jesus Christ. It was exactly in this way put by Martin Luther:


    Here the true paschal Lamb we see,

    Whom God so freely gave us;

    He died on the accursed tree -

    So strong His love! - to save us.

    See, His blood doth mark our door,

    Faith points to it, death passes o'er,

    The murderer cannot harm us. Hallelujah!

As substitution of daily morning and evening sacrifice (tamid) the morning and evening Jewish prayer Shakharit and Minha are not anything else but the symbolic extensions of the bloody cult. Additional sacrifices correspond to additional prayers that appropriated their name: musaf. However, vampires do not like to fast; and today a wide and influential movement has been formed among Jewish orthodoxy for restoration of the Temple and renewal of the practice of the ritual murder.   

If someone suggests that the biggest Jewish authorities were against the bloody habit of sacrifice, it’s a grave mistake.

In a concussion of rabbi Akiva’s and Rambam’s opinions an ominous shade of human sacrifice (which indicates an extremely transparent hint) appears: it is forbidden to hump Pesach Sacrifice on one’s shoulder on Saturday just because of a principle of "alive carries himself" that concerns only to a person. Therefore - if it is not allowed to bring an animal "from a distance larger, than "tchum-shabat", but it is allowed to bring the bundled for sacrifice human being. It looks like rabbi Akiva (to whom the initial version of the main Cabbala book, "Zohar", is attributed) had no special obsession about bloody sacrifice, but Rabmam - had. According to Rambam, rabbi Eliezer has gone further, having equated sacrificial animals to "sacrificial person"[25].

Rabbi Joshua assumes that any fun during a feast - is Torah’s commandment, especially “shkhita” (throat cutting, murder). Even if it would be a dispute exclusively concerning animal victims - lambs, rams, goats, buttresses, cows, auks, - this dispute between rabbi Eliezer, rabbi Joshua, rabbi Akiva, rabbi Meir, and other rabbis (savouring both bright, and the smallest details of ritual murder), is a dispute of maniacs, crazy about killing.


Together with a sacrificial lamb designed for Korban Pesach, another victim used to be taken to the Temple: sacrificial “hagiga” that could be a human being[26].

"(...) if you have changed name of one of the victims, having killed as Pesach a victim prepared for one of other sacrifices (…)", - indicates rabbi Eliezer… Here it means not a replacement of name “hagiga” or another sacrifice to “Pesach”, but a replacement of the name of one of human victim by name of another human victim.

  On Pesach each Jew should offer not just one, but totally 5 (five!) sacrifices (specialists associate number "5" with Satanism; Tora or Pentateuch has 5 books): hagiga of the 14th of Nissan, Korban Pesach, Ola of pilgrimage, Shalmej Hagiga and Shalmej Simcha.

The floor in the oldest sinagogue Beth Alfa

Books Leviticus[27] and the Deuteronomy[28] are demanding to bring all “first” ("first sheaf", “first lamb”, etc.) to the priest for the ritual of sacrifice, and also commanding all males 3 times per year to gather in the Jerusalem Temple’s yard for sacrifices. In Torah, it is especially stressed: "Here, I will slay thy son, thy firstborn"[29]. You think, this has to do something with exclusively Pharaoh’s son? Then read the next two lines: “At a lodging place on the way, the LORD met Moses and was about to kill him”[30].  


Three days have vanished in a black hole that we call “time”. Yesterday Natasha has been at Luba’s funeral. Luba was sitting dead at bus stop near Matze Bakery whole night. Police found her body in the early morning. Even if she didn’t die of the “natural reasons” no detective would disturb a Jewish religious institution.

            No one gave her a lift after the funeral. Arrogant, greedy, cold-hearted “matze rollers” were climbing into their expensive cars, having completely forgotten about Luba, Natasha and Shpressa, who didn’t show up at work for two days. Maybe Shpressa-Rozhanka’s husband smashed her against the wall, ending her mundane torments, or she just ran away, in spite of Srboldjub’s and his friends’ threat to find her in any corner of the globe... Or, maybe she died silently as Luba: five steps from Matze Bakery…

            A new employee came to replace Luba: Nadja. Nadjezhda. She immediately took a leading position among the “rollers”, fountaining with jokes, urging on her co-workers. In the end of the day everyone wanted to offer her a seat in the car, almost competing with each other. Nadjezhda has chosen a car with the driver only, and called Natasha to join them. “I’ll go by bus”, - Natasha objected. But Nadja took Natasha by hand, and almost forcibly set her into the car.

            Victor, one that catches matzos by barlings, was ready to drive them home, but Nadja rejected his offer: “Thanks a lot, Vitja, that’s no necessary. Just take us to the Metro.”

             They came down to Underground City, and, instead of entering a nearest Metro station, placed at a mini-square with twelve live trees and running water.

            - Damned swine! - exclaimed Nadja, definitely irritated. 

- Who?

- Them.
- Why, because they did not give me the lift?
- Oh, that’s just a small thing. Look
at your hands. You finished them already, and this is not even the end of the season. Hava, Adrianna Maximovna, Efa, Lyudmila, Vesla, Marusia, and Valya, and, of course, Rivka: all have 1st-class expertise to realize what’s awaiting you. I used to know Molden, Vera, and some others, who became handicap to the rest of their lives. Do you know, what it means, when you’re not able to hold a spoon, or a pen? You’ll not be able to read books without lifting them! Could they explain you just a bit, could they teach you one-two times? I don’t mention that it was Rivka’s responsibility required by the law! You start working in a factory, or anywhere, so, what did they teach you first of all: accident prevention! If you damaged your hands at a conveyer line, or anywhere, you obtain a very good pension from CSST. But if you’ll destroy your hands at Matze Bakery: nothing! They will kick you out like a dog. By the way, can you work slower?
- No, I can’t.
- Don’t be a full! Do you really think that matza is a holy shit, and you have to tear your guts for rolling “a norm”?
- They will fire me.
- Youre wrong. They will never fire you.
- How do you know?
- I know.
- But why?
- Because.
- Why?
- O.K., I’m going to teach you, and I promise you that I’ll save your hands, but you must promise me, too, not to roll more then you’re rolling right now. You promise?
- I promise.
- Of course, you’re not greedy. I noticed. And they’ll die for money, imitating the Korban Pesach.
- What do you know about Korban Pesach? Are you Russian?
- Dont worry. Im not a Jew. But I know something that none of you knows.
- How come?
- Did they tell you that I used to work at Mitsva Matso Bakery?
- No, I am not aware of that. Wait a moment, isn’t Mitsva Matso the most orthodox and obscure matza bakery in Montreal? They hire only charedim whores with scarves over wigs, and black dresses till the ground. How
could you work there?
- Well, this is my little secret.
- So, what further?
- One day they asked me and another girl that obtained her “Yiddishkeit” through “giyur” to stay after work. They asked us gently, and we agreed to work overtime…
- And what happened?
- We burned matza, but a different kind of matza, with different prayers and different “shofar” patterns.
- Do you remember the prayer, can you…
- No, I don’t fully understand this dialect…
- Sorry.
- What I can tell you, is that something mystical and sinister was in the very air. I was physically afraid, terrified, trembling. And you must notice that I am a brisk woman, not from the timid… They probably preferred me and Tanya because they did not admit thought that we both can understand Yiddish or “Hebrew”, and, at least, well enough.
- This might partially explain, on the first place, why they hired you.

- And I must tell you that I have graduated from German faculty of the Foreign Languages Institute at Moscow. On the other hand, the men in Mitsva Bakery speak a strange type of “Yiddische Spreche”, which is closer to German then anything I ever heard.  
- And you could understand their secret conversations!
- Dont be too excited. I understood far from everything. However, what I understood is that a “normal” matza is just a baby’s dummy, meaningless and profane. They do it for camouflaging their hidden, secret matza.
- Which matza?
- Aficoman.
- Ha-ha, Aficoman! That
s just a middle shit of 3 sheets of matzos. There is nothing secret about Aficoman. All 3 pieces of matza to celebrate Pesach are identical. It’s only the name…
- No, I swear it wasn’t an ordinary matza. They burned it with different approach, prayers, and “shofar” blaring, and added some kind of a dark ash or dust.
- What dust?
- I have no idea, what it was. But when they were adding it they howled and roared like crazy, awfully, and the “shofar” raved like a wild animal, and this whole witchcraft frightened me as nothing else in my life…
- So, what does this substance looked like? Was it not just like a farina, but…
- Do you know what it was?
- I think so…
- What?
- Blood.
- Youre kidding!

- Dry blood.  
- If they listened, they would accuse you in propagating the blood libel ideas…
- Let’s suggest that the religious Jews never committed vampirism or cannibalism acts (which we can not: because they are people like all us, and have fanatics, maniacs and idiots amongst them). Still, we can comprehend the blood libel folklore as based strictly on Jewish obsession about this subject. Blood libel persistence is very natural about dealing with a group of people whose religion is completely built and concentrated on blood rites. If someone is constantly speaking about sex and rape, we suggest - he’s a sex maniac. If someone’s religion is entirely dedicated to blood manipulations, we suspect another maniacal obsession. And all Jewish blood rites are about power.
- Fine… I am not an expert in this domain, but what about one that I saw? You’ve changed the topic from subjective to general.
- Listen, did you ever heard about red cow blood rite? It mentioned in the Jewish Bible, in Numbers 19:9. This is a single and only prescriptive text on blood ritual in the Hebrew Bible where blood need to be consecrated by sprinkling while in all other cases its ability to purify considered as inherent. Plus, this ritual was not performed in the sanctuary, but outside the encampment.
- So what?
- That signifies the exclusive power and authority of the Priest, and his difference from the general public (communicated with God through Priest’s mediation). Like a wild animal that marks its territory by urine and fecal extortion, Priests marked their virtual domain by blood. This was the meaning of sprinkling, because this ritual was performed outside the encampment.



- Another strange statement is "Whoever touches the corpse of a person shall be impure for seven days"[31]; "He shall purify himself with him"[32]. “Him” can not refer to “para” (cow) because “para” is a feminine form. Rashi said that “him” refers to ash. However, “him” represents here a human being; obviously. "Whoever touches a dead body, a human soul who will die"[33]. Here: a dead body is a body, which soul was separated (from the body) or vanished. “A human soul” is human blood, as puts it Rashi: The words "a human soul" refers to the amount of blood that represents the soul ("for the blood is the soul"[34]; "You shall not eat (over) the blood”[35]. That means: “you shall not eat (or use for ritual purposes) before blood (soul, life) leaves the slaughtered being”. The cow is to be a heifer (a young cow which has never borne a calf). The red of the heifer, scarlet thread and red cedar refer to blood sacrifice. For the “purifying procedure” the ash of the Red Cow (Para Adumah) must be mixes with water (mei niddah). But the recipe of “matza” is almost the same: future near “ashed” dough mixed with water!  
- What?!
- And again in Numbers: And a man that is clean shall gather up the ashes of the heifer, and lay them up without the camp in a clean place, and it shall be kept for the congregation of the children of Israel for a water of separation: it is a purification for sin. For Christians sins could be pardoned through love and compassion; Jews (in theirs believes) can be “purified from sins” by pure sorcery. When for Christians redemption is very individual and based on free will and choice, Jews can be “purified” all together, regardless of the amount of individual sin. And this has a direct link to rebuilding of the 3rd Temple and coming of Antichrist.  
- Wait, wait! You completely obscured it. I am not sure that I’m following you.


The lights in the gigantic hall had come down a bit, and they could see through reflections in the mirrored glass as owners were locking their stores in the distance.

- I was just about to explain the link between Jewish cult of dead and blood rituals. Paradoxically, while purifying one that was in a contact with dead body (or grave) the “purificators” (priests (kohanim) contaminate themselves. In other words, one on whom mei niddah is sprinkled becomes “pure”, and one who perform the sprinkling: impure.  
- Why I am confused is because I was always seeing the Bible as a narrative story, and…
- Don’t see the Jewish Bible as a “timeline” of the history of Jews. There never been such a “nation” as Jewish, and doesn’t exist. The Jewish Bible arose from a supernatural source of mediators’ sub-consciousness, a sort of a hypnotic trance. In this “dreamy” flow of events there is no strict future and past; they can mix sometimes in a very disturbing way. Biblical Egypt is not the one that exists for archeologists, historians, or scripts decoders. It’s a dream-symbol of an “eidolon” of Egypt. Biblical Israel will never be “confirmed” by excavation or from different - secondary - sources, because it is an “alternative reality’s” dream place. Events from Noah till destruction of the Second Temple are those of “parallel dimension”, connected to “this dimension” by number of telescopic corridors (pipes) that lead to “joint sublimations”, or “exchange points”. Adepts of this “parallel dimension” need water and blood to influence our realm “from there”. The mysterious and mystical “hypnotic dream” of the Old Testament, Talmud and Cabbala is reconstructed in the Jewish religious consciousness. To be connected to us from their state of self-hypnosis they need blood.

- This has a repercussion in Professor P.D. Uspensky’s book “Tertium Organum”:

"At every given moment all the future of the world is predestined and existing, but it is predestined conditionally, i.e., there must be one or another future in accordance with the direction of events of the given moment, if no new factor comes in. And a new factor can come in only from the side of consciousness and the will resulting from it. In the past, what is behind us lies not only in what was, but also in what could have been. In the same way, in the future lies not only what will be but also what may be." 

- I went through all Judaism defenders’ “evidences” about the ban of the usage of blood, including prescriptions about unleavened bread: and found no clearness or unity. Besides, within the Jewish tradition the “wet” blood is one thing, and the dried blood is another. For them, the dried blood is a different substance, holy in a different sense, which usage (including its mix with matza) meets no specific restrictions. And again, I found no restrictions on drinking blood from sacrifice’s body while the victim is still alive…
- You’re speaking so ordinarily about such atrocious things…
- I speak about obvious for Jews things, as in the Jewish Bible God Himself announced that He would forgive their sins only through the shedding of blood[36]. The Christian religion, however, put the end of this. When Christian God “decided” to stop sacrificial cult in the Temple He tore the tapestry separating the Holy of Holies from the Sanctuary[37]. And Jesus had returned His soul to God-Father, forcing His physical body to die crucified, in this very moment placing an end to the Temple sacrifice cult. Rebuilding the 3rd Temple means an attempt to “reverse” things, to “cancel” Jesus’ self-sacrifice and resurrection, as if He died in vain, and to put an end of the Christian era.  
- I see…
- To satisfy their thirst for blood they have tradition of damnation; prayers that carefully rebuild bloody rituals in a symbolic form; exclusively cruel slaughtering of animals that we know under the name of “kosher meat”; secret ritual murders as very precious, rare acts; and wars as mass human sacrifice. One of the most brilliant Jewish scholars, Rashi (Rashi de Troyes), suggested that by going back to the creation of the world the Genesis narrative was designed to justify mass murder (genocide) and elimination of human race (ethnocide; Noah’s generation oblivion). God of Israel (according to Rashi) brought the creation story to Bible-Torah authors’ sub-consciousness “to tell his people that they can answer those who claim that the Jews stole the land from its original inhabitants. The reply should be; God made it and gave it to them but then took it and gave it to us. As he made it and it’s his, he can give it to whoever he chooses.” Thus, the will of the Jewish God is so supreme that neither the eliminated Canaanites nor any other nation could ever appeal against his decree to give the Jewish people the Promised Land, whole Middle East, Globe and Universe.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Go on…
- You suggested that in Mitsva Bakery they hired me and Tanya because we would not be able to understand the procedure that we witnessed. I can assure you: Rivka knows that 70 percent of her workers are not Jews. Does it mean that in her bakery they’re adding blood into matza?   
- Don’t exaggerate. Ultra-Orthodox Chassidic Judaism is a sectarian movement. Different sects have their own Teacher, and compete with each other. They have separate synagogues, yeshivas, bakeries, mikvas, and never allow inter-sectarian marriages. They can be located just across the street or railway from each other, and still practice - based on same books - completely different religions. Did you ever watch our rabbi’s face? He’s not able to murder a fly. But if they heard rumors about Mitsva Matso, they might be afraid and hazardous. Don’t tell anybody about what you’ve seen and about sharing your testimony with me. If you have a big mouth: they will dispose us to ashes.
- No, I don’t have a big mouth.  

- Natasha…
- What?
- Because of very personal reasons, I would like to learn more about the Jewish postulate about pardoning sins with the mediation of shredded blood.
- "I shall have pity on you due to Pesach blood and blood of circumcision, and shall forgive you"[38]. We have a Paschal dish=model of Miskan=model of Universe, and 14 stages of Pesach seider as a precise symbolic copy of sacrifice’ procedure in Jerusalem Temple. We have the word “Korban” (Pesach sacrifice) originated from word “karav” (one who’s related by blood: relative) that correspond to Russian word “krovny”. Only for Korban there is no blessing. Forgiveness of sins, substitutive sacrifices, and appropriation of other living beings’ souls are bundled in one.
- Tell me more about Afikoman.
- This word appears in “Verbal Tora” (Mishna), in tractate “Pesachim” (list (page) 119). Mishna states: “After Korban Pesach is eaten together with afikoman, nothing is allowed to eat”. In Talmud, in relation with the same list 119, the origin of the word “afikoman” is discussed. Rav and Shmuel (1st Generation Talmud Teachers (3rd century, A.C.) insist that this word was made of 2 Aramaic roots: “afiku” (exclude! (take away!) and “man” (object (thing). If this is correct, I understand it as an imperative “exclude everything” - a symbol for “annihilation”. Rambam (rabbi Moshe ben Maimon)[39] insisted that “afikoman” is a Greek word that states for “dessert”.  In many Jewish communities afikoman was regarded as a powerful talisman, capable to protect from evil spirits, seasickness, bullets, deafness, and more, or to guarantee riches, masculine sexuality, fertility, good harvest, and forgiveness of sins. Rabbinical tradition that links all great events in Jewish history with Pesach (destruction of Sodom by the celestial fire; exodus events in Egypt; prediction of the fall of Babylon by invisible hand’s writing; 3 days fasting ordered by Ester, etc.) has a direct connection to afikoman rite. And, of course, passions and death of Jesus Christ relate to the same paradigm.

- One key that explains some of the mystical repercussions of the Jewish bloody witchcraft can be found in Exodus, 23: 15 and 23: 18. This is regarded as the most archaic prescription about the Pesach sacrifice: “Celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread; for seven days eat bread made without yeast, as I commanded you.”; “Do not offer the blood of a sacrifice to me along with anything containing yeast. “The fat of my festival offerings must not be kept until morning”. Do you think - it is just a coincident that the matzos shall not be mixed with anything containing yeast? Unleavened blood and unleavened bred rites had nothing to do with Exodus Myth that was added “later” as a proof of the rites sufficiency and power. The God that was struggling with Yaakov (Israel) and was forced to escape by the rising of the luminary light, the God that commands not to keep offerings till dawning is afraid of the daylight. Is that because the Jewish God is an opposite of Sun cult (Ra) or because the Jewish God is an opposite of God? May a god that escapes before sun be a god at all?  

Both Natasha and Nadja, looking towards water, saw a vision:

            High Priest in all white, with an enormous dead ram head on top of his own, was rising a cup, full of blood. Reflecting in the blood, a lamb with human face appeared, with sad eyes and a checkerboard motive in his forehead.


Next day they met two hours after work, and Natasha got from Nadja books that the latter received from their common friend Yuri. Those were rare books written by Shamir, Yuval[40], Pranaitis, Horowitz[41], Hellmut Schramm, and Toaff[42] on Jewish ritual murder. Ritual murders (from human sacrifice to collective suicide) are committed frequently by representatives of any religion, social or ethnic group, lodge, minority, or organization. But the uniqueness of Jews is that they have an ancient system of bloody sacrifice, rooted deeply in their religion, and that they are preaching collective guilt. If, for example, a Palestinian freedom-fighter blew himself up killing few Israeli solders, Israel in response is bombing Palestinian towns and villages, schools and hospitals, killing children, elderly, and hospitalized; imposing blockade on Gaza or West Bank that leads to new thousands of deaths. Jewish mentality brings up the collective responsibility model towards all non-Jews in the world “for” “anti-Semitism”, “Holocaust”, etc.

Global Zionist censorship and oppressive intervention into people’s privacy, rights and thinking, provided by such initially Israeli companies as Verint, Websense, ICQ, and enormous number of others; Israeli world-wide monopoly in “services” of censorship, tyranny, and offence on citizens’ rights are also rooted in what they see as our “collective guilt”.

Interestingly, their paradigm of the “collective responsibility” has for them a reversible sense; shortly: works visa versa. Accusation against any mentally sick Jewish person, who’s a serial killer, or a ritual murderer, or a blood obsessed vampire they automatically interpret as their alleged collective guilt, blocking any attempts of investigation and judgment. They intuitively provoked exercising of tortures on them in Middle Ages that corrupted both their veritable confession and the investigation. And today they’re standing above the law: global inquisitors, censors, and torturers.

Today most of the police / secret services cameras that are involved in spying on citizens in Europe and North America belong to Mossad (company Verint (former Comverse in Tel-Aviv) and 4 other Israeli companies). Today all telephone tapping operations globally are executed by the same Verint, and other Israeli companies like Arroumid Group, Amdocs, Odigo, "NICE Systems", "Ulticom", "Narus", and others. Today the whole firewall “protection” in virtually all North American corporations and governmental computer systems is maintained by another Israeli company - Checkpoint Systems. Today another Jewish Trojan Horse - Websense (former Portauthority Technologies Israel, formerly Vidius) - is acting as a global Web censor, blocking websites from individual users, and individual users (who’s on Wensense blacklist) from Internet. This is just another manifestation that the Anti-Christ already came, and controls the world. The monstrous universal Jewish Tyranny that converted the Humanity into voiceless slaves is just another Jewish Purim, after Jewish Bolsheviks’ bloody Purim of 1917-1937.  

Israel Shamir points to Israel Yuval, who discovered that so called “blood libel” was indeed based on real and undeniable ritual murder of children. Each time, when a threat of baptizing seemed to be unavoidable, many of them used to kill their children, and have committed a mass suicide. These facts are indisputable, and the chronicles of this period described them very precisely: Jewish - glorifying such a fanatical heroism, Christian - denouncing it. However, these were not individual acts of courage, but acts of vicious ritual murders and vengeance as the Jews believed that the shredded Jewish blood has a magical quality to hull God’s anger on non-Jews’ heads. Some of the Jews used victim’s blood for “purifying” their sins…

Will you insist that all this has nothing to do with the modern times? Why would then the American reform synagogue Union of Rabbis in Pittsburg declared in 1885 about “complete abandon” of ritual human sacrifice (and all other sacrifices)? The Orthodox Judaism refused to support this initiative. This is just another proof of the sectarian nature of Judaism and an example that a decree issued by one Jewish authority has no effect on other groups. In contrast, the Jewish Orthodix movement is declaring holiness of bloody sacrifices, and stay firm about Levities’ right to renew them “on God’s demand”.  

The “rollers” from other matze-bakeries are not able to believe that by them and in "Mitsvo" they blow in "shofar"; it is allegedly a "heresy" (or on the contrary?). Unless, reflects Natasha, is it not just another sign of sectarianism? 

Joseph Flavius reports that in 65 D.C. not less than three million people arrived to Jerusalem to witness the sacrifice of lambs in the Temple (War 2:280); the same number is given in Talmud (Psah. 64b)." 

Trying not to be morally ugly and rejecting extorted under Inquisition’s tortures Jewish ritual murderers’ confession, we must then insist on releasing of all tortured Palestinian prisoners, and Iraq and Guantanamo prisoners, and rehabilitation of so-called Nazi criminals (partners of Zionist leadership). One of the most astonishing phenomenon of the Jewish religious consciousness is that it doesn’t distinct between vengeance and ritual self-sacrifice. Formally innocent (as they did not have real legal defenders, and theirs “confessions” were extorted under tortures), “Nazi criminals” were executed in 1946 not coincidently on Jewish Yom Kippur (Dies Irae), and Adolf Eichmann - on Jewish Holy Saturday (late June 1, 1962). This was nothing else, but a hieratic ritual of human sacrifice.

Calling loss of around 700.000 (possibly - 1.5 millions) of European Jews in 1939-1945 “a divine punishment for their treasury (assimilation)”, Israeli rabbis ritually symbolizing it as a mass human sacrifice. And again, refusing to save European Jews from the flames of WWII, American rabbis and the world Zionist organization added to this massive loss of lives a character of human sacrifice. Not occasionally they called it “Holocaust” (bloody offer), and transformed into a kind of a human sacrifice cult. This cult became an actual part of the Jewish religion, perfectly fitting into its sacrificial traditions.

"All in all, the myth about "Holocaust" is a crime against Christianity, mankind, Russia, and, at last, against Jewish people. In fact, creators of this myth blasphemously state that "Holocaust" is the disproof of the Christ wherefore "torments and passions of Christ are non-comparable" to the anguish of Jews in the Second World War… In that case "the Christ is falsehood, and not from Him comes salvation", but from Jews that allegedly became through mediation of "Holocaust" the collective Messiah. The myth about "Holocaust" insults the mankind wherefore presents the Jewish people as a main victim of the past war[43].

In these words Natasha explained to Nadja the general meaning of books that she obtained. She was taken by surprise when Nadja asked her if there is such a Jewish religious law as capital punishment. “Hard to say,” she responded, and then her memory obligingly gave her a key.

- Yes, I used to read about “mavet” - capital punishment - several times. Specialists on gematria and cabbalistic etymology drew parallels between words kherem = kharam = karat ("karat": an especially severe ritual punishment of a Jew for non-observance of ritual cleanness, and of a “goi” (non-Jew) - for obstructions to this. They claim that in a common sense "kherem" and its "synonyms" ("fatwa" - a bulla or the responsibility; "carret"; "mavet": in the Pentateuch: there, where it speaks on behalf of the Jewish God about the responsibility of total elimination of the population (and even plants and animals) in the cities in Canaan (Palestine) - mean a total annihilation of everything alive: men, women, children, elderly, animals and plants.

Nadja was shocked.


I. E. Pranaitis, a former professor of Catholic Religious Academy in S.-Petersburg, later - curator of Turkestan Region, Master of Theology, lists[44] hundreds of found in the Jewish religious books appeals, encouragements and precepts (instructions) to kill non-Jews, in a character of ritually-sacrificial sacrifice. The direct instruction "about a possibility of bloody sacrifice even after the Temple destruction (...)" was thus found in the treatise of Eduiot[45]. Besides, professors Pereferkovich and I. G. Troitsky have specified that prayful equivalent was established only for offer of burnt and thanksgiving, but a ritual sacrifices "for sins and duties" remained without an equivalent corresponding to them in the Jewish worshipping service ritual".   

Pranaitis and the Professor I. G. Troitsky have found a place in the Talmud where the permission to use blood as "food" (drink) is given. In the treatise Mahshirin, 6, 4, is told: "Seven drinks pure dissolve dirt: dew, water, wine, oil, blood, milk and honey". In the same source it is told about the use of "ore-throwing" blood, i.e. received from blood vessel piercing, as a drink. Majmonid teaches about this text concerning "ore-throwing": "Blood, "ore-throwing" (“dam hakkiza) - is for drink". In same Majmonid’s writings it is told: "But the "ore-throwing" blood for treatment is considered pure" (ritually clean, i.e. permitted by the Jewish religious law).

Pranaitis specifies that in sources of the Jewish dogma an enormous significance is attached to blood: for example, in Torah[46], in Mishnah[47], in treatise of Kerifof[48], and in incommensurable with anything else on volume places in other Jewish sources. Thus for the murder of an animal or a human for the purpose of blood extraction no responsibility is envisioned[49]: if a victim is not killed by cut, but the blood is extorted in methods of extracting or piercing; we find the same in Tosefet (6, 1), and in the comment to it by Pereferkovich[50].  

On Nadja’s request, Natasha has carefully gathered and wrote down the Sources of instructions to kill non-Jews [51]: (we give them in footnotes, but urgently recommend learning them: instructions to kill non-Jews are one of the most shocking and alarming components of the Jewish religion).

The tone and spirit of the Jewish sources:

"Each Jew who is shedding blood of atheists [non-Jews, Christians] executes the same ceremony, as a sacrifice to our Lord." [52]

"We call Jews “people”, and non-Jews - are not people. They are animals." [53]

"Akum" [non-Jew, Christian] is similar to a dog. The Scriptures learns to appreciate a dog more then an “akum”." [54]

"In spite of the fact that [the same] God has created non-Jews - all the same they are animals in human shape. As to a Jew is ill beseems to be served by simply animals, the animals in human shape (non-Jews) should serve him." [55]

"A non-Jew big with child [pregnant] - is not better than a pregnant animal." [56]

"Souls of non-Jews arrive from dirty spirit and are called pigs." [57]

"Though a non-Jew has the same anatomic structure as a Jew, to compare non-Jews to Jews - is the same as to equate a monkey to a person." [58]

"In terms that Jew should never forget that in the shape of non-Jews he deals with animals it must be constantly remind to him about it".

            If the Jewish religious books so obsessionally compare non-Jews with animals - isn’t it natural to assume that when they mention sacrificial animals: it is merely an allegoric substitution for human sacrifice?

The Talmud teaches:

a) "If you’re eating at a joint table with a non-Jew, this is the same as a meal with a dog". [59]

b) "If a servant of a Jew, a non-Jewish woman, dies, nobody should express condolences to him. We shall remind to a Jew: "God will replace your loss as if one of your oxen or donkeys has died". [60]

c) "Sexual intercourse with non-Jews is the same as bestiality". [61]

Talmud on murdering a non-Jew:

"It is authorized to take any organ, body and life of a non-Jew." [62]

"Any who rejects the Torah - the Law - must be killed". [63]

"Christians belong to deniers of Torahs (and Talmud)". [64]

Historical examples of massacres of Hellenes, Romans, Christians and others by Jews:

1) In 115-117 years AD, during the revolt under Bar-Kohba’s leadership Jews have killed 220 thousand Romans and Greeks, skinned them and have pulled out their interiors, sucked their blood, and had snacked by their bloody crude flesh. [65]

2) A story about how in Kirin Jews have attacked Greeks and Romans, brutally slaughtered them, skinned them, put on removed bloody human skin, wound human innards around their heads, showered with blood, devoured human meat … [66]

3) Here (see the reference) it is told about how in year 418 Jews have arranged a pogrom of Christians in Alexandria, and in year 419 have crucified a Christian boy in Imnostar, near Antiochia. [67]

3) In year 614 Jews participated in capture of Jerusalem (at that time a Christian city, part of Byzantine Empire) by Persians, then redeemed 90.000 (ninety thousands) captured Christians from Persian Tsar Hozroj II, and murdered them in a most horrific way (in Mammilla Pool (dug out by Pilate). [68]

4) Approximately from VI till IX century of our era in connection with general weakening of the Jewish positions and strengthening of Christianity massacres of Christians by Jews stopped. 

5) Since IX - XI centuries start a series of numerous Jewish murders of Christians for the ritual purpose, accompanied by crucifixion, sucking out blood, victims’ circumcision. [69]

6) Khazaria (Hazaria), a Jewish state that existed in Asia near Caucasian Mountains and Black sea (mid VII - end of X cent.), in her conflicts with Byzantine Empire, Kiev Rus, Poland, and other old states, committed innumerous atrocities, killing Christians. [70]

7) In Western Europe, in 1485, even the Great Inquisitor Peter de Arbues has been killed by Jews with the ritual purpose (canonized only in 1865).

8) Well-known Belarus (Grand Duchy of Lithuania) writer of XVI century Peter Skarha summarized cases of Jewish ritual murders during his time in GDL and in general in Rzecz Pospolita.

9) Willie Martin systematized well-documented and factual cases of unprecedented Jewish terror in post-revolution Russia (1917th – 1920th). Torturing Christians (including old men, pregnant women, and children), Jewish commissars (or members of Tcheka-NKVD) were absolutely unsurpassed in inventing new kinds and methods of torture. Their psychotic (or ecstatic) sadism and cruelty had no analogies in European history. Numbers of murdered by them Christians (millions) in Baltic region, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc., is also astonishing. [71]

10) During the World War II, fighting against British forces in Palestine (actually, on fascist Germany’s side) Zionist Jews manifested an exceptional cruelty. They tortured, kidnapped and murdered their “enemies” (including United Nations’ head officials), and committed a number of terrorist acts, without being distressed by deaths of innocent victims.

11) Since the Jewish occupation of the Holy Land (Palestine) and establishing of the “Jewish State” in 1948, Israeli Jews have committed numberless war crimes (including massacres) in Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and many other countries. They treat Palestinians and Israeli Arabs under their occupation with special cruelty, murdering and torturing adults and children, bestially exploiting non-Jews and sexually enslaved women, murdering thousands of Palestinian children for donor organs. Simultaneously, they treat fresh immigrants (especially - Russian-speaking), foreign workers, Christian clergy (especially - Christian Orthodox) in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and other places, and even some tourists with the same cruelty. They arrest, torture and kill Christian activists from Europe and North America, who are trying to stand for Palestinians’ rights. Recently, they attacked an international convoy of peaceful ships with “Green-Peace-like” protestors in international water, killing 20 and wounding hundreds of them, including European and Turkish parliamentarians. They ignore international law, human morality and norms.     

12) Since 1970-s “Holocaust” deniers, some critics of Israel and enormous Jewish power in Canada, USA, Europe, Russia and Australia, and other categories of freethinkers and activists are marginalized, arrested, imprisoned, beaten, and killed. Israel launched a global terror campaign that includes terrorist acts (like blowing up activists’ businesses and homes, assassinations, tortures, and kidnapping). After 2001 Israel and Jewish lobbies in Europe and North America became so almighty that in their terrorist activity they can count on local governments’ assistance. Author of 2 capital works - “GULAG of Palestine” and “Israeli Global Terrorism” - systematized and filtered information on thousands of Israeli victims in Christian world, Israeli methods and “5th column” in “sovereign” national states. Adding anti-Christian (Nisim Zvili, Rafael Pinkhasi, etc. (end of 1990s – beginning of 2000s) law 5737-1977; see volume 24 of “GULAG of Palestine” (Russian) and extra-territorial (New Part 13 (crimes against Jews abroad (see: Ha-Aretz, Wednesday, September 11, 2002, material by Yossi Shain and Ze'ev Segal) amendments to Israeli criminal code Israel openly declared global persecution of individuals, organizations, and governments, whose position, believes or activity “collide with Israeli / Jewish political, economic or military interests”.


Significantly, in all above mentioned and many other cases Jews have performed acts of mass ecstatic sadistic cruelty, which is very rare in other groups of people.   


Sacrifices - including human - were appreciably connected with a phallic cult. Double phallic columns ("twins") might be found in all ancient temples, in all corners of our planet. They carry different names ("Hermes's Columns", "Columns of Shu", "Columns of Sejta", Columns of Osiris or Solomon). In Ancient Egypt: "Two columns of Fire" or Osiris were used for worship. In the Jerusalem Temple (Temple of Solomon) they too were presented, called "Yasin and Boaz" [72]. They stand in Masonic lodges, and are crowned by a Globe. The New York twins-towers were same phallic symbols erected by modern Jews, and been destroyed by them, too.

Willie Martin wrote that in very distant from ours times the ritual of vampirism was known to many tribes that used to drink human blood from the body of still living victim. But there is only one group of people that achieved no progress in this domain since Stone Age, and continue to practice blood ritual and ritual murder. We know them under the name of Jews… No wonder that one of the most famous historians, Arnold Toynbee, used to call the Jews "fossil people".

Every day billions of people on Earth take a shower, or make ablution in reservoirs, or in another way wash off dirt. Water is a unique, precious substance; we don’t know anything “similar” on the planet. Water clears also industrial pollution, and that prevents a total ecological disaster. In Jews religious imagination, parallel to material pollution there is (incessantly) a forever going “ritual pollution”. Their cultic consciousness considers blood as an only “thing”, a unique "cleaning tool", capable to clean them from “ritual dirt”. In the same way as washing off a physical filth by water, ritual pollution is washed off by blood and (or) water mixed with ashes of a burnt sacrifice. (The hidden meaning of the term "Holocaust" originates right from here). Invasion of Iraq (former Babylon) that killed millions of people and devastated lives of millions of other human beings was entirely initiated by the American Jewish lobby and directly connected to Jewish esoteric mythology.

Sacrificial blood was also allotting the apostrophic values, which means an ability to stop evil spirits.

The most archaic Jewish rituals, such as the prescription to offer boys-firstborns and firstborns of cattle to the God (Exodus, 34: 19-20) is also related to the Jewish phenomenon of “super-creature”.

For example, Jewish holidays are different from feasts of all other human groups because of the obligatory (strict) prescription to appear for “all the people” “before God’s eyes” in the Temple, and because of the obligatory (strict) prescription to “to have fun”, “to celebrate”, “to be joyful and happy” “all together” (the whole nation) in “sacred places”.

The Jewish religious mind imagines God as a force, or a spirit, that doesn’t has a body in this world, and that the total congregation of the Jewish individuals (“Jewish Nation”) become the body of God. A particular individual, with the inner life, feelings and thoughts, cease to exist as a private university, and becomes a cell of the “super-creature”. On the consciousness surface this person is a normal human being, but on sub-consciousness level it is a Zombie.

Mystical connection between those particles of the “super-creature” exists even on distance, as a mutual adhesion of the mercury drops. It can explain the most archaic of the Jewish holidays: Shabbath (Saturday). As the God has no body in this world He (They) can not perform a physical job. Shabbath, as the circumcision, is a “brith”, contract between God and the Jews: day when all Jews in the congregation and every one separately are a personification of God. In this day a fine turning of the psychic of every “contracting” creature under the resonant settings of the “super-creature” are performed. Into this collective tuning souls of dead Jews are also included, and from here: 3 meals and a custom to burn ritual lights.

Another mechanism that gives just a small opportunity to understand the complicated and multilayered structure of the Jewish religious mind is a mechanism of “transfer rites”. The archaic mind was permanently afraid of mutations and transformations, of borders and changes. The initiations could be placed into the category of “transfer rites”. Seasonal changes also may be included into the same category of the Jewish religious perception, with corresponding feasts. Special instances between the end of something and the beginning of something else must be “secured” by a ritual act. Saturday as the end of the week and the beginning of a new week may be considered as a “transfer rite”, as well as the Pesach. This can explain some “unexplainable” facts and observations in Ariel Toaff’s book about the Jewish ritual murder.

Ariel Toaff is a son of the ex-head Rabbi of Rome Elio Toaff, and professor of Medieval and Renaissance History at Bar-Ilan University in Petach-Tikva, Israel. He’s an author of “Pasque di sangue”, a book that brings up disturbing revelations about human sacrifice.

After analyzing very huge layers of archival and analytic materials Toaff concluded that, between 1100 and 1500 A.D. (First Crusade - End of Middle Ages), a few (perhaps many) crucifixions of Christian boys actually occurred. He also concluded that (Trent, 1475; and elsewhere in Europe) Jews accused in human sacrifice were not always “innocent victims”. Some German-speaking (Yiddish dialect) Jewish fundamentalists actually - and continually -committed human sacrifices.

In one of his interviews, Toaff said:

"Over many dozens of pages I proved the centrality of blood on Passover. Based on many sermons, I concluded that blood was used, especially by Ashkenazi Jews, and that there was a belief in the special curative powers of children's blood. It turns out that among the remedies of Ashkenazi Jews were powders made of blood." 

Toaff said he found proof of rabbinic permission to use blood, including human blood:

"The rabbis permitted it both because the blood was already dried." He said that in Ashkenazi communities it was an accepted custom that took on the force of law. Curses and hatred of Christians, and prayers inciting to cruel vengeance against Christians were virtually leading to a "possibility that some crazy person would do something."  

There is always another and another shocking aspect in this problem. The Jews are traditionally involved in the most unethical, unmoral, shameful types of profit: like usury, marguerite, poison, alcohol or slave trade. Modern Israel is a world champion of sex slaves and donor organs trade. It is believed that Israeli occupants-solders murdered thousands of Palestinian children for transplant organs, and that they sell them through the network of the Jewish hospitals in Western Europe and North America.

In some periods of Middle Ages blood trade became an explicit and super-efficient type of profit.

Toaff adds: 

"In one of the testimonies in the Trento trial, a peddler of sugar and blood is mentioned, who came to Venice. I went to the archives in Venice and found that there had been a man peddling sugar and blood, which were basic products in pharmacies of the period. A man named Asher of Trento was also mentioned in the trial, who had ostensibly come with a bag and sold dried blood. One of the witnesses said he was tried for alchemy in Venice and arrested there. I took a team to the archives and found documentation of the man's trial".

Toaff lists cabbalistic "recipes" of the therapeutic uses of blood and emphasizes that "a black market flourished on both sides of the Alps, with Jewish merchants selling human blood, complete with rabbinic certification of the product - kosher blood." 

Christian criminals also practiced blood collection through procedures of children organs’ mutilation (like cutting kid's balls for singing in the Sistine Chapel "forever like angels"), or "medical exsanguination" (very common by then to treat high blood pressure, eventual stroke, etc.), but without killing anybody. This can be regarded as a proof that the Jews not just needed human blood, but had to slaughter, in term to “take the soul” (life) manifested in blood. Through this mental mechanism human blood was regarded as a possession of someone’s soul, hence such a possession was impossible without murder.

Toaff believes that in the process of studying his subject he made a horrific discovery: medieval Jewish communities of North Italy practiced a particularly hideous form of human sacrifice. Their witches and wizards stole Christian babies, crucified them (head down) and drew out their blood for magical ritual of evoking the Spirit of Vengeance against Christians. And thus they celebrated the Jewish Passover (Pesach), shifting it from metaphoric to actual sacrifice ritual. Toaff believes that the tradition to drink 4 cups of red vine at Pesach eve clearly symbolizes blood.

As one critic of Toaff’s work (Shamir) observed, he, “moving with extraordinary expertise over the terrain of history, theology and anthropology (…) illustrates the central role of blood in the celebration of the Jewish Passover”, “as well as the blood of the prepuce, originating from the circumcision of new-born males of Israel”. “Therefore, in the ritual dinner of Passover, the solemn unleavened blood was kneaded with clotted blood, while more dried blood was sprinkled into the wine before reciting the ten curses of Egypt. What blood could prove more effective for the purpose than that of a Christian child killed for the occasion, asked the most fanatical of the Jews”. “Toaff discovered many cases of such bloody sacrifices connected with the mutilation of children, outpouring of blood and its baking in Matzo (unleavened bread)”.

“In addition to this sacrificial value, powdered blood (human or animal) possessed, for the Jews, the most widely varied therapeutic functions, to such an extent as to defy, with rabbinical consent, the Biblical injunction against ingesting it in any form. According to the dictates of a caballic practice handed down for centuries, blood was valuable in alleviating epileptic seizures, in stimulating sexual desire, but was principally used as a powerful haemostatic [blood-clotting agent], arresting menstrual hemorrhages and nose bleeds [epistassi nasali]. Above all, it instantly healed the wound caused by the circumcision of the newborn”.

“Blood, this magic drink, was a popular medicine of the time, and of any time: Herod tried to keep young bathing in blood of babies, alchemists used blood to turn led into gold. Jewish wizards meddled in magic and used it as much as anybody. There was a thriving market in such delicacies as blood, powder made of blood and bloody matzo. Jewish vendors sold it accompanied with rabbinic letters of authorization; the highest value was blood of a goy katan, a gentile child, much more usual was blood of circumcision. Such blood sacrifices were "instinctive, visceral, virulent actions and reactions, in which innocent and unknowing children became victims of the love of God and of vengeance," Toaff wrote in the book's preface. "Their blood bathed the altars of a God who, it was believed, needed to be guided, sometimes impatiently pushed to protect and to punish." 

Toaff raises a very delicate, complicated and ambiguous question of multiple reprisals against entire Jewish communities, punitive massacres of men, women, and children. Such a reaction is always disproportional, spondaic, and - furthermore - a massacre will not "teach a good lesson". On the contrary, these egregious events give to Jews the most important trumps: imaginary acknowledgement of their unshakable confidence of own "correctness", their myth about unique suffering, and - from here - "rights" for rare embitternment and immorality.

 Unfortunately, it is impossible to prevent the vengeance response: there are own zealots, idiots, sadists and geeks among non-Jews; most often they head the "crusade" against Jews though they are Jews, only with the sign reversed (having rummaged in the personal data of any outstanding thug ("pogromstchyk"), we can easily detect under "ashes" of an imaginary fittings to the "title nation" the decaying coals of their Jewish origin).


The "chosen" people, in turn, sometimes consciously, and sometimes intuitively provoke such a reaction. So it is impossible to name it unmotivated as the Jewish propagation loves to claim.

Assumption that the violence against minorities occur anyway, without any reason, is only partially true, while more commonly spread the tendency of reprisals. Jews can not understand and admit it, because their own behavior towards gentiles (non-Jews) is based on unmotivated hate and prejudice. Since the foundation of modern Israel they have their own state, in which they formed an absolute majority, and still they’re not able to live in piece with other people, and are ruled by same unmotivated rage as in Diaspora. Such an exceptional arrogance and fury lead to an exceptional price. Paradoxically, such an exceptional price only enforces their exceptional aggression and their myth about their exceptional suffering (perversion of the sacrificial cult), inspiring and enflaming their cunning and almost supernatural ability to capture very important posts in societies where they form a minority, and play a very influential role that they use in the interests of the “Jewish State” and global Jewish tyranny. They achieve their goals mostly through terror and imposition of “non-Jewish collective guilt”. Besides these two weapons, they have the third, the most powerful and perfect: our hatred towards them…          

Bnei Brith's "ADL Ligue" Chief


Little by little, Natasha began to understand that inexplicable cruelty and violence towards Russian-speaking immigrants, women and Christians; adoration of beatings and afflict; cancellation of prohibition of tortures in Israeli law (Levi-Landau amendment); routine massacres of Palestinians by Israeli solders; murders and arrests - accompanied by tortures - of hundreds of Christians pro-Palestinian activists from Europe and North America - like brutally killed Rachel Currier; the attack on international convoy with European and other activists and parliamentarians in neutral waters; innumerous war crimes in Lebanon; unprecedented massacre in Jenin, Qana and other Palestinian towns and villages; affectation for slavery and its opportunity for domination: all this was programmed by implementation of something that could be found in the coding of Jewish religious mind.

The astonishing Jewish success to control what we write and say, what we read and watch, what we buy, what we listen to, and even what we think, and what our governments do is partially based on our noble anger. By provoking our hatred they intuitively deprive us of ourselves. By hating them we become their mirrored reflection. That’s what happened in Nazi Germany which for years lived by Jewish law, just with the sign reversed. Trying to hide our uncontrolled and generalized hatred and superstitious disgust we’re instinctively admit their imposition of our “collective guilt”.

In Moscow, Wien, Rome, Berlin, New-York or London, the Jews managed to convince local authorities to imprison, to torture and even kill revisionists and other anti-Zionists: something they were doing before on their own through Mossad and Jewish militants from Bnei Brith, Beitar, and so on. They managed to marginalize Christian Church to such a degree that the Church became one of their lowest servants. Amazingly denying their most notorious crimes, and never regretting, never apologizing, they managed to replace in millions of “simple minds the image of the Via Dolorosa, Golgotha and the Resurrection with their gross misrepresentation of human history as of a long line of innocent Jewish suffering, blood libels, holocausts and the Zionist redemption in the Holy Land. Though people rejected the idea of Jewish guilt in death of Christ, they installed instead an idea of Church’s guilt in death of Jews”.  

“The consequences are not purely theological. Britain, Italy and Germany acquiesce in Jewish strangulation of Christian Palestine, in the blockade of Gaza, in the robbery of Church lands in Bethlehem and Jerusalem”; Western Europe’s and USA bombardment of Christian Serbia and its integral part Kosovo to expel Christians and give this historical and religious heart of Slavic Orthodox tradition (Methohia (Kosovo) to Muslims; invasion of Iraq as the only secular and Christian-like Arab state; and the establishment of global totalitarian dictatorship, with its technologically advanced spying, censoring, persecuting, controlling, oppressing, and punishing tools came in results.

Dollar & Talmud: 2 Claws of the "Chosen"

There is a conflict between two types of divinities. The Christian divinity is divine because of the superior love that no human is able to experience; and the Jewish divinity is divine because of superior power that no human can obtain. Did killed during the World War II Jews have a sort of an extraordinary love that made them distinctive from other groups of people? This is a key question. Modern Christian Church is in deep crisis because of inability to understand, why the Early Church included the Jewish tradition as part of Christian religious cult. In reality, Old and New Testament represent the duality of this world, forming a monad (Thesis and Anti-Thesis). You always include the subject of your denial in your refusal. However, in real life contamination appears sporadically in ontological senses, for example, in a shape of “kosher food”. This is just another sphere of evil magic witchcraft.

In Brockhaus and Efron’s "Jewish Encyclopedia" is written:

"Shekhita (shkhita) - ritual slaughter of cattle".

"The slaughter tool is a knife, sharp, smooth, without jags; its length should be twice as wide as animal’s throat; it should be carefully examined before using and is tried by finger and nail carrying out on edge; it should be examined carefully also after the use and if there will be a jag on it, the animal is considered unusable for eating. It is accepted even that the butcher (sheikhet) shall give the knife to the rabbi for test from time to time. (…) Before slaying the butcher reads a prayer: "You are blest who consecrated us by Your commandments and enjoined to us shkhita..."  

Another dimension of bloody rituals is their explicit affiliation with time. In the Jewish religious mind time is both linear and cyclic. They believe to be able to “jump” in time, visit the world of dead and the world of unborn through bloody sacrificial rituals. Jewish eclectic understanding of time leaves wild wounding non-satisfaction that needs to be compensated by murder (as a substitution rite). 

Jews are using the Assyrian-Babylonian luni-solar calendar with Babylonian lunar months’ names. In the Jewish calendar a 19-year cycle has been fixed, where 12 “simple” years, and 7 - leap-years (3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th, 14th, 17th, and 19th: intercalary years, or embolismic). This 19-year-old cycle can have a different length: 6939, 6940 or 6941 day. So happens because the turn of the year cannot fall on Sunday, Wednesday or Friday; in this case it is roamed on one or even two days. As a result both simple and intercalary years happen to have a different length: simple - 353, 354 or 355 days, and leap-year - 383, 384 or 385. There are 3 groups of years in a result: 1) short, or incomplete; 2) “correct”, or “normal”; 3) and complete or redundant. Present Jewish calendar was finally developed only around XI century D.C.  

In one of the books Natasha found an eyewitness’ record on Jewish ritual cattle slaughtering: “kosher” meat production. It could not be read without horror.

"First of all it was evidently that I am seeing not cattle slaughtering, but some kind of sacrament, a religious rite, a biblical sacrifice. Not simple butchers were before my eyes, but archaic priests whose roles, apparently, have been strictly allocated”.

"Cattle slaughter was amazing by its extreme cruelty and bigotry. Hobbles were slightly slackened in term to let a sacrificial animal to stand on feet; in this position it was bolstered all the time by three acolytes, who did not let it to fall, when it fainted from a loss of blood. Thus a butcher armed with a knife long in half-bushel in one arm, with a narrow blade sharpened on the end, and in the other arm - long six-inches awl, calmly, slowly, methodically applied penetrating chopping wounds to the animal, acting with above named instruments".

"Thus each blow was verified with a book which a boy kept open before a butcher; each blow was accompanied by competent prayers which the butcher murmured. First blows were directed into animal’s head, then in the neck, and at last, - under armpits and sides".

"Butcher that is called, "pierced" the animal who winced, tried to escape, tried to low, but was powerless: legs have been bundled, besides, it was closely hold by three hefty acolytes, and the fourth pressed its mouth thanks to what dummy, strangled, rattling sounds were gained only. Each butcher’s strike was resulted into a blood trickle; from one wounds it slightly bled, whereas from others it produced a whole spout of scarlet blood, sparging into butcher’s and helpers’ face, arms and dress. Simultaneously with knife stabs one of acolytes put a sacred cup where the blood from animal’s wounds was catch".   

Natasha was not able to finish the page: images of senseless cruelty penetrated her brain, withdrawing her breath. She just glanced shortly, catching words about big white cloth in a black stria - sacred talit gadol - that the butcher was wearing on top of his dress, and about helpers massaging animal’s sides to increase the blood circulation.

Instead of killing an animal in one blow these sadists methodically and mercilessly extended its agony to an extreme, consciously maximizing its tortures.

Next day she found a description of modern - “more human”, mechanized kosher slaughtering:

"By rabbinical law the animals had to have their throats slit and then be hung upside down to bleed to death. The tubes twisted so the animals were turned on their backs. As they reached the end, chains were wrapped around their hind legs. A crane shot the cattle into the air one by one and snapped their back legs. Then a fork was inserted into each beast's nose as one of two Jewish butchers blessed the long knife in his hand, said a short prayer and slit the throat of the animal which was then pulled higher into the air, the blood pouring in sheets from its neck and its front legs kicking wildly. We would sometimes watch in horrified fascination from a window above the killing box as the creatures were hauled along the bleeding trough in their final throes. Once a thrashing cow hurled itself against the window where we stood, shattering the glass and spattering us with gore. You could not watch for long".   

"The animal upside down with ruptured joints and often a broken leg, fully conscious, twists frantically in pain and terror, so that it must be gripped by the neck or have a clamp inserted in its nostrils to enable the slaughterer to kill the animal as religious law prescribes."  

"I will never forget having nightmares after visiting the now defunct Spencer Foods plant in Spencer, Iowa fifteen years ago. Employees wearing football helmets attached a nose tong to the nose of a writhing beast suspended by a chain wrapped around one back leg. Each terrified animal was forced with an electric prod to run into a small stall which had a slick floor on a forty-five degree angle. This caused the animal to slip and fall so that workers could attach the chain to its rear leg. As I watched this nightmare, I thought, “This should not be happening in a civilized society. If hell exists, I am in it. This plant is from hell."

Whoever wrote this testimony was wrong. This plant was not from hell, no… Hell was inside these people…            


Last season’s days. Natasha’s impatience is growing. Time is running away too slowly, delaying long-awaited liberation. There is no prison more terrifying then the Jewish cult and mental singularities, which control soul, and body, and mind. Natasha dreams about liberating herself from the bakery forever, and all “rollers”… and Rivka… and the rabbi… She knows that deep inside two forces are struggling in them … She knows that everyone was born to be free…

            Only today she discovered about an open secret that others are acquainted with for months. It’s about Yosia and Faina. A short guy from Bukhara, Yosia, together with his wife Sofa, was sent to the bakery by Garik Monstroisberg, a notorious criminal, and, in the same time, owner and editor of a Russian Jewish newspaper, member of Canadian Jewish Council’s Executive Committee (Quebec Branch), Chairmen of the Veteran’s Council, member of the City’s Council, adviser of Liberal Party’s deputy and member of the same party, member of Advising Committee (censorship) in one of the universities, Bnei Brith’s activist, and so on. Nothing, absolutely nothing could link Yosia with such a man as Garik. People whisper that between Bakery seasons he works in 10 different places: without speaking a single word in English or French. However, his “Hebrew” is perfect, good enough even for Mossad. Yosia moves from his one job to next just a day-two before someone got arrested or searched, or killed. Whatever he’s doing he meets no rebuke or opposition. Everyone knows that this man is crazy.   

            Being very short, he has a “Napoleon’s Syndrome”. Drastically ambitious, jealous, and pathologically aggressive, Yosia is in conflict literally with every person in the bakery. “Poshel na khui, - he’s shouting to Boris, who once almost killed him. Yesterday the rabbi asked him gently to show his hands, and Yosia shouted at him just like now “poshel na khui”, and spit into rabbi’s face. And still, he wasn’t fired. Two months ago Yosia announced that he’s going to study Cabbala, and did an attempt to behave more reasonably, and about same time he twirled a romance with Faina. They used to meet in a cheap hotel room, near St.-Jacque, till Faina’s husband tracked them down.      

            There is something really abominable in Faina. She could be regarded as pretty, but her mimics, gesticulation, her face send somewhat creepy. Once, when Natasha invited her, Genady asked: “Why did you bring this crawling frog?” But who’s a frog indeed: that’s Faina’s Fima. His long humped nose sticking out from small, narrowing to the front face; big “elephant’s” ears, always shining and dirty; “abrupt semi circled” black popping eyes under minuscule oblique forehead; and fatty, petal lips: everything is disgusting, sickening. In spite of an absence of striking mongoloid or Turkish features - his face used to provoke an image of Hazars (Khazars) in an old half-forgotten book. He never looks straight in your eyes; his gaze is always running; and every word that he spits out sounds like a lie. While speaking he frequently approaches tips of his fingers closer to his nostrils like a beast that urinates and smells it. He constantly gives in impression that he’s afraid of being catch and unmasked.

            People were talking that Fima is a professional “tappist”. Allegedly, while visiting he installs secretly a tapping device somewhere in your home and during his next visit removes it. Natasha heard it from some of her acquaints long before the love affair between Faina and Yosia became unmasked. And Fima tracked them down through recording his wife’s phone conversation in his absence. One thing she could not understand. To her knowledge, every telephone device (in North America and some European countries) is produced today with an ability to catch sounds even with the receiver down. And the contractors that do the tapping job for Canadian and USA governments (listening to every telephone-enabled room in Canada 24 hours a day) are Israeli companies. Why then someone has to send Fima, an Israeli and Ukrainian citizen, to do the manual job?

            Anyway, he found out about his wife’s romance, and sent her away, but she begged not to launch a divorce. Faina was wearing almost such type of clothes as Ultra-Orthodox and behaved almost like an Orthodox Jewess. They used to rent an apartment in Côte-St.-Luc’s Jewish ghetto, receiving a considerable help from the local Jewish community. After breaking with his wife Fima found a room in N.D.G., and moved there, seeing his two small daughters twice a week. Faina was receiving now her lover at home. Natasha ones had an honor to see them in the street: a tall creepy young lady, and a buffoonery dwarf-man from a horror tale, literary half of his lover’s height. The bad thing was that Fima poured out his story into three Matze Bakery employers’ ears, and they became outraged. Defending her compatriot, Hava tried to calm things down explaining that for Bukhara Jews polygamy is a norm. However, the scandal was widening, and one day Lyudmila introduced this open secret to Sofa’s ears. Working together with her husband at “Matze Bakery” Yosia’s wife was a naïve and timid woman. If not Lyudmila, she would suspect nothing.

            Immediately, things went forward rapidly. Both Sofa and Fima simultaneously launched divorces. Having a proof on his wife’s intrigue Fima received a chance to avoid paying alimony. And Yosia was now facing an alimony mandate for his three sons, all oligophrenics. Situation became even worse when Boris and Sofa began to meet each other, but without thinking about marriage. Yosia was enraged.

            Today, standing near the garde-robe area with her back turned towards the room, Natasha overheard a conversation between Rivka and her husband. They perhaps took Natasha for Nadja (the later gave Natasha her robe to wear) and did not care.

- A ferbisene goje.
- A finstere bruje.
- Sie stickt Sein nose umetum.
- Wus du meinst...

They did a significant pause, and continued, always in Yiddish, but in muffled voices:

- Do you think, she was capable to tell Natasha, her friend, about Shloimo Bakery?
- You mean…
- Of course…
- If we’ll find out, we’ll reduce them to ashes.

Natasha withdrew her breath, feeling chaire du poule. From learning all the sources she knew now too well what’s the real and terrifying meaning of “reducing to ashes”.

Meanwhile, the two continued:

- How do you like Yosi’s threat to set us on fire? Is this guy completely mad?
- Ja, he’s crazy. But we’re insured, and remember: we’re in the end of the season. If he’s going to fulfill his threat with no big consequences, we’ll not denounce him, but if two or three goykes will be burnt alive, then we’ll let the police to take care.
- I don’t like the idea. It’s too risky, but we’ll keep a close eye on him.

Natasha could not believe her ears. She was literally stunned. When the two left, she quickly changed into her own in the corner, and went to the main area. How to tellthe girlsand the rabbi? How to tell them? As if on purpose, Rivka and her husband were all the time around, but avoided to come close to the oven. Soon Yosia went out - nervous, troubled. When he came back, Natasha already knew that something is going to happen. She couldn’t understand, what he did, when he threw from a distance something into the oven. It had to be a bottle with a kind of a Molotov cocktail. The oven “exploded”, sending long spurts into the room, and the rabbi’s surtout instantly kindled. Natasha jumped to - beating down the flames, and with Nadja they managed to extinguish rabbi’s frock coat. Momentarily, the whole room was set on fire… And still, no one moved as if the flames were not dancing around, and while beating down the blaze Natasha noticed her co-workers’ brightly shining eyes. Filled with vindictive satisfaction and sadistic fascination, those eyes were merciless as the sheikhet’s knife. They would surely enjoy rabbi’s agony, as well as somebody else’s. Terrified by the malignancy emanating from these evil souls more then by fire, Natasha hastily ran down the stairs, to the street…

Amazingly, no one was hurt. The last of them were coughing, and Boris’s face was in few cuts, but there were no injuries in exception of small bruises and burns.

The fire-fighters arrived literally at once, as if they were waiting for arson just behind the nearest corner. Police also came, but no one was questioned, and the policemen didn’t dare to go inside after the fire calmed down.

When Natasha came home, she was trembling, frightened but excited. She was free: at least, for now. Free! She did not figured out yet what they going to do if the bakery will be closed, how they going to survive, but she felt like she was realized from a prison. Her spirit was so elevated that she told her husband about her theory that the era of Anti-Christ will end soon: because the main Jewish weapon - our hatred towards them - is not going to work any more. They try all possible means to provoke our rage, but there are no pogroms any more, just a spontaneous boycott of Israel and Jewish enterprises, shops, organization, etc.  

Genady gave a sad laugh, and said in response that nothing is going to make a difference because of one, and very simple thing.

- Money is their supernatural power. Gold - and its equivalents in banknotes and digital money - is a substitute for blood. Extortion of money is like extortion of blood. Besides, they commit their human sacrifices through money legally, without any fear to be catch. Do you know how many people are dying for money and because of money every second, every minute, every day? Oceans of human blood were spilled by an invisible blade of the money cult connected to human sacrifice rituals. That’s why they going to rule the world to its last days in the flames of annihilation.

Few days passed, and Nadja called Natasha just to tell her that Rivka somehow managed to receive the insurance sum unbelievably fast, and that the bakery is already on track. It was renovated so rapidly that the last four days of the season they going to work as usually. Unbelievable!

Two months later “La Press” published a small article about the arson adding in the end that the police, equipped with a new law about “hate crimes” that the Jewish lobby managed to obtain from the Federal Government, arrested a 17 years old Muslim boy “in connection with the incident”. Another two months took Natasha to find his name and to learn, why this particular lamb was sacrificed on wizards’ altar. This Arab kid was a rising chess genius, became the first in Quebec’s Junior’s League, and defeated two Jewish kids from Outremont and Westmount.

            Jeder hat Seins      

                        *             *            *  

Three figures appear to us: Herod, Pilate and Caiaphas. These figures that form a mysterious triangular which secret perpetually excites the minds. Standing against each other, all three cross their glares as swords, and each manages to look foresight into eyes of two remaining.

The King the Herod, Idumaeanian, a crafty and dexterous fop who was proud of his posture. In his - left for eternity - memoirs he stresses his daring, his talent of a politician, warrior and commander. Clever strategy, masterly tactics, fast response of the trained mind. Assimilated by Romans, this inherent grandee-cynic appreciates all that they appreciate. Doesn’t feel a monster inside him, and is perplexed, why the people do not love him. Yes, he is jealous to glory and pride, haughty, but not vindictive and not malicious. Spills precisely as much blood as needed to saw fear.

Pontius Pilate. Stale fighter, exhausted from Jerusalem’s heat. The Caesar has envied him to this damned place that exhale venom and insidiousness: to have a strong arm here in case of a contingency. Hardened in combats, he is proud of the likeness of his name with the pylon; he is a pillar of authority and devotion. He was ordered not to sear these vile Jews, not to instigate them to revolt. Whether could he be a secret high priest who during each epoch "doubles" the figure of the ostensive? Or during THIS epoch Caiaphas aligned both this, and that?

In the very sound of name of the later (as well as from what is known about Caiaphas) something ratty appears. Sorcerer who spew out poison, head of Sanhedrim, leader of Pharisees. Diabolical intriguer and villain of the highest probe. In withstanding to Jesus he does not show anything human. All his actions - concentrated rage; his words - toxic; acts - shocking, as the filth itself.


The trial of Christ managed Caiaphas not in the Temple (even if satanic), not in a public place, and not in the residence of Herod or Pilate - actual secular power. For plotting with elders and scribes and for interrogation of Jesus Caiaphas uses own dwelling that utterly sweeps aside any legitimacy. Private home is a last refuge for liars who have broken all fibers of harmony with the world. The trial of ha-Notsri is not anything else, but lynching, but a jeer over a principle of justice.

Punishment of Christ is a consistent sequence of an absolute injustice as an extreme reverse of fairness. In the earthy world actions of Satan could be manifested mainly through such an absolute lawlessness. Denunciation and Judah’s treachery; perfidious kidnapping by the bribed and provoked crowd; an arbitrary arrest, and also arbitrary verdict by illegal tribunal which did not have any authority; death sentence on the basis of false testimonies; and the most brutal execution of the most innocent of the men: all in one was a divine “measurement” of the evilness of human sacrifice. The purple; the buffoon wreath of thorns as a parody to a crown; the cane as a parody to a scepter; a humiliating magnification-sneer: invention of the lowest of minds that were ever brought into this world by mankind. The Jewish elders act as homebred cannibals from the last year of American Flight Academy, overlapped by invincible "orgy". The dark figure of Caiaphas stands up for all these crimes. Its appearance from within is not human: it’s an appearance of the Beast.


But had Caiaphas a free will? His anger against Christ is so cosmic that opposing to it is not in his forces. We have the freedom of choice only under a condition that not simply want something, but also desire to wish. Caiaphas is yearning Christ’s death primery, due to his perversity (in opposition to Christ, who’s without blemish) and thus he has no choice. It does not mean that the choice never existed, but, programmed by his evil nature, the choice “not to have a choice” have prevailed.


Thus, one of the angles of the triangular - the most stable figure - is the possessed by satanic rage high priest, drowned with head in the harm gloom.


Two other angles - two parties of the plot (free or involuntary) - in every possible way tried to mike to avoid responsibility. Whether they had a choice, or had not (that through causal line can be contested from one, or from another side), but they attempted to avoid it at behavioral level as an intolerable burden. These two hurry to shake themselves free - as soon as possible -from responsibility of a volitional decision as if were holding fire in their hands. Pilate has attempted to shift the decision about Jesus to Herod II Antipas (son of Herod the First), the tetrarch of Galilee, but that later is refusing to take it. (Whatever is stated in New Testament about Herod’s attempts to kill the newborn Christ - doesn’t deny his “neutrality” in the case of trial). Then Pilate uncertainty proposes to restrict punishment to scourging; however, the Pharisees led by Caiaphas persistently demand death. They threat to denunciate Pilate to Rome. Interestingly, Pilate openly mentions to Caiaphas about illegality of high priest’s trial, and asks (not orders!) to take Jesus from arms of Romans and to judge him under the Jewish laws. The Pharisees argue in response: Rome did not grant them such a right. By the last stipulation the procurator tries to relay the decision on toss’s shoulders, suggesting that the crowd should be making a choice: whom to release in honour of Pesach - Christ or the robber. Leaders of Jews have motivated the people to demand death of Christ...


But why Herod and a Pilate, two hardened in combats and covered from feet to head by enemy blood dryasdusts, have manifested such care? Why did not wish they to claim the sentence at once? Why do they mind: one person more, one less... It is because, inured to Roman formalism and order, both perceive: what had been applied to Christ was not just a simple injustice and iniquity, but the lawlessness of lawlessness. They perceive also a rare insidiousness of Caiaphas suspecting hidden purposes behind it. But whether they feel that Christ is God's chosen, and that even if it would be not so, such as Him is born one time in thousands of years? Whether they guess that Caiaphas had also chosen Christ: as a sacrifice to his blood-thirsty pedigree god?

, both are aware. Herod - particularly; therefore sends away the case. Neither this nor the other has internal resources for implementation of freedom of choice. They are not ready for personal self-sacrifice, not ready to pay the price for a good action, not ready to save even the deity for the cost of their own well-being. This is the key! They are similar to Caiaphas in a way. There is something extremely relevant. All three are merged by fear. Caiaphas is afraid to loose his satanic power through loosing a chance for the ritual murder of Jesus Christ. As the head of all Jews, Caiaphas is also afraid of Romans’ retaliation in both cases of murdering Christ or because of sermons of Christ. His imaginary fearlessness and opposition (even threats) to the omnipotent procurator are not anything else, but the resourcefulness of bravado spawned by a stronger fear. And Herod is afraid. He’s afraid of something bigger then the rational universe of Romans. And Pontius Pilate is disturbed by Unknown and in the same time is afraid of Tiberius’ anger. The whole chain of their actions is completely dictated by fear and ego.  

Are we seeing a documentary story, strictly based of real events; or a mythical narrative; or perhaps an imagined story; or perhaps a recorded dream? Whatever it is: it reflects the mentality of the Jewish leaders and their typical methods and trickery to such a degree that after two millenniums this stigma is still actual and applying to their modern leadership. Each their instinct, each typical way of thinking and behaving is so recognizable and so familiar that we’re not able to stop thinking about divine nature of the source...   


Christ has said to the Jewish leaders:

          An owner of a house has planted a vineyard, has hedged it by fences, and, having given it out to vinedressers, has left. And when the time of the fruits has come near, he sent his servants to vinedressers to take the fruits; those, having seized his servants, beating one and killing another, and stoning another one. Again, he sent other servants more then the first; and the vinedressers did with them the same. At last, he sent to them his son, saying: They will be ashamed before my son. But the vinedressers, having seen his son, have told to each other: He is the heir; come, let’s kill him and take possession of his inheritance. And, having seized him, they drew him out of the vineyard, and slew him. So, when the Lord of the vineyard cometh, what will he do to these vinedressers? Don’t you know, Who’s the Son of His Father? Therefore I say to you: The Kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a nation that is bringing fruits of it.

The Herod the forth-powered, having heard a rumor about Jesus:

          He is John the Baptist; he had risen from the dead and therefore miracles are made by him.          


          Now then, you know that the princes of nations dominate over them, and the grandees dominate over them; but it shall not be so among you: but whoever wishes to be among you the greater, will be your servant; and whoever wishes to be among you the first, will be your slave; therefore, the Human Son has come not for being served, but to serve and to give His soul for redemption of many.

Caiaphas said:

        We have ceased to offer our firstborns to God, for fulfilling oracles of the Lord, our God. The blood in the Temple has dried up, having turned into mud. Better for us is to slay the human lamb to slosh Lord’s anger by lamb’s blood and to turn His anger against our enemies.  


Jesus said:

         I am telling you that many shall come from the East and the West and shall seat down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the Kingdom of Heaven; but the sons of Kingdom will be cast into darkness outage: there will be crying and gnashing of teeth.     


Caiaphas said to his men:  

          You know nothing at all, nor behold that it is better for us that one man has to die for the people, rather than the whole nation shall perish. Jesus should die for that nation; and not for that nation only, but also for assembling together the children of God that were scattered abroad.     

From that day on, they assumed to kill Him.

Jesus has told:

        I; and you shall behold the Human Son, sitting on the right hand of Power and coming in the celestial clouds.  


Caiaphas shredded his clothes, and told:

       What’s the further need of witnesses? You heard his blasphemy; what do you think of this?  

They all admitted that He is guilty of death. And some of them have started to spit on Him, and, covering His face, smote Him with the fists, saying: If You are a Prophet, Prophesy to us, You Christ, who is the one that smote You? And servants beat Him on the cheeks.

Also Pilate has asked Him:

       Are You the King of the Jews?

And Jesus answered him:

       You are saying.

And when the high priests and elders were accusing Him, He answered nothing.

Then Pilate said to Him

       You do not hear, how many are testifying against You? 

And then nothing said Christ in response.


Then spoke Pilate:

       Let's put Him under scourging, and release Him. What is for you in death of this man?


Then the Jews cried out:


       If you let Him go, you are not friend of Caesar.

And Pilat saith to the Jews:

       Behold your King!

they cried out:

       Crucify him, crucify him!
Said Pilate to them:

       Take Him and judge Him under your law.


The Jews have responded:

        It is not allowed to us by the Roman laws to put any human to death.


And Pilate-governor said:

       Why, what evil has he done?    


But they cried out even more strongly, saying:

       Crucify Him! Crucify Him!     

Pilate, seeing that nothing helps, but that rather a tumult and confusion are growing, took water, and has washed his hands before the crowds, and has told:

Look: I am guilt-free of the blood of this Innocent Righteous.     

And, answering, all the people, the whole nation said:

His blood be on us, and on our children.


            Montreal, 1997.
            Edited with some additional clauses in 2010.   



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